Sypnosis: In a world where everyone can use magic. tough not everyone magic is same. each human has a different level in power and number .  an average person can use magic over hundred times but there are special persons that can use them thousands of times. thx to times and power of magic it changes social status. however when one uses up all their magic tries . its body turn into ash ( die ).
Shikimori kazuki is a second year student from the elite magic school  also called Aoi Academy. but unlike his classmates he can only use magic 8 times and because of that his social status in school is the worst.
one day a girl named Miyama Yuna  appear in his dorm room and declares she is his wife. later other 2 appear Kazetsubaki Kuriko and Kamishiro Rin . in order to obtain its genes . Kazuki is a descendant of the worlds geatest magicians from both east and west .because of his lack in uses he has the latent power of its ancestors in its genes and his descendant would be world greatest mage ever. But kazuki himself has enough power to make miracles!.

Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~

Sypnosis : In the world of the mafia there is an organization called Inferno. is a small but is feared by all most mafia, on one of its jobs  a boy saw how a reporter was killed . then inferno decided to dispose of the boy while he escape he does everything to survive and that woke interests in Inferno so he was kidnapped. Inferno make him choice between Get Killed or Become one of their Assasins. while on their descisions he meets the assasin that was chasing him A girl called Ein ( number one in german ) The Current Phantom . she tell him all he need to do about becoming assasin or die and he was brainwashed so he has no memories . He decides to Train for it and he was now called Zwei ( 2 in german ) and so he train for be a top class assasin just for live but many contradictory that will come specially with other members of mafia that want him for themselves.

Tiger And Bunny!

Sypnosis : On a city called Stembild city  forty five years ago people with rare powers start to appear, those people were named [ NEXT ] those people though some are feared still others begin to become SuperHeroes. everyone of them  work for different kinds of companies as their image but since they are heroes they save people, capture criminals etc... While they do their work there is a Show called HERO TV that always following the criminals and heroes for more Rating in the show. Hero Tv is the most popular show in the city where heroes accumulate points so they designate who is the best heroe ( Kind of Heroes ). the story Center on a Hero named Wild Tiger ( Kaburagi T. Kotetsu ) that its company he works at gets bought by another and now he need to work with a partner. A Boy named Barnaby Brooks Jr they need to work as team but their thoughts of being a hero are completely different.


Sypnosis: Eiji one day receive a letter from his Missing Sister Ayaka , On its search he finds that last place was seen was working with a Mysterious Billionaire named Sandman Klein. Eiji decide to infiltrate Sandman Castle in search for her sister wherebouts. while its security is low thx to a party sandman host for the Earth Federation Alliance. while searching the castle he fell for many traps and in the end he is tricked to pilot one of the four Vehicles, To Defeat Mecanical Enemies called Zeravire. The Vehicles Are called Gran Divas : are the machines that Sandman Build himself to defeat Zeravire but only certain people with an energy called G Factor can use them. And Eiji decide to help Sandman  by Promise help him search its Sister.


Sypnosis : Story starts in Edo  but now called Tokio , Years ago Aliens also Called Amanto
Came to conquest Tokio, The Samurai Fought the amanto but were defeated since then
The Amanto make a law that Is A crime for ppl to have Swords ( katana ). The Story is
of a samurai named Sakata Gintoki that help A boy named Shinpachi Shimura by saving its sister
from a Amanto Brothel . Shinpachi decide to be like him and start working for him while being its
aprentice, Later both help an amanto girl called Kagura from a Mafia group that wanted to have
advantage of Kagura Strength to kill persons , When she was about to sent back to her planet
she decide to stay with then and work and thats how the main Characters of Yorozuya Gin-chan
are Reunited . and start to make any work that comes and on them they always get trouble
and many comedy with all side characters specially when they need to pay rent.


Sypnosis : Gosick is an anime that start in a place called Sauville ,The Protagonist Kazuya Kujo
that is the third son of a japanese Military imperial guard . due to certain cirmcumstances he decide
to Leave japan and go to an academy Callled St: Marguerite Academy,
That academy is known to have many Legends and stories that for ppl can be Like Ghost Tales
or Just Rumours . There He Meets Victorique  our main Heroine
Victorique is a very cute blond little girl That can easily be considered a Doll -
she has a very ill attitude she passes all her time in the library reading books and stories .
but she has the ability to resolve any mistery.
Plot : the story comes when Kazuya and Victorique Meets and he Decide to stay by her side to know more about her while she ask for him to do or bring stuff since she is bored most of the time.

Anime  Gosick it has Romance with Mistery try it


Sypnosis : Kawahira Keita is a Inukami Tamer  , actually considered the failure of the entire
clan due to his lack of responsability . Kawahira Clan have the duty to make contracts with
Inukami and fight as partners to obliterate the evil and help both humans or spirits
INUKAMI : are doglike creatures with spiritual power that can change to human form
Keita as an inukami user make a contract with Yoko a quite wild inukami and thats how
Keita life change in a way he would never thought.

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