Tegami Bashi

Sypnosis : The story starts in a place called Amberground , a place where there us partially iluminated by an artificial Sun,
The Protagonist is a boy named Lag Seeing  that works as a letter bee with his Dingo Niche and her pet Steak.
As a letter bee Lag has the responsability to deliver Letters from town to town while avoiding an Species of Insects called Gaishuu who attempt to feed from the Heart ( feelings ) that reside withing Letters


Personal : The story on this anime is very good.
                ( that if the one seeing it dont hate when someone cry )
                Lag is really a very weird protagonist since i dont really see something he doesnt cry for
                but as time passes he takes on more delivers and start to understand many stories
                and truths about the place they live and how probably artificial sun works  .
                There are a lot of stories that can make sad the ones viewing :
                same as make them mad like me.The Partners of protagonist Nishe and Steak
               ( Dingo and its Pet)  are quite a peculiar characters
                since Nishe looks like a normal little girl yet she seems to have her blood combined
                and Steak is a very rare species of animal 

Episodes :

Episode 01: Letter and Letter Bee                    Episode 02: My Friends                
Episode 03: Cry Baby Boy Letter Girl              Episode 04: Lag`s Dingo
Episode 05: Dead End Town                            Episode 06: Letter To JiggyPepper
Episode 07: Yusari Central Nocturne Way Head Post Office Bee Hive  <<( Such a large name )
Episode 08: Meeting With Sylvette Suede         Episode 09: The Cry Baby Boy Vow
Episode 10: Beneath the Light                          Episode 11: Letter of Lies
Episode 12: The Red And Green Ribbon         Episode 13: The Promised Land
Episode 14: The Corpse Doctor                      Episode 15: Escape of Love
Episode 16: Fan Letter to the Musician            Episode 17: Letter Bee and Dingo
Episode 18: Letter Pigeon                               Episode 19: The Sick Letter Bee and Girls
Episode 20: Lost Letter                                  Episode 21: Potpourri of Memories
Episode 22: The None That Connect Dreams  Episode 23: Honey Waters
Episode 24: Memories of Three Hearts           Episode 25: The Ones Unable To Become Spirits

NOTE: --  There is an Episode 00 << but is an special of presentation of anime ;
               Episode 17 is  the remake of that episode - so for ppl watching  is ok to skip ep 00

Voice Protagonists --

Lag Seeing - Miyuki Sawashiro  << have made quite a good characters like Shinku ( Rozen Maiden )

Nishe - Ayumi Fujimura >>  She also  Cecily Campbell ( Sacred Blacksmith )
                                            Misaki from (Maid Sama!)

Gaushe Suede - Jun Fukuyama >>Riku Tachibana ( Onmyou Taisenki )
                                                   Mutou Kazuki ( Busou Renkin) and my Personal Favorite 
                                                   Lelouch Lamperouge ( Code Geass )
                          This guy has made an insane of Protagonist in very good animes
                          that even now some are airing like Nura Rikuo In Nurarihyon no mago

SPOILER Of First episode-----------------------------

Episode 01 - Is Before Lag Become letter bee - he is being leaved to a postal Post as a letter itself
                     that  next a Letter Bee Called Gaushe Suede with its dingo Roda
                     Lag  as a normal child he wants to see his mother since the last he saw was
                     she being  taken away in a Carriage
                     Gaushe starts to go And take Lag to its destination with Lag Aunt but on the travel
                     Lag start to talk about its mother and ask Gaushe of why he is a letter bee and
                     what it does , Gaushe tell him about its little sister he want to help ;
                     Lag later try to understand all Gaushe said
                     Gaushe Became the idol for Lag and he Decide once he can, he will become a
                     Letter Bee same as Gaushe.      

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  1. I must watch this!! Looks interesting. :D

    coneforce says:

    never heard for it...but I'm a fan of animation too...nice blog btw following!

    Inverse says:

    Seems kinda generic.

    Razzy says:

    Oh I've heard of this, saw a random episode. I think it was one of the first few. Maybe I should get back to this, hmmm

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