Tegami Bashi

Sypnosis : The story starts in a place called Amberground , a place where there us partially iluminated by an artificial Sun,
The Protagonist is a boy named Lag Seeing  that works as a letter bee with his Dingo Niche and her pet Steak.
As a letter bee Lag has the responsability to deliver Letters from town to town while avoiding an Species of Insects called Gaishuu who attempt to feed from the Heart ( feelings ) that reside withing Letters


Usagi Drop

Usagi drop            Summer 2011

Sypnosis - Daikichi is a man of 30 years old  that he goes back to his grandfather home  for its
                 funeral  there he meets a little girl named Rin that he hear is   his grandfather ilegitimate
                 daughter No one wanted to take Rin  so daikichi decide to take care of her
                 while Rin starts to have questions of life about thinking she doesnt fit 

                 On the story as passes they meet more ppl to understand more about the situation
                 They are and how to keep going together as hardships that a normal child have


This blog will be for anime reviews  - sypnosis and other stuff same as my personal point of view and my own rating

I hope my reviews help people decide what to see lately or when bored XD

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