Sypnosis: The story Circle around Yasuri Shichika. A Swordman that Cant use Swords. and Togame. Avery ambitious Strategist. that have a Mission to Collect the Twelve unique Katana`s. Shichika Being the Son of an exiled hero and living with his older sister in a deserted island. he became the Succesor of the Legendary Fighting Style Kyotoryuu ( Martial Arts wish his whole body can act as Sword ). One Day Togame went to meet the exiled hero for ask help in her Mission. However for Certain Reasons she decide to ask Shichika to go with him. Yet She never noticed was being Followed by an Unfriendly Intruder.

Personal: This anime even though are low in episodes, actually each one duration is 1 hour. i can recomend this anime completely. is very serious and stories are VERY GOOD. there is not episode or character whose story gets boring. each one has its own potential. this anime can also can be fun and interesting. i personally liked it and even repeat the anime at least each in a month. the songs are very good. not only both openings but also each episode has its ending. even though the animation doesnt look like others, dont let it think is bad. actually i can say those animations and draws are very full for this type of anime. not only the backgrounds but also the characters. this anime is one i can say at least every person should see it 1 time! 10/10 by my own like in rate XD for others i wont know hahaha


Yasuri Shichika: Shichika is the current head of the Kyotouryuu style. He was trained rigorously by his father, the previous head of the style. He is deeply dedicated to his training, and is strong enough to win against challengers without even using Kyotouryuu. Through the years, he has even developed new moves for the Kyotouryuu style.

Togame:  is the shogunate's self-titled "strategian." She is physically weak but mentally superior, though she is not immune to lapses in judgment and bouts of clumsiness.
She says "gyafun" when she falls, and has a habit of saying "cheerio!" while hitting Shichika, though it turns out "cheerio!" is erroneous and is supposed to be "chest!" This greatly troubles her, though in the end, she decides to stick with "cheerio!
( Very Funny Main character if anyone ask me )

Hitei: A mysterious and seemingly cruel girl who appears to know more than she lets on, Hiteihime is Togame's archrival and constantly schemes to interfere with Togame's mission.
She have a lot of secrets who actually changes story completely so i wont post  anything of her because of spoil. yet i can say i really liked her!.

Deviant Blade Holders:
( Read if want only since each one is for each episode and probably would think as spoil)

Maniwa Komori: The first Maniwani member Shichika meets. His name  means "bat," and he models his clothing after one accordingly. He is the holder of the deviant sword Kanna. And has rather unique tecniques.
He also was working with togame before but once tasting the Power of a Deviant Blade. He betray her.

Uneri Ginkaku: Uneri is the holder of the deviant blade Namakura. Togame offers him anything in exchange for Namakura, but his wish of restoring Inaba can't be fulfilled, so he opts to fight Shichika instead. His style, Zerosen, entails cutting with the sword faster than the speed of light. To hasten the process even more, he wounds himself and lets his blood seep into the sheath, negating the friction of the blade on the sheath

 Tsuruga Meisai: Meisai is the holder of the deviant sword Tsurugi, which is split into 1000 swords. "Tsuruga Meisai" is the name of the previous priest of the shrine she presides over; she claims that she forgot her original name. After her father, a kendo master, was killed along with all his followers, she joined and became the leader of a group of bandits. After learning of the shrine and the physically and mentally injured shrine maidens who live there, she killed all 43 of the bandits and brought Tsurugi to the shrine to heal the shrine maidens, killing the previous Tsuruga Meisai in the process.

Sabi Hakuhei: Renowned as one of Japan's strongest swordsmen, he is the fourth opponent Shichika fights for the Deviant Blades. He wields Hakutou Hari, He is the most  powerful opponent  Shichika had fought although their battle is never shown. His catchphrase is "I'll have you fall for me". Instead of this Fight, you will see a story of Shichika Sister Being Attacked in the island. also togame and shichika later talk about this fight.

Azekura Kanara: Azekura is the holder of the deviant blade Yoroi, which actually takes the shape of armor. He obtained the armor from a pirate band that killed his younger sister and took him to be their servant boy. He took the armor and exacted revenge on them, and then became the leader of a band of pirates himself.
He wanted to make Togame his woman because she resembles his dead sister.

 Konayuki Itezora: Konayuki is the last remaining member of the Itezora clan. She is immensely strong, but claims to be the weakest of her peers, and much weaker than the adults in her clan. She is very friendly and deep inside her is suffering but shichika and togame changes that. She help them find the sword Kanazuchi wish is the MOST  heavy sword in the world. enough that only her clan is capable of use it at full.
She later have a duel with shichika for the sword yet didnt went well.

Yasuri Nanami: Just as her name said she is the Sister of Shichika. Despite being low in health. she is a true genius in fight, capable of learn every ability by just watching. she seems far stronger than shichika and was going to be the head of the family but her father saw something he didnt like and decided to train shichika instead. Despite being Acute character she is quite Sadistic. specially since shichika Fears her completly. one specially she said that in childhood to stop shichika to bite his nails. she took his nails off. She became the master of the blade Akutou Bita. Even though she leaves the island to help Shichika and Togame, she decides to do it in different way for her own reason ( 2nd Favorite espisode of this anime for sure! )

Biyori Go: A mysterious mechanical doll wandering the first-class hazard zone of Lake Fuyo for hundreds of years. Because it assaults anyone in range indiscriminately, this area is heralded as a first-class hazard zone.

She is also the deviant blade. whose was designed to look like Shikizaki Kiki`s Most loved one

Kiguchi Zanki: The 12th Shin'o Isso Ryu master, who has a dojo in Shogi Mura in Dewa. Dewa is a sanctuary for shogi players. Unlike other Klesha Bringer possessors, she is extremely diligent and sincere. Not only is she good with the sword, but she is also a great shogi player. She First fight with shichika and defeat him because of her stuborness of a duel with him wielding armor and sword. she said he was weak and decide to train him. though later she noticed his real strength ( This episode is extremely fun since Togame gets completely Jelous since she gets so much close to shichika ).

Higaki Rinne: A saint resembling a girl with long greenish, black hair who wears a long scarf-like cloth as clothing. In reality he gains the appearance and personality of those who see him and resembles those which they don't wish to remember. His appearance comes from Shichika and is a collaboration of those who he regrets losing to and his personality comes from Togame's memories. Rinne has lived for more than 300 years and was a friend of Kiki Shikizaki as he received Hakari through him. But fearing that the blade's poisonous nature he had buried it. He rather enjoys tormenting his company as they learn a little bit more about themselves through illusions until they eventually get Hakari. He wields Hakari, a sword that lacks an actual blade. 
Ho`o Maniwa: leader of the Maniwa Group, also called the "Phoenix of Divinity." He possesses strong intellect and formidable battle skills. He currently seeks a truce with Togame and Shichika, but for certain reasons, they must inevitably face one another in battle...

 Soda Emonzaemon: A faithful follower of Princess Hitei, he's been informing her about Togame's adventures for some time. A rather quiet person, he sits in on Princess Hitei's boastful conversations. He shows little emotion and does not get along well with Togame.
He has long red hair that's bound in a ponytail and a tall height and wears a tuxedo-like uniform. His face is covered by a mask that was given to him by Princess Hitei and is written with the kanji for "unconcealed".

 Videos :

opening 01

 Opening 02

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  1. Sounds so good to me mate, I really need to check this out.

    Nathan says:

    Any relation to Bakemonogatari? I watched the first couple episodes of that back when it was airing...

    Foxzero says:

    aww sorry to say but no there is not relation

    Bakemonogatari is its own anime and lately its airing the second season of it called Nisemonogatari

    but this Katanagatari is unique on it, no relation with any other

    Etaron says:

    If it has something to do with katanas, count me in :D

    King Saso says:

    Seems like a great story, I'll watch it sometimes :)

    Anonymous says:

    Is it me or those characters got weird lips? 0.o

    Magnum says:

    Now this totally looks like classic anime meeting the modern Cartoon Network products - or is it just me?

    Yeha i might just go and "pick this up" if you know what i mean ;)

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