Sypnosis : Shinozaki Mikoto is a boy who most of his life never wanted to do anything, he was often being ordered by school delinquents, he had always liked Fukazawa Yuki . one day Yuki saw the talent mikoto has draw. and ask him if he is in the Arts Club. once he say not yet she ask him to join Cycling Club.Despite he Dont know what that club is. since yuki asked, he decided to try it. Thats how Boy Meets Bike! Mikoto Decides to learn more and more good in it. And Soon his life will change completely. By advancing in the world of Cycling ,

Personal : This one is good. even if start quite boring once advance it gets interesting little by little. the only thing i dont like is that the anime ends and manga keep going though manga already ended months ago i think some characters are funny and others are just quite plain. Mikoto is specially fun XD once you see each episode. others can be plain and other quite cool guy, the story itself is more detailed for mikoto since he is the one changing completely by learning to drive a bike and try to understand how to use it in any ground. stuff like how to breathe and what type of cyclist he is.  Yuki Despite she is like famous in school her attitude is funny and her friends. and gets even more good with new characters keep appearing. also some characters is stories are some generic and others are good and a bit tragic, not dark though xD they are more like heavy burden. anyway even for a sport anime i like it so i recommend it if you want to see something away from usual sports like soccer or basketball and baseball. my own rate for this one is 7/10 in story and anime is quite fun^_^.

 Characters :

Mikoto Shinozaki :  1st Year student and the 3rd member of the Cycling Club. he was often bullied by upperclassmen. but once yuki ask him to join Cycling Club he feels a rush for it and his attitude starts to change and take his life a bit more serious. though since he said never did a sport before, he now have to endure an insane quantity of hardships. he is a hard worker on the things he decide to stay. and is completely in love with Yuki. however he had never say to her because she is more like a goddess for him hahaha. He as time pass discover his type of Cycling is  Sprinter.

Fukazawa Yuki : 1st Year Student and classmate of Mikoto. also Sister of Yusuke. she take mikoto to the Cycling world just to buy something she wanted because a promise with her brother. she can be quite bossy and have the hobby to take embarrasing pictures of ppl specially mikoto. despite she doesnt care of mikoto as story keeps advancing she starts to notice how he has growing and start to like him and in same time hate him. despite being cheerful she thinks of herself very little because boyfriends and other ppl sometimes sees her a disposable. She also as time avance start to change and help others and mikoto when is depressed.

Fukazawa Yusuke : 3rd student and Captain of Cycling Club. he is known as the King without Crown. he likes to play tricks on his friends same as his sister. he sometimes act like a fool but he takes cycling serious. since his childhood he had always wanting to be a pro and the best in cyclism to the extent to had his boy all brush. his style is an expert of downhill racing. he is a completely genious and left other teams because he was hated but real reason was no one could keep staying side him on cycling. though soon that changes when having Terao and the coming of Mikoto and Yamato. and soon will become a full team.

Terao Koichi : 3rd year student and  He is a childhood friend of yusuke, Starter of the Cycling club with Yusuke. he had always admired him and want to make him the best. his attitude is quite calm and sometimes is known as the mother of the club. he is a technical Cyclist and mostly all around. when start to test Mikoto he notices that he drives quite natural and in secret he proclaim him as a genious as well. little by little he is the one that explain the process of being in club and the trainings that had to be done. he also gets completely mad sometimes and care much for mikoto hardworking attitude.

Yamato Takeshi: 1st year student. first no one notice him but as mikoto had one of his hard trainings, saw him break one of Yusuke Records in a climb. soon mikoto proclaim him as his Rival. he is Known as Kurosuke. he lived in france and also wants to be the best. despite being the cool attitude since rivals he and mikoto sometimes talk about stuff quite depressing XD. he is an expert Climber, and is always helping mikoto to not gave up . he is also the last member of the cycling club though he joins in the last episode XD,

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  1. Sounds like it's a worthwhile watch to me buddy, I'm certainly going to have to check this out soon for sure!

    Shaw says:

    an anime about bike riding? and I though prince of tennis was weird...

    Anonymous says:

    Me gusta.

    frankcom says:

    Will check it out! I cycle myself, so I might find this quite interesting! :D

    SQ says:

    Gotta watch it. Seems pretty cool!

    ReMs says:

    i saw this one on a anime convention i went last month :/ didnt pay any attention, maybe i should have

    Have the french heard about this? They´ll love it

    Cycling club? Them japanese can make animes about anything

    DWei says:

    Interesting but not really my kind of genre I think.

    Luce says:

    These jappo could make everything out of anything, i mean, what the heck?

    Etaron says:

    this kinda sucks

    I loved the preview! I mean wow! Happy new year!

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