Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~

Sypnosis : In the world of the mafia there is an organization called Inferno. is a small but is feared by all most mafia, on one of its jobs  a boy saw how a reporter was killed . then inferno decided to dispose of the boy while he escape he does everything to survive and that woke interests in Inferno so he was kidnapped. Inferno make him choice between Get Killed or Become one of their Assasins. while on their descisions he meets the assasin that was chasing him A girl called Ein ( number one in german ) The Current Phantom . she tell him all he need to do about becoming assasin or die and he was brainwashed so he has no memories . He decides to Train for it and he was now called Zwei ( 2 in german ) and so he train for be a top class assasin just for live but many contradictory that will come specially with other members of mafia that want him for themselves.

Personal : this anime is entertaining . the story is quite twisted if you ask me to many changes on plans . so much crazy people and others and has quite a bit of time skips months and even some years however that is on story progress. there are a lot of characters that i just dont like and even i want them to be killed still this anime was quite weird when i thought it was going in good direction then goes other side - when everything start to be fine BOOM everything changes for nothing  is just to many changes on plots . to many betrays and deceives from part main characters and others . but what i hate more is how twisted the personality of Reiji ( Zwei ) gets more and more insane as time passes yet later in anime he try to do right things but still being an assasin . i started to like more the anime once the first time skip when reiji meets cal, the story that goes from there is very good yet as i said before all things changes in a second on this anime -_- so for everyone that wannts to see it . dont think you be able to understand all story of characters since thx for the sudden changes all that you know that passed in the time goes to a hole XD  still this anime i liked it a lot and i give a rating of 8/10 however even the the end is very good for the anime i still dont like it  so the raing 8/10 is for normal review but thx for the ending on my personal il give 5/10  well anyway everyone must try it and see it ! i approve it will take away some of alls boredoms =3

Asuma Reiji  (Zwei) : Asuma is a 15 years old boy that saw how a reporter was murderer and he was kidnapped by the organization inferno so they can use him to be an assasin. since he  was brainwashed he doesnt have any memories of who is he and he start to train to be an assasin and its teacher is Ein . thx to his ability of being more clear while be on situations of life and death he surpasses many expectations of inferno yet on each mission as an assasin he becomes more twisted though he wants to change its life but knowing that all he had done will never be fixed. Later in anime he gets the Title of Phantom.

Ellen ( Ein ) : She is the current Phantom a top assasin of inferno . she also has no memories of her past and is envious of reiji because he became an assasin even stronger than her in a lot shorter time but also is envious that he still dont loose its essence as a human because she lost her of all time she have been an assasin. ein is a girl well a Doll that Master Scythe trained to be a perfect assasin but scythe twisted mind just use her like a doll for his desires and experiments and for him is like a perfect creation however she starts to get feelings toward reiji for leaving all just for her

Cal : she is a girl that ran away from her house and lived with a girl named judy but on a mission of Reiji judy was killed when he investigated judy he took flowers tho the place where she was killed and met cal . she starts to live with him just because he promised her that will avenge judy , later reiji notices she has talent to be an assasin same as him and want to train her but he also want to search for a way for not make her be an assasin . Cal start to understand how lonely reiji is and decide to be his partner in his missions and want to be trained. though that story changes on certain moment

See and read the one below only if you wanted a bit Spoil -

Cal ( Drei ) : 2years later an incident she got trained by scythe and become the third Phantom . she is extremely resentful for being abandoned by reiji (see th anime for truth ) she wants to kill reiji at all cost and is very trustful to her abilities but thats because she just search a way to not remember all . she always want to claim that she is the real top assasin and can kill anyone as she pleases because of the name of phantom but in the end since she never fought reiji she is phantom just on name . once she founds reiji localitation she decides to kill him and make him suffer at all cause though she still has feelings for him  ( what happen to her see the anime )


Opening 01

Opening 02

Spoiler episode 01 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Start: Scene of shadows talking of a next target . Reiji Driving a car reaching a house with security then kill the guards and enter the place . he starts to run and enter the house but many ppl in there are death and point at a maid with gun and is Ein , noticed she is bleeding a bit and one from top start to shoot them then . both hides and reiji say il kill got live  Kill .. INTRO -- scene like a dream ofbeing chased and thiking that if he cant run he needs to first kill or be killed . he wokes up on a room dont knowing even its name and  dizzy . he try to remember but he cant only some images of someone pointing a gun at him . he start to fear that the ppl chasing him will kill him . change of scene of 2 girls planing something for inferno . scene - scythe and a scientist checking how reiji acts and saying he is a genius  - reiji start to walk throw the place searching for an exit . then scythe order phantom to test him - ein appear behind reiji and start shooting him then reiji escape
while he is being chased he reach a concluscion in his mind that is if i cant run i need to fight . he tries to fight then ein take out 2 knifes and give one to reiji  and start fighting close combat -  Reiji has no fighting skills but still he wants to survive at all cost and defend himself very good . yet he gets defeated but when ein will take final blow reiji takes her dagger and take her down and cut her mask and saw her eyes - when he will give last blow he stops and go away she let him walk to exist and reiji go out and see thats is in a desolated place, and shout who i am !  ein tell him she is Zwei thats is her other half and shoot him a tranquilizer. scythe and a girl talking that he did an insane good battle with just its insticnts and want him to train him  for assasin and be a member of inferno ... ALL IL TELL if i say more il ruin the episode so see it !!! is nice to see

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  1. D4 says:

    It uh, it actually looks pretty cool to me o.o

    Max Power says:

    sounds interesting!

    Might check it out. I've been looking for a good anime

    Seems pretty cool. I'm not a huge anime fan but I'd love to check this stuff out. Thanks for sharing buddy.

    It looks good

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    sounds so cool :P

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    animestan says:

    Looks alright, but I still have a long "to-watch" list to get through.

    Rifle says:

    Very nice anime. At least it looks like that. Gotta watch it:)

    Radu says:

    Why Anime graphics never change :(

    it looks great :D

    Tifa says:

    Really interesting. Something I could definitely enjoy.

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