Yakitate Japan!

Episodes 69

Sypnosis : Asuma Kazuma is a boy who`s objetive in life is to Create a Japan only Bread * JAPAN * he goes to tokyo to enter a test for a Bread Making Phantasia. to expand his experience so he can complete soon his dream. by all his life only created Ja-pan experiments he never had training  to do different classes of Bread. yet he created all his breads by himself on his own way. Sooner he finds out is not an easy task to train and work for one of Phantasia Shops. having many obstacle`s coming like Baking Tournaments and battles with other bakery.
Asuma got special hands called * Solar Hands * that are special to make bread!.
Despite Main theme is Culinary this anime has some serious stories as long funny stuff.

Personal : This anime is quite good. even though ppl could think is boring since is just Culinary actually the stories are good and some really can make you hate some personalities. aside serious stuff also comes with funny leaving stereotypes aside the Blond guy speak in Kansai so is easy to know what kind of puns comes in to it,  i didnt write much in the sypnosis since this anime has really long way  changes in story as goes on . on it it be like asuma just taking the test- then other test - then truth about other person dark past << really hated the reason . changes in story comes from time to time though the main reason i liked the anime is because is entertaining specially when you see the reactions of ppl eating the Bread XD TRUST ME IF YOU DONT LAUGH then go medic since you lost humour sense XD. The characters are quite funny in some terms like tsukino doing quite her stuff just following orders from certain someone - kawachi typical puns. and asuma though genious he is a complete country side boy and dont even know the names of breads XD what make it fun since sometimes when someone say a bread name he mistakes as talking to a person with that name XD. as story advance comes more characters who first start as enemies but later are allies. btw even though is an anime most of the info here are real so ppl can use it as advance for try make bread XD,

Characters :

Asuma Kazuma : 16 years old boy whos dream is to create Japan special and only Bread, he is gifted with the *Solar Hands* that make him easier and special for making bread. he is very optimistic and cheerful. he lived all his life in the country side and doesnt know the comoun sense of world and Bread. Despite being quite clueless he is a genious other kinds of stuff . specially when making bread. he normally doesnt get mad and always use all kinds of examples to make his Ja-pan projects. he is very innocent so when one special trouble comes he always follow what he feels. though thats what make him really special !.

Kawachi Kyousuke :  Coworker and friend of Asuma, on start he first have more knowledge than asuma though is just that asuma doesnt know the comoun sense. he is the comic in the anime. always making puns and doing a lot of funny stuff, though he has sometimes serious times specially with his inferior feelings against Asuma. on first he try to disturb Asuma in the first test but once later when asuma do something for him. he suddendly support him. he has a lot of changes in anime - not in his attitude XD just that sometimes change his hair .
also His Reactions when eating bread are funny as well XD,

Azusagawa Tsukino : She is the granddaughter of the owner of Phantasia and is the pupil of Ken Matsuhiro. She helps asuma in the first test. she is very skilled howerver is normally behind scenes, she seems to have a crush with azuma though also that never gets stated, Despite being the Female Role is also used for Comic stuff. she is the owner of the Southern Phantasia Shop where Asuma and Kawachi start working. she is mostly hated by her sisters because she is a illegitimate Child and she also got specially abused by her older Sister Yukino ( the most hated character if you ask me >.< ).Also even though she acts really innocent and calm. sometimes you can see thats not very clear! specially when she helps Kawachi to get Solar Gauntlets . ( not natural like Solar Hands is more like make the hands more warm by have an insane Muscle ).

Suwabara Kai : Typical Samurai. later first test he became Kuroyanagi Pupil and he is a serious artisan. he is master of Katana, he grow to have a complex of revenge by being defeated by Asuma in his own speciality. soon later on a Challenge of Asuma and him, he claims to have its vengeance though that changes, he is a completely samurai type not only as strength but as life. later he became friends with asuma and others when entering a tournament. despite his serious way since he grow inferiority to Asuma Ja-pan project he decides to make the perfect Lu-pan ( yes also takes parody of Lupin ). If you ask me this guy later is the most lucky guy in the anime! Obvious he is Innocent as a pure warrior and person.

Matsuhiro Ken : Manager of Phantasia Southern Shop. he has an afro and is an expert in Martial arts. he first didnt accept Asuma and Kawachi as workers fo his shop and ask them to make a Bread that a Horse can Eat. despite his looks he makes fun of ppl a lot and also happens to want make kawachi and asuma use afro as well. he was also the master of Kuroyanagi and is always helping when trouble comes. later notice he had some friends and rivals though even a person that loves him o_o . he is always explaining things and how the process are done. later he mostly focus on helping Kawachi though.
He is also a friend and old partner of the actual Head Manager of Phantasia Meister Kirisaki.

Kanmuri Shigeru : A Genious Baker specially since he also has Solar Hands. he first works for Yukino . Tsukino`s evil sister. he works to make special ingredients. he is a graduate of harvard and looks up to kuroyanagi by always calling him Sempai. Though he works with yukino he is there just since is getting money for his investigations. though later he goes to southern Phantasia shop to work with Azuma. he is also a genious but is the opposite of Azuma. knowing the darkside of world and he has completely knowledge of Bakery. when he joins Azuma he state a plan to save phantasia from certain threats that are coming soon. since kawachi is used for comic at this time. this guy becomes the partner of Azuma.

                              DONT BELIEVE WHAT YOU SEE IN THE OPENINGS  XD
Opening: 01_______________________________________________________________________

Opening: 02_______________________________________________________________________

Opening: 03_______________________________________________________________________

Spoiler Episode 01 ___________________________________________________________________

Start - Images of a War with breads o_o and explanations about conflicts  and how each country has its own Bread .and how Japan still not. Azuma opening the oven and taking bread and his sister saying he is late and wont make it in time for the test so she takes him by bike. a really impressive driver if you ask me o_o. Images of train and how his family is about to say good bye to him. he offers his bread to them and them say Delicious XD and how they visioned Japan once they eat and azuma state he want to make Ja-pan.
OPENING ------ Azuma saying Good bye and family saying how good he is advancing to his dream and sister say if he fail he will hit him XD. family saying how that happen 10 years ago then asuma was 6 years. story back in same 10 years ago how sister talk that they should eat bread and how good is and azuma talking how is better the Rice . sister takes him to eat bread while torture him xD. taking him to a bakery shop with a lot of very nice designs of breads. azuma mets the baker and sister buy one and make him eat it XD. azuma delighted ask how make them so delicious and sister notice she is late to school and leave azuma to chief to show him how bread is make. original explanations . azuma try it chief notice he is good and he will be able to make it too. azuma say he still like more rice chief say that he has a dream to make a bread that for Japan can be as rice a special bread just for it Ja-pan.  though chief say before that dream he is now troubled and will close its shop. azuma say that will make that his oldman can eat bread to help him. chief notice that the mix azuma did is already fermented ( so quick ) and say that his had them* azuma and sister try to make old man eat the bread and old man doesnt want. though he doesnt like it with natto and miso. so he say if cant make a bread that like with both then should give up to make bread. some story of why old man prefer rice. and bakery chief say to them that is possible  and that azuma will make a ja-pan for his old man and ask him to do it. and again sister late to school.----------------------------------- THATS ALL IL TELL CUZ if i keep il say full episode hahahaha XD-

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  1. SQ says:

    This anime is awesome!

    Xenofonte says:

    looks nice this anime =)

    This actually seems great to me man, the characters are all extremely interesting and it seems like an awesome show!

    Shaw says:

    lol food animes

    Bread war?

    Oh lawd, I love the Japanese. ♥

    FinBis says:

    I watched it, it surprised me on how an anime about baking could be so awesome and somewhat educational! I loved the reactions from people eating Asuma's breads!

    SQ says:

    Love it! :D <3

    Anonymous says:

    looks nice :)

    ApocTV says:

    awesome stuff

    Siveon says:

    Honestly for a anime about bread i did not expect it to be this entertaining... however they stopped making new episodes half way through, so you are forced to read in the manga after the 69th ep.

    crazyneo says:

    I actually watched this for a bit, it was ok, the plot during the competition especially was very entertaining, but it got sort of boring later on...

    Love it!

    Interesting, gonna have to add this to my list of anime to check out!

    Anonymous says:

    Seems awesome. (: Facebook Twitter

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