Seto no Hanayome

Sypnosis: On Vacations Nagasumi went with his parents to Seto Bay to visit grandma, yet by accident he drown in the beach, but the last he saw was a Sillouete of a mermaid saving him, when he wokes up and try to explain , no one believe it. but on that night the same person that saved him ask him for take respostability!. Sooner he discover that she is a mermaid and Daughter of the Seto Mafia group. by Rules if a Human discover the existence of mermaids, the mermaid responsable need to Die. But there is another alternative! a Marriage! . and so the start of this Funny Lovely Comedy!.

Personal: This anime is extremely hilarious. each episode is so fun that i cannot stop laugh for a while. even now when i remember some scenes i just ROFL . for a comedy anime is extremely good. but as a recomendations if see it. try to get it on dvd for better sound and graphics!. but just my own opinion. the characters are very funny, of course since most love comedy there is schoollife. all when Sun transfer to Nagasumi House for live in. the funny part is specially all the problems that nagasumi have since not only he need to live like that but also each second need to run for his life because Sun father Care for her Insanely! haha and as well for a love comedy it has some harem in certain way and a lot of game words hah. there is not an episode where you can think is boring, since every one of them are good. in my point of view this will be my most favorite comedy anime  10/10 no i probably would think 20/10 hahaha.

Characters :  This anime has a lot of characters so il only write about most interesting ones

Michishio Nagasumi: The protagonist of the story. Nagasumi is likely one of a family that is reasonable, apart from his grandmother. During your vacation was going to drown in the deep sea, but Sun rescued him. He decided to confront their fears and take responsibility for caring for Sun and his wife, although it is not easy because her father opposed and therefore the entire clan (except Ren, and Masa). During a fight, Sun can use his "Song of Heroes" to enhance the strength of Nagasumi, but when she is threatened directly, can do it himself.

 Seto Sun: She is the daughter of Gozaburo Seto, head of a yakuza group found in the Seto inland sea. She is in turn a siren, which has the quality to be on the ground only if the flap is completely dry (because they can not control the ability). After saving Nagasumi, she decides to join him in marriage,That Making more mad his father. same as all mermaids have the ability of her voice. songs that sleep or help. specially Howling Voice the one that use first!.

Seto Gozaburo: Leader of the Seto Yakuza Group, and father of Sun, he is completely against both of them marrying and he wants to take the other choice that is to kill nagasumi and so the threat is gone. Completely Daughter complex, he is strong but also have his own weakness. always gets stopped by her wife! and is a completely Comedy in the anime!.

Seto Ren: Mother of Sun. She likes to encourage Sun and Nagasumi, and usually tries to prevent her husband meddle. She also likes to Tease Nagasumi and seduce him in a few situations. She is transferred, with several other members of the Seto to Nagasumi's school, where she is the new school nurse.

 Masa: He is the most dandy from the seto group and is the right hand of Seto Gozaburo. he also was the one that stole Nagasumi First Kiss!, he also got transfer to school as a Math Teacher, and often try to stop Leader from killing Nagasumi for any misunderstanding. he also has a deep secret. or more to say later will. his cool attitude it make fun the anime whenever he and nagasumi encounter hah. also he was the one that teach Sun her Swordstyle.

Maki: A spiral shell, assassin working for the Seto group, and a bodyguard for Sun. She, like Gozaburo, hates the idea that Sun and Nagasumi Marry, and often distract Sun and talk sweet to shoot his gun at Nagasumi. She also thinks Nagasumi and Runa must be together. < This character will make you laugh for sure. and for those Suisei Seki DESU haters then will hate her as well since is same voice  and also Desu << haha DESU DESU DESU!

Shark Fujishiro: One of the top members in Seto Group. and one of the unique that are not mermaid type? since he is a Shark. he is also transfered to school as a P.E. Teacher. and most of the time want to eat. he is completely cold and acts like nothing care or doesnt exist aside killing. well Eat his Prey. sometimes will try to eat Nagasumi and that making more fun the anime. and his voice is completely for laugh! a very funny character indeed.

Edomae Runa: Childhood friend and rival Sun. A siren who use her powers to be a very famous idol. Like Sun, does not control the transformation of fin feet, being discovered by Nagasumi on a rainy day. Instead of killing him, She decide to have him as Slave, but then falls for him, Yet she doesnt want to accept her own feelings because of her Pride. << She is by far my most favorite character. not only fun but also has her story  and comparing with any other characters. her story completely goes to a lonely Heroine. but no need to worry she have Terminator!.

Runa Papa!: Leader of the Edomae Group. he is completely like a cyborg. but he cares for her daughter 1st!. he sucks at express his feelings for his daughter and that takes him to a lot of misunderstandings. He first appear Chasing Nagasumi to ask him what he wants to do witn runa since also living together.  Avery funny character and as i mentioned yes HE IS TERMINATOR!.

 Zenigata Mawari: Daughter of the Police Chief of the city and childhood friend of Nagasumi, who is in love. She acts as a moderator of social behavior, and often repressed Nagasumi in some of their actions. Mawari Dream is to become police chief as her father. It is often called O-Mawari-san (Mr. Policeman) by Sun. She has the problem to Suspect everytime. and also she is very small aside her dreams haha.

 Mikawa Kai: A rich boy and childhood friend of Sun, He suffers from agoraphobia to an incident in his childhood when he travels to Sahara, and to leave open places using a space suit. On contact with water becomes a killer Whale. It is usually dressed as a Japanese army officer and carrying a katana,

 It's a mermaid examiner; She is responsable to test that mermaids that live with humans. dont expose their identity and be sure they can live in land. she has her secret mission to separate Sun and Nagasumi. and also because of her work she is most of time taking as a bad person and become quite lonely. yet deep inside her she adores nagasumi caring side. she is also searching for her missing brother, to kill him by order of government and family. she has the most insane body measures between the school girls and in no time because of her strenght she is known as the Troublesome Bancho.

 Hideyoshi Sarutobi: Nicknamed "Saru" (monkey in Japanese). Nagasumi friend and often behave like a monkey pervert, getting Nagasumi into Trouble. Sometimes it appears as an old hermit. It is the right hand of Kai, and a complete pervert and sometime A loyal Dog. and other a complete insect!.



The Most Funny Part!!

And My Favorite Scene.

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  1. Sounds pretty good to me man. I'm sorely tempted to check this one out at some point. I still have a huge backlog of bookmarked animes from this page I'd like to watch first though so it may have to wait for a while.

    Reilly says:

    looks kinda fun :)
    MMB is back by the way:

    This does look to be pretty funny. I might have a viewing.

    Foxzero says:

    haha is good you finally came back reilly ! i always check up on your page so i was quite bored without new info haha

    Anelia says:

    good looking !

    Magnum says:

    The more I read about anime here, the more bewildered I get. Seriously, it takes real levels of creativity and looneyness to come up with a story involving drowning in the sea, being saved by a mermaid and then having to deal with mafia. Mermaids and mafia. That makes it for me : )

    to be honest, it look kinda silly

    Etaron says:

    Seto is br00tal :D

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