Tiger And Bunny!

Sypnosis : On a city called Stembild city  forty five years ago people with rare powers start to appear, those people were named [ NEXT ] those people though some are feared still others begin to become SuperHeroes. everyone of them  work for different kinds of companies as their image but since they are heroes they save people, capture criminals etc... While they do their work there is a Show called HERO TV that always following the criminals and heroes for more Rating in the show. Hero Tv is the most popular show in the city where heroes accumulate points so they designate who is the best heroe ( Kind of Heroes ). the story Center on a Hero named Wild Tiger ( Kaburagi T. Kotetsu ) that its company he works at gets bought by another and now he need to work with a partner. A Boy named Barnaby Brooks Jr they need to work as team but their thoughts of being a hero are completely different.

Personal : Tiger and Bunny is an anime that confused me a lot, is a good anime with a very good story with a lot of good character in its personalities . also this anime is mostly sponsored by a lot of companies XD like Pepsi Animate - DMM - Bandai - Amazon and others is quite fun to see the Heroes with the Sponsor names on their armors and clothes XD.
The City Stembild is like a copy of New York it has mostly of things that if you see images of it you will  recognize or at least think that is a copy of it. of course not exactly same design since it be a lot of troubles haha there are a lot of characters that are interesting specially the personality of Blue Rose and Fire Emblem haha. i like how this anime works about since i think i never saw an anime specially themed like a hero show, some heroes still like always the same story they need to hide their identity so aside the company they work for and other heroes  and some family no one else must know their identities but well that rule broke with Barnaby Appearance since he just came as himself and stay like that though thereis that rule seems some of the heroes are already known for mostly ppl aside Tiger that doesnt want his daugther to know is a hero and Blue Rose because she is a high school Student.
In the end this anime is very good and i Recomend it to see =3 this anime i give  9/10 points XD since i liked it a lot so you all must see it !!!!.

Kaburagi T. Kotetsu : ( Wild Tiger) - one of the protagonists of the anime. he is a veteran superhero that started 10 years ago. he has the rightful sense of justice but because of that he got the title *Crusher of Justice* Because for him is more important to stop criminals that hurt people than care of buildings so he for capture a criminal he destroy mostly on its path. he is the least popular hero because of his sense of justice .started working for a fictional publication called TopMag but got taken by Apollo Media. and his first assignment is be Barnaby Partner and work together as the first 2 man Hero Team since the show started.He likes to mantain secret its identity by all means so he can still work as hero without his daughter notices him.

 Barnaby Brooks Jr : He is the other protagonist - he is called the super rookie because of his great skills tough it has same ability as Kotetsu. he works without hiding its identity but Kotetsu Named him Bunny because of his armor ears.he is the type that always show one face on public and one completely different while private. he decided to become a hero to discover more about the assasination of his family. because he is serious on investigate and in its work for company he care more to obtain points to gain fame than being a hero . because of that he is always whining with Kotetsu that is opposite. on start he never aknowledge kotetsu as its partner but while time passes he start to change.

Karina Lyle : ( Blue Rose ) - Karina is a sixteen years old high school student. she lives with her fathers and work as a hero to promotion her works as a singer. she also works as a pianist with her Real name. she has the ability to make ice but since she doesnt work To be a Hero she mostly just show off. but when the time need it she always act as a real heroine. her attitude is the tipic high school girl that is more concern about her future and being secretly in love with someone.
Her Sponsor is the legendary and on mostly world know it  Pepsi so thats why mostly on anime a commercial of pepsi appear though is anime based of it XD quite funny

Nathan Seymore : ( Fire Emblem ) - as his name say he can use Fire. he is the President of his own company Sponsoring him. is also the unique type of hero you all probably already notice. he has a serious friendly attitude and care a lof of his hero friends . as seems he is rich because as a hero he use a super racer vehicle and as a person he is a very good Sport Car haha check it out !

Keith Goodman : ( Sky High ) - he got the title Wind Wizard and is the current King of Heroes as his title say he has the ability to control Wind so he can fly and use it as a weapon. he has a very friendly attitude but is kind of weird since is quite like have always High Tension itself. he is the funny hero that keep saying thank you thank you and repeat  a lot of times.  however he really cares about citizens.he is always on hand when friends need him or for his work as a hero. as a normal person he seems quite Solitary bur is always buying Bread with his Dog.

Pao-Lin Huang : ( Dragon Kid ). she is the most Young of the heroes. she has a very good sense in martial arts. that combining with her ability to control electricity can be deadly however as a hero. her sponsor try to make her act more like a girl for more fame and commerciality like blue rose but she never likes the idea. she is the type that acts as boy and hate people saying to her that act like a girl because she thinks they are just making fun of her. howerver she cares a lot of her family and friends and is always trying to get a good attention on show because of his lack in girlside.

Antonio Lopez : ( Rock Bison ) - he is the best friend of Kotetsu but is also his rival. he has a very big green armor that he combine with his ability to make hard the skin he always ram againts its opponents. though seems his popularity and his abilities as a hero are not that impressive so he is always taken as a funny character.
Sorry this character though is one of the mains. it doesnt really have a good story to write XD

Ivan Karelin : ( Origami Cyclone ) - For last This one of my favorite XD
he is a very active boy whose armor is designed as a Ninja Style he mostly same as blue rose just Appear on Scene to make more publicity on its sponsors so he is always on scene making funny poses XD. his phisical abilities are good  actually he is exactly like a ninja and those are not his powers . he has the power to copy the body well he is a doppelganger to be more precise of course he just copy the appareance not his powers.
He is also the One Sponsored by Anime haha . he is a funny character but his story will appear later in episodes so i wont spoil.

Opening 01

Opening 02

Spoiler ep 01 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Start- Hero tv showing a criminals that are running away and an explanation of hero tv and the features of the show.: OPENING - first appearance Fire emblem in this Vehicle - then he uses his fire ball to make the criminals vehicle stop but then appear Rock bison stopping their car himself though they go out of it and run away then they rob a taxi and run again and now Dragon kid appearance capturing 2 of them and there is Origami Cyclone behind dragon kid Just Showing off. but still 1 left . he kidnappe a monorail - now  Wild Tiger Appearance - then the girl of show talkhim to start doing his work later commercial but tiger doesnt care and start using his ability and make a nude of the Steel Bars of monorail and jump in though criminal jump outside to a Sponsoring Ship then Sky High Appearance -though wild tiger still chasing him . criminal shoots a bazooka against sky high though it misses and went to wild tiger - the ship is falling because of the hit and criminal want to be saved at calling for sky high but tiger want to save him but criminal doesnt want XD then shop is going to crash and Blue Rose Appearance Freezing lake and stopping ship and making her Live Comercial XD then a shoot sound - change image and is the criminal shooting Tiger saying is his fault then he runs shooting Blue Rose - and Tiger - he uses his jump to kick him but his ability runs out and is falling from sky. then  The Appearance of Barnaby new hero saving tiger and capturing the criminal then showing his full face.. AND THATS ALL I AM GOING TO SPOIL see it if you want to try it ^^

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  1. Max Power says:

    looks good, i'll check it out!

    D4 says:

    Lol.. the name alone is intriguing.. xD

    Sounds good, honestly it does. I'm not a huge anime fan but the synopsis doesn't great. Thanks for sharing!

    Reilly says:

    sounds really good. Might watch it

    Shaw says:

    His name is Fire Emblem? NINTENDO SUE!!!

    How come this anime strikes me as gay? Hm... oh well, i'm going back to my cowboy bebop

    Foxzero says:

    hahaha michael when i first saw it before first episode come i thought same thing XD but once i started watching it it showed i was wrong XD

    but is true just for the name and the protagonist anyone could think that hahaha XD

    Anonymous says:

    Haven't heard of this before, but seems interesting. I have to watch this anime. :D

    Milky says:

    Tiger and Bunny :')
    Haven't heard of this before now..

    Damon says:

    looks so good :D

    Adam says:

    looks like a good anime

    As said before, never even heard of it. It looks like it's worth checking.

    Shady says:

    Waow... How cool...
    really have to see this..
    You did this great! Love it!

    T Papar says:

    aside from the stupid name, this looks interesting!
    i will check it out :)

    It looks pretty cool

    Foxzero says:

    hahaha stupid name XD i cant deny that haha still i liked it since was nothing i thought it was at first sight haha XD

    Gizmo says:


    This is great!

    Nice anime :)

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