Skip Beat!

25 Episodes  of 23 Minutes each

Sypnosis : Mogami Kyoko is a sixteen year old girl who is in love with her childhood friend Fuwa Shotaro. All her childhood she spent it learning Hostelry with Shotaro`s parents INN. years laters he decides not to take over his parents inn and moves to tokyo to live as a singer. and ask kyoko to leave everything behind and go with him. once in tokyo time passes  and kyoko`s love was so big that she make everything to help him such as working in a insane quantity of part time jobs as well as caring the department they live and care for shotaro so he can concentrate completely on start and grow as a singer. She sacrificed all her life time just for him. later she overheard shotaro talking to his manager and complaining about her saying she is plain and boring girl and she is more like a pet than a girl for him. and he only took her with him for housekeeping duties. Kyoko as being trained since her childhood just for care for him and like be his wife she now wants vengeance. and her life to revenge against sho and making him kneel before her. She decides to be more famous than him and make him regret treating her like that.

Personal: this anime is extremely fun  as a love comedy. and the story gets better as it passes. yet is unfinished since there is not second season yet and  i dont have idea when or if will be one. The characters are extremely fun and others that are kind of serious Kyoko expressions and character is quite fun specially since now she wants revenge and start to remember how she was before that change XD  fuwa sho is a bit serious character but has his funny parts yet since is like the bad guy but is actually not. there are to many changes in story and my main favorite character Tsuruga Ren . he is the best in the company kyoko decides to join. his character is the tipic i am the best in everything and do my job perfect. but he has his problems  specially with kyoko reasons to be an actress. the story is funny as how she needs to grow on company but she still a minor in age and her past is always making her sad since all her past is mostly empty since the day She leave Shotaro. yet she starts to like the job of acting little by little and so Ren gets to know her true side again, this anime is very good and i recommend to see it. for a love comedy actually i gave this one a rate of 10/10 for the fun
yet for ppl that might not like the genre probably about 8/10 so see it.

Characters :

Mogami Kyoko : Sixteen years old girl, she wants revenge against fuwa sho for use her as a servant and for lose all her childhood for nothing. she decides to join an idol company to learn how to act and be more famous than Sho. she later see is not as easy it might be and start to like the work itself and little by little is taking it seriously, though she still use vengeance as a way to fire up her skills and reasons. she keeps secret who she wants to revenge but later some notices. her only family is her mother who seems she is being hated. so she grow up with Sho her unique friend and also got trained to be Sho partner in Sho Parents Inn. she has a very kind but straight attitude. and since she is also so cheerful some ppl sees her as anoying, yet she is the type to not gave up for any reason and do the work at all cost. however thats other trauma of her past. As she enter company she mets Tsuruga Ren, and also he is the first one to notice the reason to join is vengeance and is against fuwa sho, Ren treat her extremely bad for that reason, since vengeance is not a reason to do all this, though since later kyoko likes to act seriously , ren attitude against her change completely in a way just in love Comedy can happen.

Tsuruga Ren :  Ren has a Very Gentle and kind persona however is mostly since the is a professional. he hates anoying ppl most and when he is thiking about some things his true self show by little signs as a fearsome beast, he does his work perfect but has a problem when need to act an emotion he is not goot at ( Love ) since a top idol he works in many programs and shows. and acts in a lot of movies. yet like a professional he has his problems to not care his own health. he seems to have a memory of his past with kyoko. though he didnt knew it was her. later he notices and start to care why someone can change so much and for 1 reason that is vengeance. he help her by showing how the act should be and little by little he start to like her however he is a casanova type but 0 experience in love that make the anime more fun. later he start to aknowlegde kyoko potential and trust in her a lot.

Fuwa Shotaro ( Sho) : he is a very egoistic person and dont use shotaro name because is old fashion. he is a very good singer and became a start in short time. he is the reason for kyoko transformation. he seems to hate tsuruga ren because since he is even more famous than him. later when discovering that kyoko is working same company with Ren. he start to tease her and making her mad just for fun. though later also he notice that she is getting closer to ren itself and so he start to get jelous again though he doesnt seem to notice, he has his reasons for being with kyoko since childhood. also he is very kind in certain way though seems he never shown that kindness to kyoko. he hates most seeing kyoko real tears.and that provoke kyoko since little never cry in front of him. but that only make path for other story. later he seems to have a work with kyoko yet to many things happen and he notices how is now the real Kyoko.

--- There are a lot of more characters but these are only the main 3 ones so il just leave it like that XD

Opening ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Episode 01 Spoiler -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Start: Scene about a theme than everyperson has a box that should not be open ( Pandora box ) and the story of a girl that still isnt open her box.  OPENING -  Kyoko Working in an hamburger restaurant, with her shining smile. then someone replace her and runs as fast to her next work and hear some girls talking about Sho and she happy knowing she is beinga admired and bad talk of Tsuruga ren XD. and the girls show posters of Fuwa. then she say she also bought 2 cds and didnt get a poster XD and kyoko sad and cry wanting a poster of him. then she goes as fast to get one! she crash inside the shop to get one, then notice she is getting late to the work, haha she reach but to exausted to work haha XD. she talks that if she rest she cannot pay rent. she is being told to act as a girl of her age and have a normal life. and she start to think that she wants to be as a princess and is her dream since childhood. on night she goes to her house and see the lights are on. and she is asking herself that he might came back and run for it. and so he is. and she thinks of him as her prince though he say to her that he already eaten and she should stay quiet so no one will notice he is there,Kyoko remembers her past when he ask her to go with him.and she ignore her feelings for not disturbing him. and then sho is planning to go again, and since she know him perfectly  she make him stay with pudding, kyoko say to him that he steals another fan from tsuruga. then on tv a show with Tsuruga Ren. and bad attitude comes --------- Tha all il tell cuz i would ruin the fun !!!! see it hahahahah

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  1. this one is extremelly entertaining

    Sounds good to me. The characters sound pretty complex and interesting. The mark of a good anime is to have characters you can relate to, this sounds like some good stuff!

    Razzy says:

    Haha I'm gonna go check this out, needed something new. Good post man

    Nice I liked the anime it was GREAT keep up the good work. I will be looking for more post like this one.

    Nathan says:

    I need to watch this one of these days... even if it does look pretty girly.

    crazyneo says:

    I'm not that big on these kind of animes... Still chewing through Toradora, I'll give this one a chance later :D

    Hmm... this has potential, might give it a watch. Thanks for sharing with us bro!

    AgusFan says:

    great post! I have to watch it! =)

    THE DARE says:

    great post

    AyJim says:

    I've seen this show around so often. never thought to watch it

    King Saso says:

    Looks great :)

    Tifa says:

    I love Skip Beat! I can't wait for a second season. :)
    I will start the manga soon. :D

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