Detroit Metal City ( D.M.C )

Sypnosis :  Negishi is a very kind and shy boy who left his home to pursue his dreams of becoming a pop Singer. with many problems on hand a friend of him offer to join its band. Like that His Double life starts when he became the Guitarrist of Detroit Metal City band ( D.M.C). In stage he changes to Johannes Krauser II who have fame of being a Hell demon that Killed and Ra%&d  His Parents. ETC. Despite Negishi hates the band he can be a natural Death Metal King. though he still dont gave up on his normal dreams to sing pop, is the start of an innocent boy whose life is Completely Changed by Death METAL !

Anime of 12 Episodes  14Minutes Each

Personal: This one is very short anime but is one of my favorites! not only how fun it is but also how different worlds are XD, The story of negishi changes are so brutal and funny specially because he is the one making the complete songs and some of them use the same as his pop ones but with brutal change XD The opening is one of them since in anime you can hear a little of the real song haha, what i liked more is how negishi changes completely in a different person sometimes even he make mistakes when in front of the girl he likes who hates D.M.C  well not hate more than not like since she does work in Music. Other characters are funny specially Camus that guy is just insane. and their Manager you will see what i mean if you watch it. the vocabulary in the anime is heavy so i cant say is for children s well  xD. anyway this anime has my own rate of 10/10 for fun and take out all the Lazyness someone can have in months hahaha XD watch it !!!

And one of my favorites Phrases:
Ra%eRa%eRa%eRa%eRa%eRa%eRa%eRa%eRa%eRa%eRa%e. See it!

Characters :

Negishi Soichi : Kind and very shy boy who loves Pop and has a dream to be a Pop Singer.  He is always being shouted by the manager for his girly character, and that he should always be Krauser. His life changes completely when he becomes the Singer Guitarrist of Detroil Metal City. even though he is already a star as Krauser he doesnt gave up his dreams and goes to a park to Sing his Pop though he is always getting Interrupt. He also tries to not let the girl he likes notice that he is Main Guitarrist in DMC . and always lying that he is in a group of pop.

Johannes Krauser II: Negishi`s Alter ego. Singer and Guitarrist of D.M.C his story comes that he Killed and Ra$%d his Parents and escaped Prison. ETC in the end a Vicious Criminal. Krauser is the New Mesias of DeathMetal and like that he became Famous since he is an Impressive Composer of Death Metal and Excellent Guitarrist that is even able to  Play with his Teeths. His arsenal is full of many things like words and Impact . ( Negishi completely Natural Death Metal God XD ). The Legend of Krauser II is just starting!

Aikawa Yuri : She is the best friend of Negishi and also the girls he likes. she works for a Music Local Magazine. she loves the cute and tranquilizing songs that negishi does. and also they both like same type of songs. despite that she doesnt know negishi is the Vocalist of DMC . and is a band she doesnt like. Since negishi is working completely hard to not letting her to notice. she gets insulted, etc by accident. She also wants that negishi fullfil his dreams!

Wada Masayuki : He Play the Bass at DMC and his Identity in band is known as Alexander Jagi. he s the one who invited negishi and is always declaring that negishi is completely suited to be a metal emperor. he is a complete Dandy. as time keep going he is normally yelled since comparing negishi changes and nishida he is like a girl in the stage. despite all happen in the anime he is the one that is most scared of their President ( manager? ) and seems he wants to leave the band though doesnt seem that will happen.

Nishida Terumichi : He play the drums. He is a completely pervert and all he says are just insulting words specially he likes to say Girls Privates Body parts always. on Stage he is Known as Camus. despite his way to be he seems the most serious of being in band not even the worse case scenario can stop it to keep playing on stage!. aside of that this guy just dont do nothing XD

The President ( Manager? ) she is the one that manage DMC and a completely Lover of death metal. she always braging with negishi for his way to be and sometimes she is also amazed of what he does. When hearing a good metal song or looking at the band she always say she is w%t haha ad having a lot of or%&sms. She also make the band take responsabilities for what they do and also changes Negishi completely life when she gets mad!. she also thinks that negishi can be completely the next Death metal Emperor sooner or later.

IF you Please see intro first since the anime is short i wont make an spoil. but with the intro you will notice how the anime will go!


Intro and Opening.

Opening :

16 Response to "Detroit Metal City ( D.M.C )"

  1. This actually seems so different and cool, I really do like the concept of this.

    crazyneo says:

    Never did see this one, I'll check it out, thanks for reccomending :)

    Very intriguing! Checking it out now!

    Magnum says:

    Japanese creations still put me in sheer amazement. I mean: a metal/rock-related anime series inspired by KISS, even with a title of the series resembling KISS' song (Detroit Rock City) and - best part - NOT licensed by KISS! Actually the last bit was something I didn't expect the most, as KISS is known for their band-related products: clothes (including underwear), furniture, small gadgets, even food (there was a KISS-inspired burger joint!) and EVEN coffins. That's right. This anime series could be relly interesting.

    Corridor says:

    Nice, gotta try it.

    Xenofonte says:

    cool new look =)
    i think i am going to see this anime.

    frankcom says:

    This looks hilarious! loving the singers seat up there xD

    awesome sauce

    Shaw says:

    Sounds pretty original

    Anonymous says:

    So bizarre! Facebook Twitter

    Snivli says:

    Hmm ill check this one out :) Nice blog :D

    holy shit man, this is the best anime i watched recently, so much fun and witty humor and the struggle of negishi to keep krauser away!!!
    \m/(_ _) \m/

    Anonymous says:

    wow nice review

    one of the most random and most funny series out there

    norbi_nw says:

    this is something... different XD also lol at the GIF.
    I think Im gonna give it a try, i doubt i will like it, but hell, worth a try :P

    Etaron says:

    Hell yeah \m|('O')|m/

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