Hunter X Hunter

Sorry for the late post. it took me a bit of time to get off some problems
This time Hunter X Hunter will be the first anime ( there is a remake that is going up recently )

Sypnosis : Gon is a boy who lives in an island with his adoptive mother Mito. on his 9 years he got kidnaped and was rescued by a hunter named Kaito who is a friend of his father. hearing some stories and info of his father Gon decide to do same thing and become a hunter. 12 years old he decide to leave the island and take the test for Hunter. Mito didnt wanted him to do same thing as his father so she propose that if he fails to trap  the lord fish of the island he will not take it. in the end he does and go to take the test and met other ppl that also going to take it. Yet the tests to become Hunter is not as easy that everyone thinks since Hunters Guild. is practically the top in the world. so everything that does on the way is also a test for it. On the Travel and tests he mets his new friends as well rivals. and met the hardships of the real world.

Skip Beat!

25 Episodes  of 23 Minutes each

Sypnosis : Mogami Kyoko is a sixteen year old girl who is in love with her childhood friend Fuwa Shotaro. All her childhood she spent it learning Hostelry with Shotaro`s parents INN. years laters he decides not to take over his parents inn and moves to tokyo to live as a singer. and ask kyoko to leave everything behind and go with him. once in tokyo time passes  and kyoko`s love was so big that she make everything to help him such as working in a insane quantity of part time jobs as well as caring the department they live and care for shotaro so he can concentrate completely on start and grow as a singer. She sacrificed all her life time just for him. later she overheard shotaro talking to his manager and complaining about her saying she is plain and boring girl and she is more like a pet than a girl for him. and he only took her with him for housekeeping duties. Kyoko as being trained since her childhood just for care for him and like be his wife she now wants vengeance. and her life to revenge against sho and making him kneel before her. She decides to be more famous than him and make him regret treating her like that.

Hyper Police

25 Episodes  23min ea ( This anime is for all 50% furry lovers haha )

Sypnosis : in a different time  Year 22 Holy Century where the humanity is Protected as an species in extinction, and the poblation is variated of many races sames as half breeds, Anime focuses on characters lives most. Natsuki Sasahara ( Half Cat ) is a Bounty Hunter that co work with others BH specially with her idol and senior Batanen Fujioka ( Werewolf ) later a NineTailed fox girl comes to be Natsuki partner, Plot comes as Natsuki and others are working catching criminals to reclaim bounty as same protecting peace but some has their own reasons to work specially Sakura ( Ninetail Fox ),  all time pass just working and trying to fix problems of their lives like love. doubts . trauma .etc.  A lot of funny events and not really much fan service)

Ground Defense Force! Mao-chan

For those Love Hina Fans and loli lovers hahaha
BTW Anime is 26 Episodes of 12 mins each =3

Sypnosis: in Japan one of the Defence leaders Say that soon the world  will be in danger thx to their enemies called Very CUTE Aliens ( oh my god Hillarious XD ) the Ground defence chief convince the actual chairman in japan to make an special force to fight the biggest menage of the very cute aliens! ( oh my god hahaha ) and so one of the protagonist that is Mao Onigawara the actual Granddaughter of the Ground Defence chief is enlisted by her grandfather to fight those cute aliens, But as an Ground Defence Force member she cannot attack aliens that are away of her Ground and for that other Members came from other Defence Forces . Misora Tsukishima and  Silvia Maruyama. the 3 start by their own way but soon the 3 of them start 1 full force, and thats how the 3 of them need to fight the dangers of Very Cute Aliens, to defend japan!!! ( i just cannot stop XD )

Gundam Seed

Sypnosis:  In the Cosmic ERA  wish mankind  is divided between Normal Humans Known as ¨Naturals¨ and the geneically altered humans Known as ¨Coordinators¨ who lives in Space Colonies.
the story Begins in a space colony ¨Heliopolis¨  where is being developed advanced mobile suits for the Naturals  However Heliopolis is part of Orb ( Neutral Zone ). ZAFT ( Coordinators Military ) starts an attack against heliopolis to Steal the new mobile units. while attack getting worse people go to safety pots to run away from heliopolis however by accident a teenager Coordinator Kira Yamato when seeing his friends in danger start to try pilot one of the new units but thanks to that battle Heliopolis was Seriously Damaged  and Soon is Completely destroyed. To save themselves and for know the secrets of the mobile suit . kira and hi friends are on board of a War Ship of Earth Alliance ( Natural Millitia ) called ¨ Archangel¨   on the Escape kira brings a escape pod that was drifting with its turbines ruined . and he brings it back to archangel . there was one of kira friends and his most special person . soon after kira is told that he is the unique that can pilot the GAT-X105 Strike and he has the responsability to protect the ship until reach Alaska Main base and leave archangel and survivors . kira denies because he is neutral from orb yet is got Obligated for saving the people in the escape pod and if he doesnt fight everyone will just die. and thats how Story Begins.

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