Sypnosis : Kawahira Keita is a Inukami Tamer  , actually considered the failure of the entire
clan due to his lack of responsability . Kawahira Clan have the duty to make contracts with
Inukami and fight as partners to obliterate the evil and help both humans or spirits
INUKAMI : are doglike creatures with spiritual power that can change to human form
Keita as an inukami user make a contract with Yoko a quite wild inukami and thats how
Keita life change in a way he would never thought.

 Personal : This anime is quite weird to see - is very fun but even though it has a good
story is extremely ecchi???  well there isnt actually much on girl side but the main show in
this anime is the exibitionism on guy side and the extremely funny censorship

i like this anime a lot because is fun looking how someone can be extremely with their fetish
and other stuff , aside for funny stuff - the story of anime can be serious sometimes and others
extremely generic . I liked this anime that i can repeat it when i am bored without worries
but probably  a lot more ppl will hate it XD anyway try it if you are bored i recomend it for fun

Episodes : 26    --------- Just Read the Titles and can easily the kind of anime it is XD

Episode 01 : Dont Mind Being Naked .          Episode 02 : Machos Are Lickity Licky
Episode 03 : Extermination in Swimsuits .       Episode 04 : Unwillingly Wearing An Apron
Episode 05 : Keita And Yoko .                      Episode 06 : Perfect Tomohane .
Episode 07 : Mixed Bathing is Crunchy .        Episode 08 : Rubbing Tails .
Episode 09 : Lust And Sexsual Harrasment    Episode 10 : Cherry Bloosom Memories .
Episode 11 : Beg To Be Exhausted .              Episode 12 : The Dying Me`s Song .
Episode 13 : I Am Your Song .                      Episode 14 : Kappa And Otosan
Episode 15 : Returning A Favor to Keita        Episode 16 : Room , Ghost Story And Me
Episode 17 : What Are These Things             Episode 18 : Oh No ! A Mammoth
Episode 19 : Thats Just what Mokkori Keita wants -- 20 : Emotions to White Cloth
Episode 21 : Hang On Tomohane                  Episode 22 : Father and Son in Law
Episode 23 : Wilting Elephant                        Episode 24 : Kaoru And Nadeshiko
Episode 25 : Night of Regret                         Episode 26 : Light !

Voices -------

 Kawahira Keita -- Jun Fukuyama : See i said it this guy has made a lot of my favorites
                                                       anime protagonist XD

Yoko -- Yui Horie : wow i didnt knew this girl also has voiced quite ones i liked Starting by
                              Siesta ( Zero no Tsukaima ) Ayu Tsukimiya ( Kanon )
                              Naru Narusegawa ( love hina ) Eri Sawachika ( School Rumble )
                              Yuki Onna ( Nurarihyon no mago )  !! a lot i like

Spoiler Episode 01 :---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Episode starts with an little explanation then - the first scene in anime is Keita and yoko Fighting
an evil spirit once defeated - next is on Keita Home  where yoko is Teasing with words you all
will read if see actually yoko is asking to go out with keita in a date but keita acting serious got a bit angry at her explaining the work of an inukami tamer and that they dont have time to take things so lightly  then keita say he will go check the streets  and leave  yoko in home while her seems to notice that keita said something he normally dont , next scene is keita sitting in a part in town looking at girls andplanning to go out with a normal girl and no with a dog girl   since he wants a normal relation - when he start to try hug one then he appear hugging a sign of a restaurant that once you see it you all will know wish statue and restaurant is XD
 yoko teleported him to it and very mad since she noticed he doesnt have to date her - then keita start running for his life while yoko is attaking him  then he say he wants tobe in normal relation - then yoko teleport him to a center place with lots of ppl - BUT he got teleported Naked << .

Thats all the spoil of episode 1 i will say since if i say all then wont be fun for ppl watching XD

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