Ground Defense Force! Mao-chan

For those Love Hina Fans and loli lovers hahaha
BTW Anime is 26 Episodes of 12 mins each =3

Sypnosis: in Japan one of the Defence leaders Say that soon the world  will be in danger thx to their enemies called Very CUTE Aliens ( oh my god Hillarious XD ) the Ground defence chief convince the actual chairman in japan to make an special force to fight the biggest menage of the very cute aliens! ( oh my god hahaha ) and so one of the protagonist that is Mao Onigawara the actual Granddaughter of the Ground Defence chief is enlisted by her grandfather to fight those cute aliens, But as an Ground Defence Force member she cannot attack aliens that are away of her Ground and for that other Members came from other Defence Forces . Misora Tsukishima and  Silvia Maruyama. the 3 start by their own way but soon the 3 of them start 1 full force, and thats how the 3 of them need to fight the dangers of Very Cute Aliens, to defend japan!!! ( i just cannot stop XD )

Personal : HAHAHA as everyone noticed this anime just made me laugh a lot , i am a fan of Love Hina since a very long time ago so when i just saw this anime 2 days ago i just cannot stop laugting specially with the episode 20 that they go to Hinata sou hahahah leaving that aside this anime is very funny and insane . is a cute anime probably for childrens less than 12 years but still i didnt stop crying and laugting specially with the aliens and the girls personalities . also i know is just animations but for god if someone doesnt laugh when seeing mao chan running then my Humour sense is completely messed up hahaha, well the sypnosis i did it short since if i mention more characters and how passed some things it will be spoil since sypnosis itself already spoils 3 or 4 episodes -_- so il just leave everyone to notice this funny anime by themselves, my rate for this anime il do it by each theme . Comedy 9/10 << my own rate though --  story 6/10 since is for childent the story is more centered in the cuteness.  anyway as probably love hina fans noticed all the characters are like redrawing the ones from love hina . like girls commander and teached is actually Narusegawa xD and not only that the 3 girls in the defence force office is so easy to noticed that the 3 of them  are Motoko - her sister and Motoko older when  passed many years and she became novelist hahaha 3 of them are same design XD.
What is more fun is the story of how all started when the first contact of very cute aliens - hahaha for gods sake the first contact was actually Tama haha the flying turtle hahah insane . also Carol appear in this anime with her same name as well as Narusegawa however the voice actor for carol is not the same - carol here has the voice and a little attitude of Shinobu hahaha so insane XD anyway i recomend to see it if are EXTREMELY BORED OR SAD  and i am sure you will cheer up completely hahahaha so funny this anime is that i was about to leack a lot of times hahahaha

Characters :

Onigawara Mao : GrandDaughter of Ground Defence Chief. her Father is a Spy for the defence force . she is a normal girl and very slow learner . very bad in sports and her way to run is insanely funny. she is the first member of the special defence force and since she was very little she wanted to protect japan like her family. seems she lost her mother little time after she was born and all thats left is her ragged doll, as a member of defence force she has a partner A Tank called White Tiger however she ignores the name and call him Mii kun, tank is alive or thats what it shown o_o. though she have a tank is not really one is more like a full Scale model XD it has no weapons but it really have his weight XD. so is mostly to transport. she is a very kind girl and work hard. however still just a little child in the end hahaha.

Misora Tsukishima : GrandDaughter of the Sky Defence Force. her mother always travel in world. she is the best friend of mao and like her how she works so hard, she started to think of her as an idol when saw she is defending japan of the very cute aliens, her gfather saw her and start to worry. soon later on a mission of mao she had to fight against a bat type aliens and went to sky and thats where she make her appearance as the second member protecting the sky. she has also a partner a jet called Hayate same no weapons xD. she is very smart and very atletic and specially kind . however is the type that cannot do anything by herself and only with her friends .once the starts as a member of sky defence since grandfathers have hates in themselves . she is told not to work together with mao though she ignores that order.

Silvia Maruyama : GrandDaugther of the Sea Defence Force: she is the most carefree character. and very SLOW for those that watched Azumanga daioh She is nearly Osaka type XD also her voice is the same also using Kanzai so is extremely fun character, she lives inside her partner a submarine she has an extremely liking to tangerines and sometimes make references to love hina characters like saying when she close her eyes memories of other lifes come ( she has the voiced of Narusegawa as well ) she cares for her friend but is a very Slow character though is what make her fun, she is also the one with the most control in the team and despite she is from the sea defence she cannor swim. this character is a bit misterious though her grandfather is just completely weird XD see it.

Opening -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Episode 01 Spoiler------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Start  - Presentation - Opening - in a drawing scene she tries to jump a little platform but fail , misora ask if she is ok and she say it hurts - misora use the normal say that pain pain fly away though the scene is fun cuz is touching her butt XD - teacher say go to infirmary - out of school both of them talking  and someone say she is being called to the force and mii kun went for her . she has order to transform and does it  XD change scene. and so mii kun take her away haha. scenewith 2 girls and 1 of them with cat ears . .scene where prime minister is being scolded because of the use in money and so mao grandfather say is nesesary , he is popular with girls O_o. scene mao char in potition waiting for the enemy, is failling down and is the time to defence. and a very big and cute cat appear XD . mao say sorry even if you are cute i need to protect japan, cat fly away because of a parachute. and now is in the sky XD . mao mourn saying she cannot protect anyone like that. scene Misora and Hayate Apearance XD saying she was also Dispatched- Presentation. why they both talking as a cute friends now cat fell in sea ( HAHAHAHA ) now away from both of them haha. in sea now a submarine and a girl - Presentation - though she say is so troublesome and take cat and leave it ashore hahaha. mao and misora are running away from the cat XD .and now 3 of them side the cat. they are about to cry and cat saw them make a bye sign and goes away XD hahahaha . mao chan say need to protect japan and want to follow and stop the cat XD and ask 2 of them to help her  and the 3 of them say want to protect doesnt matter and start crying and make all ppl seeing tv cry as well HAHAHAHA OMG HHAHAHA and they get orders to use a special barrier though is very expensive XD the 3 of them use it they 3 need to be on potition , misora runs and mao runs XD . silvia start misora send to mao potition the beam of barrier she is trying to reach and fail and so  barrier exploded and failed XD hahahaha . all side of them was destroyed haha
3 of them start crying saying sorry. ending

14 Response to "Ground Defense Force! Mao-chan"

  1. Max Power says:

    sounds great:)

    D4 says:

    12 minute eps is awesome.. but.. a bit too loli for me o_o

    Seems great. Might need to check this bad boy out at some point. Thanks for the review buddy.

    Mr says:

    Seems cool, I'll check it out.

    It looks good!

    This looks way to childish and girl oriented for me

    Foxzero says:

    well i did say on there that is an anime for childs xD still is so fun. and cmon there are worse child or girly animes that ppl see haha

    Liaata says:

    omg reminds me of ranma 1 1/2

    ReMs says:

    still childish it is still fun to watch, even though i find it too girly too, i cant stop watching it

    Damon says:

    great post ..looks so good

    I am not a big fan of anime, but on this one I must say this is even better than real life series.

    Ryodo says:

    Love Anime, but ye the childish style kinda puts me off.

    Lavie says:

    Oh wow, I remember this show. Had completely forgotten it existed until I saw this post, haha.

    Tifa says:

    Awww. Looks super cute. :)

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