Sypnosis: In a world where everyone can use magic. tough not everyone magic is same. each human has a different level in power and number .  an average person can use magic over hundred times but there are special persons that can use them thousands of times. thx to times and power of magic it changes social status. however when one uses up all their magic tries . its body turn into ash ( die ).
Shikimori kazuki is a second year student from the elite magic school  also called Aoi Academy. but unlike his classmates he can only use magic 8 times and because of that his social status in school is the worst.
one day a girl named Miyama Yuna  appear in his dorm room and declares she is his wife. later other 2 appear Kazetsubaki Kuriko and Kamishiro Rin . in order to obtain its genes . Kazuki is a descendant of the worlds geatest magicians from both east and west .because of his lack in uses he has the latent power of its ancestors in its genes and his descendant would be world greatest mage ever. But kazuki himself has enough power to make miracles!.

Personal - This is one of my favorites anime`s  the story itself is quite generic and harem theme but it has a lot of episodes that comes with stories that can make at least a person be sad . sometimes has serious themes and other times extremely funny ones. i like each character personal story specially Kazuki , Rin and Chihaya
i like also how each use of his magic  its done for a very good reason so is not a waste, the main plot in the anime is well as i said before an harem that wants to make a child with kazuki however as harem anime s all girls little by little start to feel love , there are other characters that get special attention like the dormitory manager and doctor in school   and the doctor sister that appear later in anime. well as part of harem this anime comes with a lot of ecchi and relations of the characters and how kazuki start to know everyone, but still eventhough is the main point on kazuki i hate how kind he is. is like he wants to be the most kindest person in the world just sacrificing for everything helping everyone  and even so little reasons make him want to use its magic . is just to haste in doing things .  my personal rating in the anime is 9/10 for a harem anime so for anyone trying . maybe some will get bored but if understand the main plot well then not will stop to see till last episode . i wish it had a second season but my dreams never come true T_T


Shikomori Kazuki : The male Protagonist . he is a second year student of magic school with a lot of problems because of his low status thanks that he can only use magic eight times in his life. he is not popular with girls and he is always picked and maked fun by his classmates. but on his second year in academy it was announced a secret that he didnt know that is a decendant of a lot of great magicians  and he has latent genes for make a high probability that his child would be the world greatest magician. and because of that every girl in school want his genes but he gets attaked, seduced and chased specially by 3 girls that have their reasons to be with him.

Miyama Yuna : she tranfer to academy to become kazuki wife and is the first to introduce to him in his bedroom , on start she is the only one that cares for kazuki sentimentaly and not because of his genes, she seems to have a story with kazuki and is the reason that she wants to be his wife . later in anime she gets extremely jelous and dont want kazuki to stay alone or being to close to other girls, the reason of her love for kazuki is a memory of kazuki granting her a wish saying he is the world greatest magician . though kazuki doesnt remember, yuna was happy to hear that she is being ordered to become kazuki wife .

Kazetsubaki Kuriko : kuriko is the daughter of a very high class family . because she is the youngest daugther of family she gets ordered to get kazuki genes and have his child to make kazetsubaki family the top class for giving birth the great magician . her family has a very big social status because all her family has over a thousands of magic attempts each one. she is the type that does her work perfectly without trouble ( like a student council president ) because of that she always flirt with kazuki and trying to seduce him and on some time even try to rape him XD though as anime keep advancing she start to see another side of kazuki and like a harem anime she start to feel love for him.

 Kamishiro Rin : Rin is my favorite female character in anime . she is a swordswoman and a member of kamishiro branch family works for Kazetsubaki family. her personality is nice and shy however has the generic Warrior attitude as a samurai. she gets ordered to marry kazuki and dont let kazetsubaki family get it first however because of her warrior attitude she doesnt want to get defiled and think of herself that be shameful to marry a garbage like kazuki as her husband so she decide to kill him instead of marry and is the only one that start attacking kazuki. however also as anime advance she sees that kazuki is not what she thought it was and is the very kind person. she likes other person but start like kazuki when help her sacrificing one of his magic attempts. She is the Generic Tsundere type =3

Yamase Chihaya : she is the cheerful and friendly type girl. she is the childhood friend of kazuki and she always protected kazuki stopping him from using magic though because of that she was always bothering him and start to avoid each other . she loves secretly kazuki since childhood thats why she never want to loose him, she cared to most for kazuki and never give a thought of his genes. however her appearance gets lost soon because of her transfer but comes later once story keeps going , even though she and yuna are close friends later, they both see as rivals because both have memories of kazuki as the World Greatest Magician.

Opening - Sub in spanish so just ignore them XD

Spoiler episode 01 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Start : Scenes of a bridge and a shine towards sky and start snowing . and a girl and a boy seeing each other and sky . the boy used its magic and then smile. - she say some words . its a promise world greatest magician. kazuki woking up and a image of a heart necklace . --- school entrance everyone trying to reach before  gates get closed. some scenes talking of next exas and tests of magic . a girl talking in class and saw the one behind ran away from classroom and so she does . dormitory scene  and manager sweeping . kazuki runs because he overslept  she stop him with a smile  then he goes back to run school. scene- magic exam for girls in underwear . and kuriko exam . she put a barrier since someone was spying then kazuki comes and see his friend spying and he try to convence him to help open . he start talking of girls inside and status of magic and make fun of kazuki for only have 8 attempts. then the girl catch and start attacking nakamura ( kazuki friend ) he runs but kazuki stay there on ground , kuriko open the door and saw kazuki is there then he runs  . some explosions in school taking the fault of kazuki class since is the one of delincuents . director scene talking to their teacher saying him a  new tranfer student. schoolroom . nakamura kazuki and other talking of girls they likes . one talking about Rin  but making fun of kazuki that he will not even get one since he is the worst magician . he depress and go away from classroom . scene with rin receiving orders . kuriko scene as well receiving orders. kazuki going to his home saying he has a lot of diseases scene of a room and a girl cleaning while blushing .  kazuki getting on his dorm room. once he Open the door . A girl in underwear, THATS ALL IL SAY see it if got interested =3 is a funny anime

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  1. Seems pretty cool. I may have to check it out. Looks like a good show definitely.

    D4 says:

    Well I'm not sure, like you say it's a bit generic and I don't like getting sad! D=

    Eye candy

    whats this type of drawing called? manga or something else?

    cuz as a kid i used to watch this cartoon where the carachters flew some badass robots and shit.

    Nice blog anyways, + follow.

    just like the image on your blawg.

    Foxzero says:

    haha XD definetly try =3
    also when i make my next review would be of the image up haha i forgot since having it and no review yet would be confusing haha XD

    Asians always come up with some of the most fucked up stories. I don't even know how they do it, and i'm pretty fucked up myself.

    Rawr says:

    hi, nice blog,
    Followin you

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    Well, seems interesting! :D

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    Seems nice!

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    A really very interesting read! I hope you keep updating us with more info!

    This video is private. :S

    Foxzero says:

    haha thx XD i made a mistake and put it private instead of unlisted haha thank you XD

    Milky says:

    I haven't watched anything like this before ;/

    This is great!

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    I think I see something in the first photo... hehe ^^

    Damon says:

    that is so great :D
    nice post

    Max Power says:

    nice little upskirt there.

    Sexy anime ftw.

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    This one seems interesting, gonna check it out! :D

    Anonymous says:

    Great blog man +follow

    hm.... cool story

    the females are quite revealing lol

    Shaw says:

    dat bunny costume

    they are hot :D

    Publius says:

    Sailor Moon girls all grown up!

    Publius says:
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    seems good

    corilian says:

    lookin good

    seems very good =D

    Foxzero says:

    it is ! specially for ppl that like the type =3 haha

    frankcom says:

    This looks hilarious xD liking the lack of clothing too ;D

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