Tenchi Muyo! GXP

26 Episodes 23mins each
FOR ALL Tenchi Muyo! Fans ! this one comes =3

Sypnosis : Yamada Seina since he born he had always been unlucky. he lives with his family ( Mother, Father and Sister )  One day when he decide to go visit a friend because of his luck one tire flat. so he went to get water from a close lake. where later he heard a sound and suddenly a tsunami creates and he gets drown. later he woke up looking at a girl that just gave CPR and she introduce herself as Amane and work for GP and leave a pamphlet to seina and also ask him to take a letter to Tenchi since he lives in that lake. later he reach with his friend house where he see his friend sister Kiriko and ask him to go take a shower while his friend fix his bike. once he went back to his home he show the pamphlet to his family and gets obligated to sign it. then go to sleep. he start to dream of dating Kiriko mistaking the GP as an Attractions Park, then he wakes up in a space Ship and gets told he just signed to be a trainee In GP GALAXY POLICE. And thats how the boy with the WORST LUCK in the universe Start his Travel in life!.

Personal : this anime is very funny i recomend if you are very bored, though is a bit old still fun , well if you are a Fan of Tenchi Muyo Series then this one since the main is not tenchi doesnt mean it wont be good. actually is pretty interesting. as well since is same ppl who did it  the characters are also close to Tenchi Masaki. specially Kiriko since she also has Masaki on her name as a branch family member. Amane that is actually a very close friend of Mihoshi. And ryoko who just because the legend of the Space Pirate Ryoko she was named like that haha. well i am a Tenchi Muyo Fan so i like all the series even the newest that is mostly away from main plot. this anime is ecchi as ppl would notice already with the pics. specially since Seina became quite famous there are a lot of girls that try to seduce him though the main girls are always clinging to him.
anyway is a very funny anime so check it out. My rate for story is quite 8/10 Ecchi 8/10 Funny 9/10

Characters :

Yamada Seina :  15 years old Student with the universe worst Luck. he gets enlisted to GP by accident. On this way he discover that his luck is helping and decide to use it. sooner he mets with the main girls in certain ways. he is quite innocent yet he dreams a lot and seem to ignore many things. he is always getting in trouble thx to his luck though on GP he sooner became A capitan of a Decoy Ship and having 2 very Cute Partners with him he try to live as an officer while he still in training. later one comes 2 other new Babes that Also stay with him! and thats how the fun starts XD. since he is quite helpless he is always making Kiriko and all worry for him.

Masaki Kiriko : 33 Years old ( Yes 33 o_o )  she is an Immigration Officer of GP. she is Seina`s Best friend Older Sister. Her life as an officer is secret for his normal family since they dont know yet about space life. she care`s for seina as her little brother though soon that completely changes. When she discover seina enlisted to GP she decline completely and try to convince him to going back and space not for him because of his bad luck. and tell him lots of things that could be dangerous specially for him. thx to bother a lot and discussing much with Amane about seina Mistake she gets ordered to being a teacher in academy and train seina in all meanings. her type is extremely like A House Wife and also gets extremely jelous.

Kaunaq Amane : 20 Years old. 2nd Rate GP Detective. while getting a package to Tenchi she crash on the lake and nearly kill seina. she is the first to have contact with him ( Kiss /CPR ) she misunderstood Seina as tenchi friend who knew everything about space though it was a mistake and gave him the enlist Form. later she meets him and congrat seina because of something he made just on his way and became a bit famous. she discuss a lot with Kiriko specially because she is very carefree and seduce seina for fun though that for fun changes a lot as story goes haha. she also gets demoted to Teacher in academy to train Seina. though once Seina became Captain she and kiriko status change to his Partners.

Balta Ryoko : 19 Years old Space Pirate Captain. and a members of Daruma Guild ( Greatest Pirate Group ), though she is a pirate she is quite nice and very Famous between GP members, she is more like an idol. in space she is the first to meet seina since she want to discover how seina did to Capture to many Pirates so easy. and ask him to go with her not as a crew member  but as Captain O_O. she fall in love with seina in first sight though because she is a pirate and seina want to be a GP member they separate. though she also has some secrets that get known later in story so i wont tell since il be spoiling. she is very kind and serious some times, she is the type to do anything for the ones she care and to pay a debth and even gave her life. my favorite Character in this anime actually xD.

Melmas Na Neju : This girl even though her appearance she is 2000 years old and former Priestess of Melmas. wish is a extremely Religious Planet with very Aggresive Rules. she First met Seina like a little kid and make seina think she is very little as his sister. though seina never notice XD. she first travel with seina for a mission but also to know about seina ability ( Bad luck ) She cares a lot of seina and once certain events happen she unite to his crew though the little Sister Type never change aside for other girls who already notice who is her XD

Fuku : she is a new born cabbit. on story once seina gets a new ship it is a Ryo Ohki Type and Fuku Still and egg though soon hatch . she is always clinging to seina and Neju, just as notice yes she is ryo ohki and old ryoko little sister. since she still a baby and is also the computer of the new seina ship  who is always confronting pirates in combat. she scares a lot though that changes later once seina gave her courage. Soon Seina want to take her to his mother the Cientist Washu that lives with tenchi.

Opening ______________________________________________________________________


Spoiler Episode 1 ______________________________________________________________

Opening :  Seina Running . Seina House Scene ppl shopping  and asking her daughter to help since the time is close. next scene seina comming back while Clouds are follwing him.  he came and accident, next scene seina trying to put his shirt but everytime he tries he put the buttons wrong. he went to his bike and bike is breaking as it advance, as he passes a lot of incidents happen XD, one friend in bike talk him and by accident he take him out XD then seina leave him. he seens another friend that is preparing for the incident though  fails XD, seina still going and take another way to reach quick. then one tire gets flats . he search for water at the lake and then see tenchi house, he heards a sound and suddendly a tsunami take him to the lake and he gets drown. he open his eyes and see Amane and he didnt notice heh ad lipstick in his mouth xD. the girl start talk at a very impressive speed XD and talking about the accident and is well he is not hurt and misunderstand that tenchi trained him, and that some of his wounds was made by tenchi group members and ask him to join GP. though she say she doesnt have much time and live the pamphlet. and gave a package to tenchi . he ask her name and so she says so whie wink.and goes . seina leave the pagacke at the house and he still goes to his best friend house though he falls in his bike through  the forest xD and fall from highway, next scene Kiriko cleaning outside house and seina reach and seina has his bike ( only the basket part ) though he leave it like it was the full bike XD. she ask him to go inside to cure him. seina still dont notice the lipstick and ask him to take a shower and kiriko tell him about the lipstick. saying funny things. that he must be popular and stuff XD jahahahaha.   ---------------- Thats all il tell see it if got interested ^^

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  1. Seems like a pretty awesome show to me, I'd love to check it out!

    Rifle says:

    I think i will give it a try:) I haven't watch any good anime lately, but your review is pretty convincing:D

    Wow, this seems a thousand times for sexual than I remember

    FinBis says:

    Oh the memories! I remember watching this as a kid! One of the first animes I ever saw!

    frankcom says:

    haha this looks hilarious bro! but I have to watch the rest of afro samurai first! xD

    Shaw says:

    no ryoko no sale

    pownyhof says:

    Nice opening, looks great! i have to check that out =)

    ApocTV says:

    No wonder kids are watching this, the girls are half naked! =P

    Anonymous says:

    Haha, good anime! I'd definitely show this to my friend.

    I might check this one out. I've been looking fr a new anime

    Magnum says:

    No, suddenly after the previous comment: I still think Anime is not my line of animation. Half naked girls might make up for some other things (under normal circumstances), but it's still animation, though.

    Foxzero says:

    actually even though it shows well anime story is quite fun XD

    Fantastic anime thanks for showing other very interesting shows mate

    D_Homes says:

    lol, why do all the characters in the second image look like males?

    Foxzero says:

    hahaha i wont say anything about that homes hahaha but somehow now that you say it i can see now haha

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