Erementar Gerad

Sypnosis: Coud Van Guriet is a Boy member of the famous Sky Pirates Red Lynx. in one of their Assaults Coud opens a Box and see a very beautiful girl with a crystal in her forehead inside Sealed. by curiousity he takes the seal off and so She opens her eyes. Reverie Metherlence an Edel Raid ( being taken as weapons because they can Fusion with their pledger they choose and give new and unique powers ). Coud on first sight decided to protect her forever. and reverie takes Coud as her Pledger, Always running away from pursuers who still want Reverie for themselves. and others who mean to Protect every Edel Raid. thats how their adventure for freedom starts.

Personal: Finally another theme aside my usual one haha. this one is pretty interesting. and yes it has its romance mostly but reverie is a girl who dont normally show her feelings on plain air. Coud is always trying to make her show  more expressions. some characters are good but others confusing, even though they are good friends the team that seeks to protect edel raids chasing both of them are quite anoying. and the stories of why one of them doesnt use an edel raid has a very big meaning in the anime later.  actually since i said every edel raid fuse with their pledge is same like Marriage to be with her partner forever but they can take other pledge if their original dies.  that makes Coud one Priority Target. the saddening part of the anime based in romance. is that edel raids have a different Life spawn than Humans ( Like Elfs ) so while their pledger keep getting old and dies  the edel raid remains same. The stories of characters suffering from that is very intriquing actually, and also this anime is one of the uniques that my favorite character isnt even a main . it does have a very important role but only appears for mere 2 or 3 episodes and happens something i wont tell. The anime contains 26 Episodes and is a bit old but is not a waste of time ! so i recommend if have time!.

Characters :

Coud Van Guriet ( Cou ): Young Sky Pirate. very sheerful and hard worker. also very easy to hot minded. always search for adventures and also thinks very high of himself. he fell in love in first sight for Ren. and pledge to protect her in every way possible from her Pursuers. He always denying to use Ren as a weapon because he doesnt want her to think he is just using her. but both of their feelings have a very deep meaning. Sometimes he also have the problem to rush everything.

Reverie Metherlance ( Ren ): And Edel Raid and a Direct Descendant of Metherlence Bloodline. Also one of the Strongest 7 Edel Raids. She doesnt trust humans and always state to hate Coud but sooner he becomes the only one she trusts and pledge to him. every day her feelings grows bigger and so both of coud and her powers grow with them.. she recharge her Powers by sleeping. so she is always doing so. very calm and doesnt express much feelings. but she is extremely kind and always want to help

Cisqua: Member of Arc Aile ( Edel Raid Complete Protection Association) Leader of her Squad. she is very diligent and energetic, and once she see a target. she never cease until complete her Mission. she is EXTREMERY dedicated to protect edel raids and trying to get them so wont be used as weapons. yet that changes later in anime when little by little she notices that she is just taking away girls from their loved ones. despite being in arc Aile she doesnt have a edel raid Partner because she refuse to fuse with her friend. but that just make her friend cry and she is often try to discover why that happened.

 Rowen: He is in same Squad as Cisqua. is a Guardian of arc Aile and very skilled in everything. he is mostly a pacifist and want to avoid Fighting in everyway possible ( yet he avoids is because he is way to strong and dont want to hurt anyone ) her Edel raid Partner is quite opposite of him. he is very calm and charming but a lot of times also acts like very easy going. he never show weakness yet he claims to be week and have a lot of weaknesses.

Kullweet Envatilia ( Kuea ): She seems to have suffered a very harsh past with her lover. she is always willing for battle and easy minded. she recharges her power by eating. and so when she is hungry cannot fuse. she seems to secretly hate the fact of being an edel raid though is quite common for them to hide their Crystal in body. as i said is the complete opposite of rowen. They both are partners and she furse with him. she is also very mature and often seems to be like an older sister for reverie and Coud. so she is always making them to grow in their relation.


Note: This one is good and has a lot of battle in it. other characters that are in there have very deep stories so i highly reccomend to watch it full instead of just looking episode one and claim that  is boring. for me it was a very good spent time, Also For some reason  the Fonts arent working well when i change them it goes to a color i not want so dont mind the changes in font color

Ouran High School Host Club

Sypnosis: Fujioka Haruhi is a Scholarship Student At the Rich and prestigious Ouran Academy. Located in Tokyo. One day while he search for a quiet place to study. found that the only place that was at least a bit quiet is the Third Music Room by entering the room Haruhi`s Eyes Blinds by the Members of the Ouran Host Club. ( a Group of six Students that entertain Female ´Clients¨ ). Haruhi Shocked wants to go away but by certain Circumstances. Haruhi becomes their servant ( Dog, Toy, ets ), Haruhi Being poor and only be in Ouran thx to the Scholarship. he uses Normal Clothing and looks extremely bad. Sooner King  wants to explain Haruhi of how to become a Host.  and so said it was imposible Haruhi But Once take glasses off they notice is completely Cute. And changed their contract of being a servant to be A Host. for repay the Debt.

Personal : Ok i didnt said it in sypnosis but Haruhi is actually a girl - yes this anime is Reverse Trap same as Reverse Harem. unlike normal Harem with 1 guy and many girls. here is 1 girl with many guys but is actually more comedy since Haruhi is extremely indiferent and Natural air headed ( clueless and innocent not stupid like other ppl think air headed means ). Actually the Genre of this anime can be quite boring for people but for me was pretty interesting and fun. The characters stories can be touching and in same time confusing. and yes quite tipic and used in a lot of things. so probably will see stuff you all did in other series alot. for me actually i like a lot how the story goes when Haruhi`s Poverty comes in mind and Host Members try to avoid it or not letting Haruhi feel bad. though is extremely funny how useless. also well is an anime and i am a normal person who have a job and stuff but  i always wonder if really a Very Rich person would think like that about People that are not inside his status? i somehow ask myself haha. still watch it if have time though i wont asure that  will like it.


Haruhi Fujioka: 1st Year Girl Student who got Scholarship for Ouran thx to her Studies. She girls looks like a guy with very ugly clothes but sooner Host Club Take notice of her looks and make her another Host. yet one by one in first episode everyone notice she is a girl. She is a natural type Host. and often get misunderstand. she also many times gets pissed because the different ways to think of rich people. She has several problems in her attitude but thats another story.

Suo Tamaki: King and Main of the Host club. Son of the Chairman. he is the one that had the idea to make a Host club and he also invited everyone else to it. he is the last to notice and haruhi is a girl and that takes him to so much obviously feelings. yet since he state a rank play of Host members taking them as a family. he usually denominate himself and Father -and Haruhi Daughter, Kyoya - Mother, and the rest. Despite his charming and clueless way to be. he is usually very kind though is thx to his Harships in the past and present. though that is a story to see in the anime.

Kyoya Ootori: 2nd in rank and Shadow leader of the host club. he is the cool type host. and also he administrate the activities of the club. he is the third son of the Ootori family and that takes him in hard positions. he is the first to notice that haruhi is a girl. despite his act as a cool guy, he is actually a demon type. though only Host members and Haruhi notice him completely, his motto is that he doesnt show interest in anything that dont give profit. and he state and ge is an egoist. yet Haruhi makes him notice that he is actually a pretty kind guy. and he start to have interest in her.

Hitachiin Hikaru and Kaoru : Classmates of Haruhi and Demon Type Host . both of them mostly Act yaoi in front of girls. both of them takes haruhi as their toy but Hikaru is a bit more agresive and start to like Haruhi. and Kaoru being more calm and smart try to help Hikaru on it. since their childhood no one was able to undertand who is each of them and that makes them live in their own little world. but Haruhi as Main character << god this is Cliche. can easily know who is each. and state how she notices and that bring trouble for a short perioud. since they both pass much time with Haruhi they often throw it in the face of Tamaki to make it angry.

Haninozuka Mitsukuni ( Honey ): Third Year Student and Loli-shota Type Host. he is a childish guy of 17 years old who likes Sweets and Cute Stuff. specially his Usa chan- Though before change to a Host he was and still is a Master in Martial Arts. Enough to Governmet keep it secret because of the feat that country takes him as a Living Massive Weapon. more than lolishota  he is Beast type. he doesnt have feelings for Haruhi but he easily notices who does but he has his reasons to keep quiet. He is the Cute Accesory for His Childhood Friend Wild Type. Takashi.

Morinozuka Takashi ( Mori ): 17 Years old same third year Student. Very tall and Childhood friend and Guardian? of Honey, he hardly talks and his charms are his protective and caring of honey. same as honey he is a master in martial arts ( Kendo for him actually ) also very well respected and his family seems like a Branch of the Haninozuka . reason for him to care Honey. he also dont hold feelings for haruhi but usually protect her when need it. and often is there for people. though he is one of the main characters he is rarely noticed hahaha.




OK ive noticed that most of my favorite are normally school anime so startting next time . il post another type of it. probably more war story or something else, since even though i like this type i think ppl already tired of them haha sorry for the inconvenient.


Bakemonogatari Sypnosis : Koyomi Araragi, a third year high school student who is almost human again after briefly becoming a vampire. One day, a classmate named Hitagi Senjogahara, who never talks to anyone, falls down the stairs into Koyomi's arms. He discovers that Hitagi weighs next to nothing, in defiance of physics. Despite being threatened by her to keep away, Koyomi offers his help, and introduces her to Guide Oshino, a strange middle-aged man living in an abandoned building, who cured him of being a vampire. 
Nisemonogatari Sypnosis: Some Time later Bakemonogatari Now is the story of the Araragi Fire Sisters.

Personal: The anime is based on the stories of diferent girls about 3 episodes per girls
in the first hand we have Hitagi Senjogahara - 2nd Hachikuji Mayoi - 3rd Kanbaru Suruga - 4th Nadeko Sengoku - OVAs - Hanekawa Tsubasa - Second Season Nisemonogatari - Araragi Karen and Araragi Tsukihi. All the anime is interesting and fun but some ppl might think is just boring. or dont even understand since it have  a lot of weird changes. not that is extremely different since when character talks it changes faces and scenes even backgrounds like second per second. it is quite confusing for ppl that like normal anime.
Example of animation would be . if someone have seen Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei << thats the perfect example for it. Leaving animation aside plot is very good and has very funny stuff. specially Mayoi and Kanbaru.


 he was attacked by a vampire during spring break and became a vampire himself. Although  Oshino helped him become human again, there are several lingering side effects: he can see in the dark, his eyes turn red when he gets angry, and he heals incredibly fast. He remains scared of morning sunlight despite the fact that it no longer has any negative effects on him. Very kind and optimistic but he has a good sense in justice and never want to let down any.
Koyomi`s Harem

weak-looking girl with an "incurable disease". She is in the same class as Koyomi, but she rarely speaks. While in her first year of high school, she encountered a mysterious crab, after which she became weightless. Ever since, she has avoided contact with everyone else, and threatens everyone who discovers her secret. and always speaks in an abusive style.

Koyomi's classmate and the class representative.she was possessed by a Bakeneko during Golden Week due to stress over her family. Although it has since been resolved with the help of Shinobu and at the cost of her own memories, the problems emerge again right before the school festival because of different stress. It was revealed by the bakeneko.

ghost of a fifth-grade elementary school girl. She was killed in a traffic accident while trying to reach her mother's home, and has since unsuccessfully attempted to do so. She can only be seen by people who do not want to reach their destination. Koyomi met her in a park on Mother's Day and offered to help her find her mother's home. She makes a lot of spelling mistakes and has a habit of mispronouncing Koyomi's family name. Her family name before her parents got divorced was Tsunade.She later graduates to become a "Wandering Spirit," 

tar player of the school's basketball team and one of Hitagi's acquaintances from junior high school. Immediately after she entered senior high school, she became aware of Hitagi's secret and was threatened by her, just like Koyomi was. She's Declares to be Homosexual.Though She *Jokes*desiring to be Koyomi's mistress if he ever gets married, and sexually harrasses him frequently, she inherited what she thought was a Monkey's Paw but was actually a Rainy Devil from her mother. She started stalking Koyomi after she discovered he was dating Hitagi

Tsukihi’s friend back in elementary school. She always wears a waist pouch, always casts her eyes downward, has her bangs covering her eyes, has a shy personality, and can be easily amused. Koyomi played with her a lot whenever she visited his house after being invited by his sisters. She was put under a curse and was going to die until Koyomi found out and offered her his help. She refers to Koyomi as Koyomi-onii-chan.

 She appears to be an eight-year-old girl, but she was originally a beautiful vampire who had lived for more than 500 years. After the events at the end of Koyomi Vamp, she was left in a weakened condition with no powers or traces of her original personality.

 She's older than Tsukihi and enjoys doing outdoor activities. Despite being younger, Karen is taller than Koyomi, much to Koyomi's dismay. In Karen Bee, her hot-headed personality and her habit of acting before thinking lead her to be stung by a bee, which lead to being poisoned with a terrible fever that lasted for 3 days.

 he's the youngest of the Araragi family. Unlike her sister Karen, she prefers doing indoor activities. Contrary to her personality, she constantly changes her hair style and is short-tempered to the point that Koyomi describes her as having hysteria. She is actually the reincarnation of a phoenix and has been since before she was even born.

Koyomi`s Mentor

Meme is a middle-aged man who lives in an abandoned building. Koyomi calls him "psychedelic Aloha guy". Being an expert in the apparitions field, he solves Koyomi's and others' problems, although requiring compensation. His catchphase is "You are really energetic, did something good happen?


Bakemonogatari op and endings
op 1 Hitagi Story
op 2  Mayoi Story

op 3 Kanbaru Story

op4 Nadeko Story

op5 Hanekawa Story << is an amv with original song

Id like to post as well Nisemonogatari ops and ending since are better but ytube is not helping so once il upload to other place il add them =3

Ladies VS Butlers

Sypnosis: Hino Akiharu lost his parents when he was young and was adopted into his uncle's family. He decides to enter a Boarding School, Hakureiryo, because he no longer wants to burden his relatives. He decides to take the Test for that school and succeeds in entering the House Management Department, where the school trains servants for high society. He wants to become a butler, but his delinquent appearance frightens the girls, who make up the majority of the students. Being unable to get along with his classmates, Akiharu meets his childhood girlfriend Saikyo Tomomi, a girl with a two-faced character who traumatized him many times when they were kids. Another girl named Selnia Iori Flameheart chases after him because of his looks and calls him suspicious. Still, Akiharu starts finding his feet at the school and his relationships with the girls also get better.

Personal: Yes this is yet another harem but the speciality of this one is mostly that main character doesnt have anything bad towards girls, the only thing is that he has a trauma because of tomomi. because he state in classroom when child that he wants to become a bride. haha really funny but was tomomi who make him understand something else haha. anyway is very funny and nice to pass time. characters are interesting and others can be quite adorable and boring. and il say it once. this anime is extremely ecchi. enough ti be censored and have an uncensored version as well. same as every harem the main character is completely like a virgin and dont know how to relate to girls. and the diference from every anime is that in here the main character doesnt have any intention to have relation with any hahaha. i really suggest it. because if any see it at least it will have a time with good laugh for sure. though if no one likes harem stuff then dont even try it!.


Hino Akiharu: Despite his looks he is very kind and dependable. always trying his best, though he is a bit hated by every girl in school because of his looks. Thats leaving him in a hard situation for a butler job. Though his charm increase by each encounter. and even change and helps girls around him. thx to his kindess. Though the results get to someplace he wasnt thinking off.

 Saikyo Tomomi: Childhood Friend of Akiharu. and she has 2 faces. one the gentle and cute Noble girl. and the other a very insane sadist who always trying to make fun of others. She traumatized Hino in their childhood by giving him a wrong explanation of what a Bride is. despite sadist. she doesnt notice it sooner but she is in love with hino since childhood.

Selnia Iori FlameHeart: A Very Ladylike girl who just as her status she acts like a top class noble. she is the first to meet Hino at school and mistaken him from a pervert. She is very innocent but since the very beggining she start to have interest in Hino. though she is a completely Tsundere type. She starts to act a but kind towards him once she heard the reason and determination of Hino by entering in the school.though she doesnt accept it. she love him.

Kaoru Daichi: The most charming and cute butler. Though is easy to see he is a girl. her reasons to be at school studing for butler. is only a test if he manage to hide his identity. though he has the bad and good luck that Hino became her roomate. she since the very begining has a bit interest in him but dont show them thx to her situation. and is often mad at him for not being polite and act like 2 mans in room with freedom. ( though Hino thinks he is a guy ) even when he see her outside Shower he still think ! hahaha

Osawa Mimina: Despite her child look she has 19 years old. and is a genius in Drawing Paints. She is the first girl Hino Helps and her feelings are that she wants to be free and draw only what she wants. though her feelings get jailed because of admiration of people. though Hino Saves her. and easy to see she start to like him enough to give enough hits to be with him all her life. her charm is just as seeing the very child look and attitude. like a completely grade schooler.

Pina Sformklan Estoh: She is a princess and a complete Otaku. She first mets Hino in night when heading to his room. and saw her Cosplaying and acting like a SuperHeroine. when noticing him she rans and forgot her hammer. and next day she is called to Headmaster office to just see hino and give her back. she starts to like Hino for helping her. but her likes i dont see anything else like friendship. though she likes mimina a lot snce mimina has the complete and perfect body for a cosplay of her favorite anime character hah.

 Ayse Khadim: Very Quite and Cute girl. also a princess. Hino See her in Underwear by accident. while in her country no Male cannot see her skin. she has to marry him or kill him. Her servant try to kill Hino though she decides to marry him and pass all the time to try make him like her with the help of her servant. though despite they think if because of the family rule. she has actually completely fallen for him.

Hedyeh: Bodyguard of Ayse and Strong girl with a very impresive bad Mouth. She is always trying to kill akiharu. though once ayse wants to marry him. she starts to take actions of creating oporunities to Ayse be with him. but mostly fail or obliged. She is extremely funny character specially when she talks. and she is the only one that can hear Ayse voice. if she had or not feelings for akiharu thats a mistery but she indeed have for Ayse.

There are other characters in the anime that are pretty interesting and funny and would be bad to leave them outside. however these are the ones that hino have only history. the others help in the plot and are there in fun but are interesting. specially the twins ! those girls are the main fun and nightmare of Hino.




Baka to Test to Shokanju

Sypnosis: Yoshii Akihisa Also Known as *Baka* ( Idiot ). He attends Fumizuki Academy, a school where the staff rigidly divides the students based on the results of their academic scores. At the start of the school, students are academically sorted by entrance exam test grades. The higher the grades, the higher the class, and the better the benefits. In this case, Class A is filled with the highest-scoring students; therefore, their classroom was filled with many prestigious items. Every Classroom State is as their Ranks. that being said Class F is the one with the Worse State. The School Has an special system where any student can summon an avatar of their that depends on their Class and exams Results. so class with higher rank has better fighting strength. But the school has another special rule that anytime they can declare a war against other class and the winner. if is a lower class they take the class the won But if the lower class loose. his classroom get even Worse. On the day of the placement test, an intelligent girl named Mizuki Himeji suffers from a fever and is unable to complete her test, hence her reining in a score of zero. As a result, she is pigeonholed into Class F together with Akihisa Yoshii. Akihisa, who dreams of the day when the academy would no longer be divided by grades, pitches an idea to his class to rule over the higher-level classes by doing a Summoned Being War for both Mizuki's sake and to get more and more privileges.

Personal:  Ok this one is very fun but well i am the one that likes. so maybe for some ppl who want to see a full anime with story through  probably hate it. because in an episode put one story but in next change to other. though indeed later it gets a story better and fun. by now this anime has 2 seasons and 2 Ovas.  This anime like every Comedy Romance its like going into harem. though the girls here are extremely Jelous of each other and also anime doesnt show every girl that has a crush with Yoshii. Talking also about the school system is very funny specially when avatars come. Specially with akihisa Avatar since he is the worse student and also he received the punishment and special permision of an avatar that can touch real stuff but he also can receive his avatars Pain unlike other students. and Hideyoshi Who is the Trap of the anime. well trap or not since he also has a twin sister  haaha. anyway for fun and pass time is good just for it. if you want to take this anime seriously then don`t even try to see it because probably wont like.  7/10 my own rate for it!.


Yoshii Akihisa: Protagonist. he is known as the most idiot in school. but he is gentle enough. and as the most idiot sometimes he choose to do stuff that normally someone would never try. he Likes and Admire Himeji however he is normally a bit pervert. also he seems to like Hideyoshi! and sometimes he imagine marry with him hahahaha ( yes the trap! ). Despite being the most idiot he is also pretty popular and as well hated. and also seems to have someone that declared to him but thats another story!.

Himeji Mizuki: She is very smart. enough to be the first or second rank in all school. however she ends in Class F thx that she caught fever the day in the placement tests. She have her secrets and actually she is happy to be in Class F since Aki is there. She seems to have seens something about aki in the past and is in love with him. however she is completely shy to Confess. Avery Cute and funny charater in this ( specially since she is the tipic Voluptous girl in scene ) the ones that will know specially what i am saying. is in the second season where Summons appear in a different images.

Shimada Minami: She is the second Girl in the Class F. and as well she is completely in love with aki. but same also shy to confess and she tends to get mad easily because of her flat chest  and aki obsession with Hideyoshi and Himeji. She is also very smart but her problem is that she cannot read Kanji so well. she is german and have a little sister that has a crush also with Aki. She have a lot of special reasons to be in love with aki but that is only seen in 2nd season as well. ( MY FAVORITE STORY TILL NOW ).

Sakamoto Yuuji: Best Friend of Aki and also the class representative. he is a very impressive Strategist. he seems to be a genius however he probably has his own reasons to act like that. He also has a childhood friend who he likes but dont really show it ( Tsundere Male ). But she is completely chasing him and make him to date her and even try to marry by force haha. very good character and funny as well.

Kirishima Shouko: Childhood Friend of Yuuji and Representative of Class A. Extremely smart girl and completely jelous and stalker lover. she only shows up in first season a little but in second appear a lot. her story with yuuji is very touching. and her feelings surpass even what ppl can think. she usually seems dark but is probably the most Cute character in the anime. a lot more than himeji in my opinion!. Probably my favorite character in this anime.

Kinoshita Hideyoshi: Friend of aki and when he dress as a girl, is a complete trap. enough that half of school and even outside of it. males from other places confess to him. he is very kind and acts completely as a girl in certain way. and he is also target of perverse imagination of akihisa. He 80% of the anime can be seen as girl. and his summon sometimes also looks like a girl. specially in second season haha. he is not that smart but is very diligent and a completely genius in disguise and Member of drama club. also he is seen as a failure by her sister.

Tsuchiya Kouta: Friend of aki and Member of Photo Club. just as his Summon shows. he acts completely like a ninja and also he is 99999% pervert. his better class is P.E and his Results in it. Surpass even teachers. this guy probably will die Someday because of Blood. since he leaks a lot in every episode haha thx to his pictures!. he is also an speciality to take Pictures of Minami and Akihisa haha not leaving outside Hideyoshi. This is one of the most fun characters for sure.

Shimizu Miharu: Class D member and to put it simply this girl goes to other side. she is completely in love with Minami. and hates Akihisa because she know  that Minami like him. She is often rushing to hug and bother Minami in every possible way. ( she is just a complete Stalker. well not secretly though hah ).

Kinoshita Yuko: Class A 2nd rank and a Master in everything. she acts really kind but as well proudful enough to show hate against lower ranks. A Complete Superiority Complex. very smart and when she decides something. she will never go back. but despite known as good in all. she is very bad at singing. where Hideyoshi takes her place. this one is my 2nd favorite character. however only in LN. since in it she also shows friendship and nearly relation with aki but in anime rarely is seen and only when will fight or insult.

In the end i recomend this anime for just fun. if anyone doesnt like it. and have sugestions about any category of anime that mind like, just tell me and il say others that ppl might like better.


                                     Opening 1st Season - Baka to Test Shokanju

                                    Opening 2nd Season - Baka to Test Shokanju Ni!

                                   Opening de Ova - Baka to Test Shokanju Matsuri

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