Hunter X Hunter

Sorry for the late post. it took me a bit of time to get off some problems
This time Hunter X Hunter will be the first anime ( there is a remake that is going up recently )

Sypnosis : Gon is a boy who lives in an island with his adoptive mother Mito. on his 9 years he got kidnaped and was rescued by a hunter named Kaito who is a friend of his father. hearing some stories and info of his father Gon decide to do same thing and become a hunter. 12 years old he decide to leave the island and take the test for Hunter. Mito didnt wanted him to do same thing as his father so she propose that if he fails to trap  the lord fish of the island he will not take it. in the end he does and go to take the test and met other ppl that also going to take it. Yet the tests to become Hunter is not as easy that everyone thinks since Hunters Guild. is practically the top in the world. so everything that does on the way is also a test for it. On the Travel and tests he mets his new friends as well rivals. and met the hardships of the real world.

Personal : This anime is very good despiting the thing that is old and has some similarities with other famous anime. still all the stories are very good and some are specially twisted like kurapika reason to become a hunter and Killua family, though the anime has a lot of stuff telling assasinations and other things it doesnt really show anything brutal if you ask me. though il say it straight the manga is a lot more bloodied that it is the anime. there is a lot of changes in stories that i cannot say in sypnosis since be a bit of spoiling yet il say it here, the anime doesnt really is only hunters test . is has a lot more of story since gon want to be same as his father that is a pro Hunter but once hunter test finish a lot of problems comes on his friends and stuff, also dont get to liking to many characters since aside Gon everyone of the main cast goes to their own story in certain part and doesnt even appear again and others does, thiking that aside the complete story till now is more likely to be Gon and Killua but thats if mostly shown in the manga. well the characters are very good and one of my favorite antagonist  of anime is here, that is Hisoka. that guy is just insane XD. anyway check it. my own rating for this anime it be over 8/10 since has to many episodes that can be called trash.
though il say it there is a remake going up lately and seems it doesnt have trash story and i am glad for it.

Characters :

Gon Freecss : 12 years old boy. he decides to become a hunter to take same steps as his father. he lived all his life in an island. he is very inocent and as well is very curious. he has very good sense and abilities he care for his friends more than anything, and become really close to Killua. his main abilities are his savage senses. a well trained up body and his weapon is a fishing pole that seems it a gift of his father. later he decides to become strong when he was humillated by Hysoka, and start to change a little when knowing his friends reasons for fighting and killua family affairs. he is extremely innocent but supposing because of that ppl trust him completely.

Killua Zaoldyek : he is a member and Heir of the famous family of assasins. he takes to test of hunter just because he heards that is extremely hard and he takes of for fun. he ran away from his family because he didnt wanted to take the same role. but still he has all his trained skills. specially he is really though on everything like Electricity and poison since he was tortured ( Trained ) to wishstand everything. on the test he mets gon and get really interested in him. he is also a bit curious but complete opposite of gon he is fully aware of ppl and how everyone can be deceived. he doesnt doubth to kill someone though tht changes a little after meeting gon. THOUGH seems gon doesnt mind if he kills someone as long is not friend o.o,

Kurapika : he is the last Live member of a the Tribe Kuruta: he decides to become a hunter so he will live as a Black list Hunter, and get to the group that killed all his clan ( Genei Ryodan ). as well to search for his tribe red eyes. ( Kuruta tribe eyes turn red like gems). meeting gon and leorio make him a bit mad because of gon innocent and leorio reasons to become hunter.yet later he learn more about them and respect them. he also has a lot of problems and trauma . his main abilities are mostly his cool attitude and see everything with calm and he has 2 weapons 2 sticks but in real 2 hidden short katana. he gets very close to his friends specially with gon and get extremely mad when gon suffers. yet later he goes as his own story and pass a lot of time without seeing him in anime XD.

Leorio : he mets with gon and kurapika on the ship before getting to exam. he claims to enter hunter to  make money and be rich and live an easly life. because of that he gets in trouble with kurapika. yet his secrets are quite interesting. he indeed want to be rich and have an easy live but for that once he is a hunter he will take exams to become doctor since it needs a lot of money like that he can save people without having they pay a single. he has a very explosive attitude. and gets mad easily . yet he takes justice as everything but has to doubt a lot of persons because of that. he is always carrying a case ( never know what is in there ) and his main weapon is his strenght an a short katana. ( dagger ? ) , this guy has quite way in main plot though once time passes he goes to take his medicine exams and never again appear in anime until  Ovas.

Opening : ___________________________________________________________________

Spoiler __________________________________________________________________________

Episode 01 : some bells and mito san looking at a picture then in a window looking at the horizon. gon image fishing.  Presentation ,  Kaito in a ship. mito taking inside gon clothes and talking how gon worry him. Kaito checking the island. looking at a card. gon about to be killed by a bear,  and kaito saved him. and then he hit him. saying why are you doing here dont you see the marks that here is dangerous didnt your father teach you not to enter these dangerous areas. gon say he doesnt have a father and a mother. and his aunt take care of him , gon ask what will he do with the child of the bear, kaito said he will kill him because he will grow to hate humans and attack them as well for vengeance. gon protect him saying he will raise him . and defy kaito. gon go back to his house and mito scares .and treat him. kaito scene looking at the child bear and resembles gon face. next day gon start to dig a hole to put inside bear mother. and kaito help him. kaito tell him about hunter and what is it. is insterest. and kaito say he is searching his master that is the last mission to aknowledge him.
kaito ask about gon father and gon say him . kaito tell him he still alive and he is a hunter the best of them and is also the master of kaito. later gon ask mito about his father and she lie saying he is dead. gon start to think that he was abandoned. next day the baby bear is side gon on the lake and kaito goes to the shop and see mito. then he goes  mito scene, getting worried that gon leave her as well. --- next scene gon fishing and remembering how kaito said to him that on hsi 12 years he can take the  test to become hunter. and he ask to mito that he will take it. and mito denies. in the end she say ok but with one condition. only if he fish the lord of the swamp in the island.------------- THATS ALL IL TELL see it if is insteresting =3

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  1. Seems pretty cool. If I had the time to check this bad boy out I think I certainly would be, thanks for the summary bro.

    Aku_Maria says:

    Awesome anime, definitely a must watch for everyone. Great post btw

    Nice post!

    nice post, i think ill check this out, i love your background too btw.

    Marko says:

    Great post

    Mackee says:

    great post. is your profile fanart of RAGNAROK?!

    Great tv series, man they are really great

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