Shijo Saikyo No Deshi Kenichi

Episodes 50 - 23 minutes each

Sypnosis : Shirahama Kenichi is a first year student in highschool. Coward and weak. he is always being abused by other people, but that change when he mets Furinji Miu , he sees her discussing with some dangerous looking ppl defending an old man. kenichi runs to defend her though Miu defeat the guys. Kenichi wanted to be strong like her and and also protect her. Miu told him a way to do but is a dangerous place. Kenichi dreaming that his life will change for good. go to the place and a Dojo with Different Masters. each one top of their own Martial Art, Kenichi Decide to Train Karate to try to win against one abusing of him. though 1 Art is not the only thing he will l,earn!. And so the path For Kenichi will have a very looong detour. Training to become more strong.

Personal: This anime is extremely fun. is a fighting shounen anime yet has a lot of comedy specially how kenichi is getting trained and the masters also has their own attitude. the theme is very good and also the martial arts have fluent description. even though is an anime and to many effects appear, the abilities that use are actually real ( ignoring the effects ) though i just wont know about the trainings since seems so extreme specially later when kenichi is taken as a full disciple XD masters told to him remember the trainings that was the worst for him. once he remembers they said that was heaven hahaha kenichi chara as a coward is extremely fun. though as a shounen manga there are times when the feeling dissapear and change in a complete different person. leaving that aside the sypnosis was short because the story of the anime has a lot of changes. i mean the story in start is 1 reason but later another reason come and another reasons keep coming changing many things. if i were to say that on sypnosis it would be only spoiling the full anime and that be boring. there are a lot of characters that are funny and others that indeed are dead serious even of their past, to tell you the truth i wish this anime had a second season already it has a lot of manga over 45+ volumes i know and anime itself finish on volume 16 so there is a lot more story. i liked this anime a lot
my own rating for this anime would be on comedy about 8/10 fighting 8/10  =3 so see it if have time

Characters :

Shirahama Kenichi : Kenichi is a first year highschool student. he likes plants and he dreams to be a famous novelist, he is weak and coward and he is abused by other school members. he is a member of the karate club. tough due to certain reasons he resign and enter other club. he decide to be strong  when saw Miu defeating some mafia. and when to the dojo she told him to learn karate. though that changes completely on story goes on. as soon he gets stronger and overcome people abusiing him then seem to get attention of even more dangerous ones and he need to be stronger and even more each time he wins, and thats how its life completely change.

Furinji Miu : Miu is also a first year student. and she is a classmate of kenichi. she is a very nice and a bit innocent and cute character but she is extremely strong because she was trained by her grandfather since a child. because of her life was always circle martial arts she wanted sweet things like friends and animals most. so she is always so friendly. like a love comedy seems she has feelings for kenichi though she things of those like only caring for a pet or something else. since she joins the club of rythim gymnastics. she is always close to kenichi to see him grow and care for him. for a lot of reasons.

Ryozampaku Masters -

Furinji Hayato : he is miu Grandfather. he trained miu since she was 5 years old. he is the one that created Ryozampaku dojo where they live. He is the Grand Master and is known as The Invincible Superman ( yes that nickname ) he has never lost a fight since he was young he have been strong, fast, and all his abilities were insane. he is a complete monster  and an experst in every Martial arts. sometimes he helps kenichi with just hints and other stuffs. though later he train him by himself for a while. he is a very daring parent and care for miu a lot though he has a lot of secrets.

Koetzuji Akisame : he is the Philosophic Jujitsu Master. he is known as the Master of All. he is good at a lot of things like sculpting. poetry. medic. and a lot of other things in japanese culture. He is the first master of kenichi. since he was the most calm of all masters. he first decide to train kenichi body in a very extreme way. he owns a Clinic to treat Bones and muscles. though his body doesnt show it he has an extreme strenght specially because of his muscles ( the explanation will come later in anime) he has a lot of secrets and is one of the firsts masters of ryozampaku. he seems very sadist ( really??? ) he likes to all goes perfect.

Kensei Ma :  he is the master of Chinese Kenpo: he is a quite pervert and take pictures of very cute girls ( Miu and Shigure ) though any girl also got his attention. his strength comes for his speed and own tecniques. he is also the one of the First 3 Masters of Ryozampaku. he care a lot for kenichi and is always convincing kenichi of keep working and training XD he also sell kenichi photo albums he made of shigure and miu. ( thats another comedy part ) when he trains kenichi he sometimes ask miu to help him show the abilitie though when he does he also do something pervert that turn kenichi will to learn and do it as well hahaha. his past is shown a little in the anime - he has a daughter that will appear later.

Sakaki Shio : he is the Master of Karate . he has the tittle of
( The Karate Master of 100th Dan ) . when kenichi first came to ryozampaku he claims shouting he doesnt take disciples. though when kenichi start training with every master he seems to get a bit interested and decide to teach him. he always teach kenichi a lot of things specially ideology of a real fighter. he is a very kind character though  just as his looks he is a brawler type. his past has just only appeared in manga so far so i wont tell. he care most of kenichi as his disciple and when he heard kenichi reason to fight to protect someone he cares . he laugh and then say If you want that the your objetive should be a real Man  being the Strongest of the world!. because of that he is one of the master kenichi respect more.

Hopachai Apachai : Master of Muay Thai. he has the title of ( Death God of Muay Thai Underworld ). he is very innocent and friendly though because of his training in his childhood and all his life he has always fighting at his full force so he doesnt know how to hold back. ( comedy in training XD ) when kenichi first came at ryozanpaku he surprises see apachai training and apachai kept destroying house and walls because was happy of kenichi so surprised XD. he is very kind and he can also understand animals. he wants to train kenichi most and sees him more than disciple as a friend. he is always with shigure though later in anime is always playing othello with kenichi sister.

Kosaka Shigure : The Master Kunoichi . she is also called ( The Genius of Sword and every Weapon), like a kunoichi she always come and goes like wind and also appear in the ceillings. she teaches kenichi about how to fight with opponents that use weapons and loose the fear to them. she wants to teach him how to use weapons but kenichi has a principles of never hit a girl and never use weapons ( comedy!!!! << ) she also has an extreme body and big bust. making kenichi dream. despite she is solitary and always alone with her pet mouse Touchuumaru that also expert in weapons ( WHAT!  ) though she seems to be more open with all and herself thx to kenichi. in manga seems she wants to teach kenichi other things and gave him something though seems she say he is not ready yet. she is a very funny character specially her lack in comunication xD.

Opening 01 :

Opening 02 :

Spoiler Episode 01 _____________________________________________________________

Opening :  kenichi walking and reading a book of how to make friends. he rushes to school, and a girl suddently hit him and he fell to ground. Miu saying sorry it was her reflex. kenichi say whats with you wanted to kill me?  she say sorry and say to him that is not normal to go behind a person. he says he is late and try to jump a water cannal. kenichi fell. then on school he gets outside classroom for being late. miu present herself, furinji decides to stay outside as well for being late . she say is her first time someone saved her. and claims she was so happy. and ask kenichi to be her friend. kenichi thinks he is so cute and start to think is a dream xD.  he hit himself on the wall and taken to infirmary, he goes to his club room and see on his way Nijiima Haruo . a guy who is always threating him. and ask about the new girl. and other things. and say to him about being abused and that he is a coward. now and forever. next scene, daimonji member hitting kenichi on his club and treating him as a sand bag. kenichi on ground left alone in the dojo, saying he want to quit and run that nothing will change. he cleansthe dojo and see a sand bag. he hit it a bit. daimonji saw him and say to him he doesnt because he is 1st year and kenichi said he is also of 1st year, daimonji say about how he is weak comparing to him.  and he claims he hate guys like kenichi and that the martial arts is just for strong people and ask kenichi to leave the club of karate or he kill him.  kenichi say if i got stronger i can stay in the club, daimonji laughs and say thats impossible and he claims that weaks born to be bullied and say to kenichi that they duel in a week and  the one that looses it goes from the club. kenichi on ground remembering about the duel and saying daimonji will kill him XD.  kenichi going back to his home wanting to be stronger reading a book, then he start to say that if he gets stronger wont be like him and he will be the heroe of justice that defends the weak. he seens a girl defending an old man from mafia guys. and he hides scare. THATS ALL IL TELL SEE THE ANIME FOR MORE!!!! =3 IS VERY GOOD AND FUN

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  1. It certainly sounds and seems like it's an interesting concept to say the least man. I may have to check this out!

    It looks pretty interesting, definitely going to check this anime out. Thanks!!

    Nathan says:

    I have a friend who's obsessed with this show. Looks entertaining.

    Anonymous says:

    Great review, I'll check this out :)

    animestan says:

    Wow, over 45 volumes for the manga? This already makes me form a biased opinion on this anime (think Inuyasha and Takahashi). I don't mean that Inuyasha was bad (granted, I watched it many years ago at a much younger age) but looking back, there was no real closure as Takahashi pretty much just dragged the series. Hopefully there is some closure with this one.

    shevz says:

    I love anime

    Daan says:

    seems interesting to me

    p says:

    That's really cool!

    frankcom says:

    I'll watch this! cant buy the manga though, no money :(

    looks good, i'll search more on youtube
    ty :D

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