Hayate No Gotoku!

Sypnosis: Ayasaki Hayate is a 16 yers old boy who works for live since his parents just use their dreams? Ignoring their Son. in the xmas Eve They stole the money Hayate won with his work and sold him to a very generous people for an extreme debt. Hayate escape before they took him and start to think the people that work with good they never will be fine. and decide to kidnap a girl he saw in the park. By Certain Events he saves the girl and gets Chosen as the new Butler of Sanzen`in Family. Despite new he is completely suited for the job! he is a complete genius in cleaning and care of people even  Cousine. though he is so innocent to notice the real reason he was chosen to be Nagi Butler !.

Personal : This anime is extremely fun and is full of parodies. well to be more clear the 90% if the humour in it is parodie or words from other series companies or even console games. specially in some episodes they use censorship when mentioning Sony XD. this anime is an harem but not the usual harem when all the girls drip comepletely for the main character. this one is mostly how the time develop in each one of the girls cuz aside hayate  school friend and nagi the others start to like him on long way. there are various characters enough of them to not be able to write of them all so il just do the ones you will see 80% time. i passed to much time laugting in this anime completely. one character the the Kansai talk XD.  one girl who always gets loose. and others completely fun hahaha others for just fanservice . is quite fun so i recomend it as well XD 9/10 for fun this one!

For the one that probably didnt believe me that is full of Parodies anyone recognize this image?

Characters that appear 80-% of the time XD

Hayate Ayasaki : 16 Years old boy. he is a hardworking and have a lot of dreams but thx to his bad luck and extremely good nature he always gets in trouble. even when becoming Butler his hardships didnt even calmed a bit. he is extremely innocent and want to help nagi  for paying his debt. though he now works to repay the debt to her. he had a completely harsh past and his life was full of problems specially that all his experience in jobs he had now is because since child he has to work by hiding his age XD.

Sanzen`in Nagi : She is the heiress of the fortune Sanzen`in . she have 13 years old and cute and smart. she has a strong character but also she never wants to loose. she loves the manga and secretly works in one?. she is a completely good for nothing and never go to school ( Hikikomori? )  She mets hayate while she went of from a party and she was kidnaped and hayate saved her. thx for hayate wanting to kidnap her also he told her to run away with him and stay with him. she completely misunderstood that and now is in love with hayate. and enough reason to have him as butler to be close and protect her.

 Maria : 17 Years old who acts completely mature. enough to people mistake her age as being more old. she doesnt like it though XD. she is very smart and have knowledge in mostly everything. thx for that. on her 13 years old she was already the president`s council in the famous Hakuou academy.  she is the first one tht notice the reason hayate wanted with nagi and how everything started. despite that she is now helping to clear the misunderstanding but also planing to leave things as they are because is fun. she always sleep with nagi and is in command of the complete SP security staff to protect nagi. she is a fun character because she also can be absent minded since nagi and maria dont even know anything of the comun people way to live. like trains and others stuff XD.

Hinagiku Katsura : Current President`s Council in Hakuou and she is an expert in study and sword. she is the perfect girl but also with a past i wont tell. she first mets hayate when he enter the school and she was in top of a tree. ( she have 100% fear to heights )  her character and hayate always have crush specially since mostly the love comedy is for these 2 since one take other as someone to much innocent and since hinagiku is quite stubborn hayate thinks she hate him. she is always helping the students in everything and demand hayate to call her by her name since there is other katsura quite crazy in the school XD. this one is my favorite character in this anime for sure!.

Saginomiya Isumi : she is a friend of nagi and also the daugther of a very prestigious family. very cute and calm with a golden heart. but completely clumsy capable to lose the way even on her room and ends in another house. despite that she has her secrets and sometimes she is very clever enough to completely be an opposite character. though she doesnt want to nagi discover that. she loves hayate but loves more to see him with nagi. though nagi stubborness never see that XD.

Aizawa Sakuya : Childhood friend of nagi and completely fanatic of Comedies. she talk in Kansai and acts like a big sister for nagi and others. she is very cheerful and sometimes she make plans to sacrifice somethings to make happy her friends. she first met hayate when checking nagi new butler to know if he is fun or not. many parodies in the episode XD. despite that she mostly appear for jokes and humour the anime. however later she mostly appear with isumi since she discover Isumi secret and help her on it. also she is very deeply fond on hayate but she is more like a close friend and in terms a sister for him as well.

Nishizawa Ayumu : 16 years old . school friend of hayate and is completely in love with him. she missed hayate  when he disapeared in the xmas eve but once he came back to check in the school she saw him. but when notice he will go again, confess her love. though hayate cannot accept her feeling because the situation he declines saying he is only in 2d girls XD with an image of susumiza band hahahah. though later she discover where he lives and see him more often. enough that hinagiku is helping her on her feelings. very funny character who appear mostly in the anime be fun or not XD.

Seishiro Kurausu : He is the chief in of butlers and in start he comletely deny hayate as the new butler and do a lot of things to make him out but fails. despite his character is quite fun he not appear much in the anime but when appear you will laugh xD AKUMA! haha you could say this character works a lot just to appear in scene XD.

Tama : For last the legendary White Tiger kittie pet of nagi. nagi saved it when was little and bring it with her and love him so much and treating him completely enough that he now speaks human language but he hides it from nagi and maria. this character is funny enough to leak XD

There are a lot of characters more but if i were to write of them i think it will take me 2 days hahaha XD

Opening : song

Pumpkin Scissors

Sypnosis: 3 years after a Cruel war ( Similar to World war ll ) The empire has weaken and there are problems like short in Water, Food and Job. The Poberty now invades the citizens, With the objetive of Solve the Country troubles, the ARMY starts a new section. that its mission is to bring help to citizens in need. since its job doesnt take place in battle. Soldiers always say they are useless and calm.  Yet with the citizens taking as a joke and insult the Army saying War Reliefs for people. sometimes get agressive and others just ignore it. Section 3 is soon called Pumpkin Scissors. ( Wish has a long and good meaning to its name ). Despite their job is to help the people thx to their leader, they often gets dragged to dangerous situation like combat against tanks. But Thx to the New Recruit in the section 3 Randell Oland no one else gets injured. And so the Mission to Free the empire from Corrupts Oficials . Noble`s and Bandits start. same with many misteries about Randel Oland and Army Secrets.

Personal : This anime is quite good the story and characters are quite well. you can see how many problems a country has even when war and peace comes. Altough the main plot is talking about the section itself actually the main protagonist and story is Randel Oland who is a solder of an experiment of the army. but that you will see it on the anime. The characters are pretty weird. and some generic like the normal womanizer and the always strict one. also despite is army i dont get why a girl that seems like a child and acts like it is there. but i suppose it was for the Section Mission to Socialize with Citizens. in the anime they get to know many stories and problems the country still have and starts to discover little by little About Certain Project the army had done. also The anime doesnt really finish and i am still waiting for a second season yet the manga is on hold till now so i dont know when that will be XD. actually i like this one a lot despite some episodes can be a bit boring , others has so deep meaning on them that just cannot stop seeing XD.  anyway my rate of this anime would be 7/10 good for pass time but not to my favorite haha.

Characters :

Randel Oland ( Corporal ) : he is a Veteran Soldier wish joins Pumkin Scissors by the admiration of War Relief for People, he was on the Secret Unit 901 ATT ( Anti Tank Trooper ) . Solders Trained to match Tanks By Themselves with a Very Suicide Strategy. the unit was Known as *Gespenster Jager* Wish Means Ghost Hunter. He is very Shy, gentle and calm. and likes to help people, he admire Alice and wants to protect her to fullfil her mission. Despite Gentle and shy type thx to the Project he was he has a Lantert with the name of his last unit wish once he light it . he become a ghost hunter. capable to just walk and shoot to a tank in the lower Protected Areas, A complete zombie of kill.

Alice L. Malvin ( 2nd Lieutenant ) : Second in Command and Leader of the Pumkin Scissors. She is a noble who is part of one of the 13 Families for the Throne. She is very strict and hot tempered that just for protect people and fullfill her justice. will jump against a complete army. her fighting unlike her partners that use guns she only use a short swords that it has the simbol of her family.since the Malvin Houshold only came with 3 Daugthers she took the role. as the next head of the family and joined army. She invites Randel Oland and is always caring for her team. yet most of the times she is the one dragging Dangers to the team hahaha XD

Oreld ( Warrant Officer ) : He is a handsome solder who is always flirting and having dates. though despite not caring much of the world. he is very clever and know the hardships to live in poberty. he is like a completely THIEF who joined the army haha. he is easy going in everything and not usually gets mad. but he likes to help its friends when needed and he also never make wrong choices.

Martis ( Warrant Officer ) : he is the serious character and always strict and talking all stuff completely in next level. he started at another unit but thx to his Corrupt Officer he decides to change section and gets brought to Section 3. despite his attitude he is very calm and refreshing and care for his teamates. but has the problem to easily doubth of people.

Hunks ( Captain ) : He is the Administrator of Section 3 and Commander Officer.  he mostly just give orders and talk while holding many secrets. despite  he looks like someone just taking orders from above . he is pretty serious about protecting people and Punish the Corruption. he knows the secrets of randel oland and seems to be old friend and partner of section 1 Captain.

Lili Stecchin ( Sargeant Major ) : Starter of Section 3 with captain Hunks. She was on the Military Band before change to it. she is always serving members like a maid and is in charge of Mercury their Military Dog. since she had the lowest rank in the section she was happy to hear of Oland Transfer.( she had only 1 rank more than the dog o_o ) she is always helping teamates and specially Oland since he often dmg his clothes. she is very cheerful and dedicated.

 Mercury ( Corporal though gets demoted ) : he is also called Merc , he is the Pumpkin Scissors Messenger and has the bad habit of bitting people Heads. he is very calm and friendly but when the time comes he acts like a fully trained dog capable to disarm Opponents.


Opening :


Sypnosis : Shinozaki Mikoto is a boy who most of his life never wanted to do anything, he was often being ordered by school delinquents, he had always liked Fukazawa Yuki . one day Yuki saw the talent mikoto has draw. and ask him if he is in the Arts Club. once he say not yet she ask him to join Cycling Club.Despite he Dont know what that club is. since yuki asked, he decided to try it. Thats how Boy Meets Bike! Mikoto Decides to learn more and more good in it. And Soon his life will change completely. By advancing in the world of Cycling ,

Personal : This one is good. even if start quite boring once advance it gets interesting little by little. the only thing i dont like is that the anime ends and manga keep going though manga already ended months ago i think some characters are funny and others are just quite plain. Mikoto is specially fun XD once you see each episode. others can be plain and other quite cool guy, the story itself is more detailed for mikoto since he is the one changing completely by learning to drive a bike and try to understand how to use it in any ground. stuff like how to breathe and what type of cyclist he is.  Yuki Despite she is like famous in school her attitude is funny and her friends. and gets even more good with new characters keep appearing. also some characters is stories are some generic and others are good and a bit tragic, not dark though xD they are more like heavy burden. anyway even for a sport anime i like it so i recommend it if you want to see something away from usual sports like soccer or basketball and baseball. my own rate for this one is 7/10 in story and anime is quite fun^_^.

 Characters :

Mikoto Shinozaki :  1st Year student and the 3rd member of the Cycling Club. he was often bullied by upperclassmen. but once yuki ask him to join Cycling Club he feels a rush for it and his attitude starts to change and take his life a bit more serious. though since he said never did a sport before, he now have to endure an insane quantity of hardships. he is a hard worker on the things he decide to stay. and is completely in love with Yuki. however he had never say to her because she is more like a goddess for him hahaha. He as time pass discover his type of Cycling is  Sprinter.

Fukazawa Yuki : 1st Year Student and classmate of Mikoto. also Sister of Yusuke. she take mikoto to the Cycling world just to buy something she wanted because a promise with her brother. she can be quite bossy and have the hobby to take embarrasing pictures of ppl specially mikoto. despite she doesnt care of mikoto as story keeps advancing she starts to notice how he has growing and start to like him and in same time hate him. despite being cheerful she thinks of herself very little because boyfriends and other ppl sometimes sees her a disposable. She also as time avance start to change and help others and mikoto when is depressed.

Fukazawa Yusuke : 3rd student and Captain of Cycling Club. he is known as the King without Crown. he likes to play tricks on his friends same as his sister. he sometimes act like a fool but he takes cycling serious. since his childhood he had always wanting to be a pro and the best in cyclism to the extent to had his boy all brush. his style is an expert of downhill racing. he is a completely genious and left other teams because he was hated but real reason was no one could keep staying side him on cycling. though soon that changes when having Terao and the coming of Mikoto and Yamato. and soon will become a full team.

Terao Koichi : 3rd year student and  He is a childhood friend of yusuke, Starter of the Cycling club with Yusuke. he had always admired him and want to make him the best. his attitude is quite calm and sometimes is known as the mother of the club. he is a technical Cyclist and mostly all around. when start to test Mikoto he notices that he drives quite natural and in secret he proclaim him as a genious as well. little by little he is the one that explain the process of being in club and the trainings that had to be done. he also gets completely mad sometimes and care much for mikoto hardworking attitude.

Yamato Takeshi: 1st year student. first no one notice him but as mikoto had one of his hard trainings, saw him break one of Yusuke Records in a climb. soon mikoto proclaim him as his Rival. he is Known as Kurosuke. he lived in france and also wants to be the best. despite being the cool attitude since rivals he and mikoto sometimes talk about stuff quite depressing XD. he is an expert Climber, and is always helping mikoto to not gave up . he is also the last member of the cycling club though he joins in the last episode XD,

Videos ________________________________________________________________________

Preview :

Opening :

Detroit Metal City ( D.M.C )

Sypnosis :  Negishi is a very kind and shy boy who left his home to pursue his dreams of becoming a pop Singer. with many problems on hand a friend of him offer to join its band. Like that His Double life starts when he became the Guitarrist of Detroit Metal City band ( D.M.C). In stage he changes to Johannes Krauser II who have fame of being a Hell demon that Killed and Ra%&d  His Parents. ETC. Despite Negishi hates the band he can be a natural Death Metal King. though he still dont gave up on his normal dreams to sing pop, is the start of an innocent boy whose life is Completely Changed by Death METAL !

Anime of 12 Episodes  14Minutes Each

Personal: This one is very short anime but is one of my favorites! not only how fun it is but also how different worlds are XD, The story of negishi changes are so brutal and funny specially because he is the one making the complete songs and some of them use the same as his pop ones but with brutal change XD The opening is one of them since in anime you can hear a little of the real song haha, what i liked more is how negishi changes completely in a different person sometimes even he make mistakes when in front of the girl he likes who hates D.M.C  well not hate more than not like since she does work in Music. Other characters are funny specially Camus that guy is just insane. and their Manager you will see what i mean if you watch it. the vocabulary in the anime is heavy so i cant say is for children s well  xD. anyway this anime has my own rate of 10/10 for fun and take out all the Lazyness someone can have in months hahaha XD watch it !!!

And one of my favorites Phrases:
Ra%eRa%eRa%eRa%eRa%eRa%eRa%eRa%eRa%eRa%eRa%e. See it!

Characters :

Negishi Soichi : Kind and very shy boy who loves Pop and has a dream to be a Pop Singer.  He is always being shouted by the manager for his girly character, and that he should always be Krauser. His life changes completely when he becomes the Singer Guitarrist of Detroil Metal City. even though he is already a star as Krauser he doesnt gave up his dreams and goes to a park to Sing his Pop though he is always getting Interrupt. He also tries to not let the girl he likes notice that he is Main Guitarrist in DMC . and always lying that he is in a group of pop.

Johannes Krauser II: Negishi`s Alter ego. Singer and Guitarrist of D.M.C his story comes that he Killed and Ra$%d his Parents and escaped Prison. ETC in the end a Vicious Criminal. Krauser is the New Mesias of DeathMetal and like that he became Famous since he is an Impressive Composer of Death Metal and Excellent Guitarrist that is even able to  Play with his Teeths. His arsenal is full of many things like words and Impact . ( Negishi completely Natural Death Metal God XD ). The Legend of Krauser II is just starting!

Aikawa Yuri : She is the best friend of Negishi and also the girls he likes. she works for a Music Local Magazine. she loves the cute and tranquilizing songs that negishi does. and also they both like same type of songs. despite that she doesnt know negishi is the Vocalist of DMC . and is a band she doesnt like. Since negishi is working completely hard to not letting her to notice. she gets insulted, etc by accident. She also wants that negishi fullfil his dreams!

Wada Masayuki : He Play the Bass at DMC and his Identity in band is known as Alexander Jagi. he s the one who invited negishi and is always declaring that negishi is completely suited to be a metal emperor. he is a complete Dandy. as time keep going he is normally yelled since comparing negishi changes and nishida he is like a girl in the stage. despite all happen in the anime he is the one that is most scared of their President ( manager? ) and seems he wants to leave the band though doesnt seem that will happen.

Nishida Terumichi : He play the drums. He is a completely pervert and all he says are just insulting words specially he likes to say Girls Privates Body parts always. on Stage he is Known as Camus. despite his way to be he seems the most serious of being in band not even the worse case scenario can stop it to keep playing on stage!. aside of that this guy just dont do nothing XD

The President ( Manager? ) she is the one that manage DMC and a completely Lover of death metal. she always braging with negishi for his way to be and sometimes she is also amazed of what he does. When hearing a good metal song or looking at the band she always say she is w%t haha ad having a lot of or%&sms. She also make the band take responsabilities for what they do and also changes Negishi completely life when she gets mad!. she also thinks that negishi can be completely the next Death metal Emperor sooner or later.

IF you Please see intro first since the anime is short i wont make an spoil. but with the intro you will notice how the anime will go!


Intro and Opening.

Opening :

Yakitate Japan!

Episodes 69

Sypnosis : Asuma Kazuma is a boy who`s objetive in life is to Create a Japan only Bread * JAPAN * he goes to tokyo to enter a test for a Bread Making Phantasia. to expand his experience so he can complete soon his dream. by all his life only created Ja-pan experiments he never had training  to do different classes of Bread. yet he created all his breads by himself on his own way. Sooner he finds out is not an easy task to train and work for one of Phantasia Shops. having many obstacle`s coming like Baking Tournaments and battles with other bakery.
Asuma got special hands called * Solar Hands * that are special to make bread!.
Despite Main theme is Culinary this anime has some serious stories as long funny stuff.

Tenchi Muyo! GXP

26 Episodes 23mins each
FOR ALL Tenchi Muyo! Fans ! this one comes =3

Sypnosis : Yamada Seina since he born he had always been unlucky. he lives with his family ( Mother, Father and Sister )  One day when he decide to go visit a friend because of his luck one tire flat. so he went to get water from a close lake. where later he heard a sound and suddenly a tsunami creates and he gets drown. later he woke up looking at a girl that just gave CPR and she introduce herself as Amane and work for GP and leave a pamphlet to seina and also ask him to take a letter to Tenchi since he lives in that lake. later he reach with his friend house where he see his friend sister Kiriko and ask him to go take a shower while his friend fix his bike. once he went back to his home he show the pamphlet to his family and gets obligated to sign it. then go to sleep. he start to dream of dating Kiriko mistaking the GP as an Attractions Park, then he wakes up in a space Ship and gets told he just signed to be a trainee In GP GALAXY POLICE. And thats how the boy with the WORST LUCK in the universe Start his Travel in life!.


Sypnosis:  In a Distant Space where Man`s and Woman`s live in diferent planets. and having constant war by many years. to the point of dont know they can live together between them. Taraaku ( Male`s Planet )
Mejeeru ( Female`s Planet ) , Hibiki Tokai is a Boy of third class of taraaku,  By wanting to show his Manly`s Self he became Prisoner of Female Pirates, By Certain things Pirates Ship teleports to a unknown Part of the universe, and encounters a new Mistery Enemy. due to the danger of that enemy Females Decide to advertise Both planets. And for all the travel some Male`s and Female`s  Pirates need to work together to overcome the new enemy that threaten the Humanity. Though is not that easy to coexist since both lived to much time separated that now dont even know they are both humans,,,,,

Shijo Saikyo No Deshi Kenichi

Episodes 50 - 23 minutes each

Sypnosis : Shirahama Kenichi is a first year student in highschool. Coward and weak. he is always being abused by other people, but that change when he mets Furinji Miu , he sees her discussing with some dangerous looking ppl defending an old man. kenichi runs to defend her though Miu defeat the guys. Kenichi wanted to be strong like her and and also protect her. Miu told him a way to do but is a dangerous place. Kenichi dreaming that his life will change for good. go to the place and a Dojo with Different Masters. each one top of their own Martial Art, Kenichi Decide to Train Karate to try to win against one abusing of him. though 1 Art is not the only thing he will l,earn!. And so the path For Kenichi will have a very looong detour. Training to become more strong.

Hunter X Hunter

Sorry for the late post. it took me a bit of time to get off some problems
This time Hunter X Hunter will be the first anime ( there is a remake that is going up recently )

Sypnosis : Gon is a boy who lives in an island with his adoptive mother Mito. on his 9 years he got kidnaped and was rescued by a hunter named Kaito who is a friend of his father. hearing some stories and info of his father Gon decide to do same thing and become a hunter. 12 years old he decide to leave the island and take the test for Hunter. Mito didnt wanted him to do same thing as his father so she propose that if he fails to trap  the lord fish of the island he will not take it. in the end he does and go to take the test and met other ppl that also going to take it. Yet the tests to become Hunter is not as easy that everyone thinks since Hunters Guild. is practically the top in the world. so everything that does on the way is also a test for it. On the Travel and tests he mets his new friends as well rivals. and met the hardships of the real world.

Skip Beat!

25 Episodes  of 23 Minutes each

Sypnosis : Mogami Kyoko is a sixteen year old girl who is in love with her childhood friend Fuwa Shotaro. All her childhood she spent it learning Hostelry with Shotaro`s parents INN. years laters he decides not to take over his parents inn and moves to tokyo to live as a singer. and ask kyoko to leave everything behind and go with him. once in tokyo time passes  and kyoko`s love was so big that she make everything to help him such as working in a insane quantity of part time jobs as well as caring the department they live and care for shotaro so he can concentrate completely on start and grow as a singer. She sacrificed all her life time just for him. later she overheard shotaro talking to his manager and complaining about her saying she is plain and boring girl and she is more like a pet than a girl for him. and he only took her with him for housekeeping duties. Kyoko as being trained since her childhood just for care for him and like be his wife she now wants vengeance. and her life to revenge against sho and making him kneel before her. She decides to be more famous than him and make him regret treating her like that.

Hyper Police

25 Episodes  23min ea ( This anime is for all 50% furry lovers haha )

Sypnosis : in a different time  Year 22 Holy Century where the humanity is Protected as an species in extinction, and the poblation is variated of many races sames as half breeds, Anime focuses on characters lives most. Natsuki Sasahara ( Half Cat ) is a Bounty Hunter that co work with others BH specially with her idol and senior Batanen Fujioka ( Werewolf ) later a NineTailed fox girl comes to be Natsuki partner, Plot comes as Natsuki and others are working catching criminals to reclaim bounty as same protecting peace but some has their own reasons to work specially Sakura ( Ninetail Fox ),  all time pass just working and trying to fix problems of their lives like love. doubts . trauma .etc.  A lot of funny events and not really much fan service)

Ground Defense Force! Mao-chan

For those Love Hina Fans and loli lovers hahaha
BTW Anime is 26 Episodes of 12 mins each =3

Sypnosis: in Japan one of the Defence leaders Say that soon the world  will be in danger thx to their enemies called Very CUTE Aliens ( oh my god Hillarious XD ) the Ground defence chief convince the actual chairman in japan to make an special force to fight the biggest menage of the very cute aliens! ( oh my god hahaha ) and so one of the protagonist that is Mao Onigawara the actual Granddaughter of the Ground Defence chief is enlisted by her grandfather to fight those cute aliens, But as an Ground Defence Force member she cannot attack aliens that are away of her Ground and for that other Members came from other Defence Forces . Misora Tsukishima and  Silvia Maruyama. the 3 start by their own way but soon the 3 of them start 1 full force, and thats how the 3 of them need to fight the dangers of Very Cute Aliens, to defend japan!!! ( i just cannot stop XD )

Gundam Seed

Sypnosis:  In the Cosmic ERA  wish mankind  is divided between Normal Humans Known as ¨Naturals¨ and the geneically altered humans Known as ¨Coordinators¨ who lives in Space Colonies.
the story Begins in a space colony ¨Heliopolis¨  where is being developed advanced mobile suits for the Naturals  However Heliopolis is part of Orb ( Neutral Zone ). ZAFT ( Coordinators Military ) starts an attack against heliopolis to Steal the new mobile units. while attack getting worse people go to safety pots to run away from heliopolis however by accident a teenager Coordinator Kira Yamato when seeing his friends in danger start to try pilot one of the new units but thanks to that battle Heliopolis was Seriously Damaged  and Soon is Completely destroyed. To save themselves and for know the secrets of the mobile suit . kira and hi friends are on board of a War Ship of Earth Alliance ( Natural Millitia ) called ¨ Archangel¨   on the Escape kira brings a escape pod that was drifting with its turbines ruined . and he brings it back to archangel . there was one of kira friends and his most special person . soon after kira is told that he is the unique that can pilot the GAT-X105 Strike and he has the responsability to protect the ship until reach Alaska Main base and leave archangel and survivors . kira denies because he is neutral from orb yet is got Obligated for saving the people in the escape pod and if he doesnt fight everyone will just die. and thats how Story Begins.

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