Sypnosis:  In a Distant Space where Man`s and Woman`s live in diferent planets. and having constant war by many years. to the point of dont know they can live together between them. Taraaku ( Male`s Planet )
Mejeeru ( Female`s Planet ) , Hibiki Tokai is a Boy of third class of taraaku,  By wanting to show his Manly`s Self he became Prisoner of Female Pirates, By Certain things Pirates Ship teleports to a unknown Part of the universe, and encounters a new Mistery Enemy. due to the danger of that enemy Females Decide to advertise Both planets. And for all the travel some Male`s and Female`s  Pirates need to work together to overcome the new enemy that threaten the Humanity. Though is not that easy to coexist since both lived to much time separated that now dont even know they are both humans,,,,,

Personal : This serie has 2 seasons but i just review season 1 for now since on 2nd there are various changes. by now i liked the serie because is really well for comedy though seems like an harem i dont really see it that way. is easy to understand the meaning of the anime and the differences on each of characters. yet some stories are very clear and some just whack. looking at the anime i first just didnt liked but once i saw more episodes i just couldnt stop. the characters are very funny and scary in someway. specially the Male Doctor. once all the ruckus start he became interested in female Anatomy and other things. specially since of the female pirates is Pregnant. is fun cuz all males born in tubes  ( cloning i could say ) though females made their own way by doing the Artificial way XD. anyway the main characters hibiki and dita , meia . jura are fun Meia Coolness and seriousness  a typical soldier though her story is quite touching, Jura is mmm well weird to say it she just like to show herself and be the center of attention. And for last dita the First and extremely largest problem for Hibiki. she calls hibiki nos as his name but as mr alien. she is the typical UFO Maniac so she is always clinging to hibiki, though as a romance comedy we all know what will happen as anime advance. anyway this anime is fun as well but to tell you the truth i see it more for the story i liked it more.
my rates for Comedy it be 7/10 and story 9/10 is quite my liking but is just my opinion of myself hahah.

Characters :

Tokai Hibiki : A third class citizen of Taraaku , he always want to prove himself as a man though because of that he makes a really big mistakes. once he is captured by female`s they mistook him as an attacker ( Robot Pilot ), he had fears of females because of taraaku there were stories that females eat the livers of males and thus other funny stories XD. an old woman leader of Pirates scare him a little. though they were attacked. as soon all decide to work together to defeat the new enemy. he is being taken to the hangar where he told that he is just a regular citizen. and thus they leave him there with a typic talk that if he wants to change himself. later he decide to pilot to prove himself as a man. reckless and a idiot type. though his robot and 3 principal girls weapons ships evolved. and thus bring a new Fusion of Male and Female`s Combinations =3.

Liebely Dita : She is a newbie Pilot of the pirates. on the attack she kept chasing hibiki to take a picture. she doesnt take males as enemies. always chase hibiki and call him Mr.alien. she is very friendly and innocent. mostly say she is a complete Children though she is an adolecent, Her cheerful way always make mad hibiki but she still go with him. she is madly in love with hibiki though as both dont coexist she doesnt notice is love. she is the first to combine with hibiki and the one that create the Blue Robot ( Vandread Dita ).  that has a very powerful attacks. she always trust in hibiki and sees him as someone who will be always there to help and will fix everything, she have a best friend on the Pirate ship though once she start clinging to hibiki many things happen. she is always the one that bring happiness to other members and when she is sad everyone notice.

 Gisborn Meia : She is the Chief Pilot. she is Serious and Strong when it comes a battle. and never want to loose. everyone trust her as a chief so one mistake of her could make much differences. though despite her strong attitude she is very kind . she doesnt show her feelings often though over meeting hibiki that is exactly her opposite. she starts to change little by little she combine with hibiki to create The White Bird? ( Vandread Meia ) thats her abilities are speed and really very extremely speed XD. she always had discussions with hibiki because of his behaivior and she doesnt liked to get help from Male`s  though as i said up she changes as story advance and start to trust him specially.

Basil Elden Jura : One of the Combat Pilots . she is the gorgeous type of character and always want to be the center of attention and show herself how great she is. despite that she sometimes make mistakes . she have a partner that easily can see her partner is in love with jura and thus jura seems also though doesnt really show that much. she is mostly carefree and is the 2nd in line To lead Attacks if meia is not there. her combination with hibiki make pass to the red robot. ( Vandread Jura )  well is not a robot is a ship wish specialize in Shields howerver though in anime say it has a form of Crab , once she do the form for first time she gets depresed because it wasnt a gorgeous form XD. she in all the anime is always the same though in 2nd seasons she discover a way to call attention and decide to try it though i wotn say what it is haha .



Spoiler Episode 01

Opening :  Announce of the male Army showing the real form of females and how they bring destructions and pain to Males. General talking that is time to show the strength to the female`s. Hibiki saying he shouldnt had said that. and a flashback of how hibiki said he will steal one Vanguard ( Robot ) the one with a piace with a mark they did. hibiki wanting to prove himself starts. Title. while running to board the warship. flashbacks of ppl say nothing will change and that nothing will happen. and is impossible. general still announcing the battle. while hibiki in secret entering the ship.they start to depart while hibiki reach to the robot hangar. and searching for the mark piece . then the Ikazuchi ( Warship ) Start to fly. males soldiers start talking once the mission is over back to make chidrens ( OMG ). the general starts to announce the next Special Weapon for Battle against females. the Vanguard. the hangar opens. and then they all see hibiki and demand capture him. thats all il tell see it if you want XD....

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  1. Raydriel says:

    Looks like a great Anime!

    Kingmush says:

    One of my favs!

    This seems to be a really good one man, I should check it out. Thanks very much for sharing and reviewing as always buddy.

    i've seen this anime before at axn... a really cute and funny one ^_^

    To be honest, I didn't like this one. D:

    Anonymous says:

    uhh oh... naughty thoughts a brewin'

    Magnum says:

    Interesting, doesn't seem to be a typical anime theme. I'd like to show this to some people just for the 'replication methodes' chosen there : D

    Xenofonte says:

    this anime looks cool

    I wish I could download this

    Shaw says:

    Not as ecchi as I'd prefer, but it was okay.

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