Kaibutsu Oujo ( Monster Princess )

Sypnosis : Hiroyimi Hiro is a boy who has just moved to the city to meet his sister. While walking down the sidewalk, he sees a beautiful girl with dark dress and a little maid. and notice the girl was about to be crushed by construction beams and save her. On the verge of death, he is seen by a young woman clad in Gothic clothes. She then resurrects him, leaving him alive in the hospital Morgue. He wakes up confused over what happened, only to encounter the woman again as she eliminates some wolf creatures. She addresses Hiro as "her servant" and introduces herself as "Hime"  and explains that she is a member of the royal family of the Monster Realm. All members of the royal family are endowed with the power to turn a dead body into an immortal warrior that will serve and protect them; this means that a corpse that drinks her blood or whom she bestows the flame of immortality shall become semi-immortal; this is how Hiro came back to life.But he cannot live without receiving Hime`s Flame.

Personal: Very good anime and interesting. the characters are pretty funny and serious. the main character well THIs is not a shounen at least by now hahah. the story is pretty fun and straight. actually gets fun when zombie attack and you see Umbrella mark haha. laughted like hell hah. despite looks like a harem i dont really see it like that. the anime is more like fights. but ovas and manga does it have harem`s way. the anime is good to see if have time but to tell you the truth il say if do have the time then read the manga is more interesting and have lots of scenes anime dont. specially Ovas << since the main story of inmortality is drink royalty blood and anime is a flame they give. and in manga and ovas is very clear that are drinking blood specially hiro on hime since she completely is like a dominatrix! the other characters are good like the little maid robo. pretty funny! anyway look this anime if you are tired of pinky comedy and all happy harem. in certain can be considered a good one to pass time. 9/10 in my likes !


Lillianne ( Hime ) : One of the royal family members of the underworld.she Changes Home because of the start of the battle for throne and inmortality. whose by the rule only One royal member should be alive. She Ressurect Hiro when saw that he has potential to be her Royal Guard servant. she acts completely as her looks. always calm and cool and dark. however she denominates herself as a very kind and caring person. On anime is not clear the real reason for chose hiro and stick with only him. but soon she drags some more members as her guard.

Hiroyimi Hiro: School boy who got called by her older sister by finding a new job as maid and living in a house that accepted her and him in. on its way he save* Hime and die in the end. but soon wakeup in the morgue not knowing whats happening and decide to run to the house to his sister. yet he sees Hime being cornered by Wolfs. He is the tipic good for nothing guy who always jumps only to do it. he also has the reputation as a looser in school and being used to errands and take others bags. since his presentation in new school didnt go well.

Flandre; Personal Maid of Hime and also A cyborg. every royal member has a cyborg partner. she neverr speak anything aside *Fuga* yet everyone understand her. from all other cyborgs she has the smallest body and when she fights she uses a tree o_o. she is only mostly doing housework and take orders only but in nights she is recharging in a very funny way for me,

Risa Wildman: Halfbreed of a werewolf and Human. she is the little sister of the most faithful servant of Hime Though he betrayed Hime to protect her. she first claims to get vengance and likes Hiro a lot specially since he risk his life to save a little puppy.  Sooner she joins Hime to protect her and hiro. but also to find the Royal member who took her hostage and get vengance for her brother.

Reiri: She goes  to same school as hiro and is like a Perfect girl and like idol to others. but with weak body. though that weak body is because in broad day she feels weak. she is a vampire who first charm Hiro to get close Hime. she is nice and sometimes anoying. her special attitude is the tipic high class girl. she often fights risa because she is a beast. though the reason is most the hate between werefolfs and vampires. in anime the looks completely that doesnt care aside for her but in manga and ovas she acts a bit towards hiro that saved her numerious of times. actually in anime she rarerly do anything else aside talking or spying.

Hiroyimi Sawawa:  As name said she is Hiro older sister, and as her design says she is a completely Airhead but a very but extremely very kind girl. she makes a lot of mistakes to thx to flandre doesnt happen much. despite she is the maid sometimes hiro have to do the stuff. and she always likes to go eat icecream in a cafe near. and the attending oldman never stop of looking at her XD. she never notices about everyone being a monster. and most of things happen in the mansion always take them as accidents or weird things ( completely airheaded right ? )

i really like this anime. but specially the ovas.  the manga still on going and a lot didnt even got translated so raw manga is by a lot far ahead than subbed. the story is getting developed by a lot in the manga. since already there happen something that everyone looking the anime is waiting and never happen XD. anyway see it i assure is not a loose of time!



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  1. Sounds like a pretty good anime to me buddy, the concept of a monster princess is just awesome.

    Damon says:

    nice post :D

    Tifa says:

    Looks interesting! Thanks for the post :D

    Princess with a chainsaw... Oh Japan. ^^

    Magnum says:

    I guess all of the readers noticed the chainsaw first : P Yeah, I have to admit: this kinda looks like Sailor Moon coupled with some gore movies. Might turn out surprisingly good : D

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