Pumpkin Scissors

Sypnosis: 3 years after a Cruel war ( Similar to World war ll ) The empire has weaken and there are problems like short in Water, Food and Job. The Poberty now invades the citizens, With the objetive of Solve the Country troubles, the ARMY starts a new section. that its mission is to bring help to citizens in need. since its job doesnt take place in battle. Soldiers always say they are useless and calm.  Yet with the citizens taking as a joke and insult the Army saying War Reliefs for people. sometimes get agressive and others just ignore it. Section 3 is soon called Pumpkin Scissors. ( Wish has a long and good meaning to its name ). Despite their job is to help the people thx to their leader, they often gets dragged to dangerous situation like combat against tanks. But Thx to the New Recruit in the section 3 Randell Oland no one else gets injured. And so the Mission to Free the empire from Corrupts Oficials . Noble`s and Bandits start. same with many misteries about Randel Oland and Army Secrets.

Personal : This anime is quite good the story and characters are quite well. you can see how many problems a country has even when war and peace comes. Altough the main plot is talking about the section itself actually the main protagonist and story is Randel Oland who is a solder of an experiment of the army. but that you will see it on the anime. The characters are pretty weird. and some generic like the normal womanizer and the always strict one. also despite is army i dont get why a girl that seems like a child and acts like it is there. but i suppose it was for the Section Mission to Socialize with Citizens. in the anime they get to know many stories and problems the country still have and starts to discover little by little About Certain Project the army had done. also The anime doesnt really finish and i am still waiting for a second season yet the manga is on hold till now so i dont know when that will be XD. actually i like this one a lot despite some episodes can be a bit boring , others has so deep meaning on them that just cannot stop seeing XD.  anyway my rate of this anime would be 7/10 good for pass time but not to my favorite haha.

Characters :

Randel Oland ( Corporal ) : he is a Veteran Soldier wish joins Pumkin Scissors by the admiration of War Relief for People, he was on the Secret Unit 901 ATT ( Anti Tank Trooper ) . Solders Trained to match Tanks By Themselves with a Very Suicide Strategy. the unit was Known as *Gespenster Jager* Wish Means Ghost Hunter. He is very Shy, gentle and calm. and likes to help people, he admire Alice and wants to protect her to fullfil her mission. Despite Gentle and shy type thx to the Project he was he has a Lantert with the name of his last unit wish once he light it . he become a ghost hunter. capable to just walk and shoot to a tank in the lower Protected Areas, A complete zombie of kill.

Alice L. Malvin ( 2nd Lieutenant ) : Second in Command and Leader of the Pumkin Scissors. She is a noble who is part of one of the 13 Families for the Throne. She is very strict and hot tempered that just for protect people and fullfill her justice. will jump against a complete army. her fighting unlike her partners that use guns she only use a short swords that it has the simbol of her family.since the Malvin Houshold only came with 3 Daugthers she took the role. as the next head of the family and joined army. She invites Randel Oland and is always caring for her team. yet most of the times she is the one dragging Dangers to the team hahaha XD

Oreld ( Warrant Officer ) : He is a handsome solder who is always flirting and having dates. though despite not caring much of the world. he is very clever and know the hardships to live in poberty. he is like a completely THIEF who joined the army haha. he is easy going in everything and not usually gets mad. but he likes to help its friends when needed and he also never make wrong choices.

Martis ( Warrant Officer ) : he is the serious character and always strict and talking all stuff completely in next level. he started at another unit but thx to his Corrupt Officer he decides to change section and gets brought to Section 3. despite his attitude he is very calm and refreshing and care for his teamates. but has the problem to easily doubth of people.

Hunks ( Captain ) : He is the Administrator of Section 3 and Commander Officer.  he mostly just give orders and talk while holding many secrets. despite  he looks like someone just taking orders from above . he is pretty serious about protecting people and Punish the Corruption. he knows the secrets of randel oland and seems to be old friend and partner of section 1 Captain.

Lili Stecchin ( Sargeant Major ) : Starter of Section 3 with captain Hunks. She was on the Military Band before change to it. she is always serving members like a maid and is in charge of Mercury their Military Dog. since she had the lowest rank in the section she was happy to hear of Oland Transfer.( she had only 1 rank more than the dog o_o ) she is always helping teamates and specially Oland since he often dmg his clothes. she is very cheerful and dedicated.

 Mercury ( Corporal though gets demoted ) : he is also called Merc , he is the Pumpkin Scissors Messenger and has the bad habit of bitting people Heads. he is very calm and friendly but when the time comes he acts like a fully trained dog capable to disarm Opponents.


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  1. Sounds excellent to me man, I'll seriously need to check this bad boy out at some point, it definitely seems like my kind of show.

    frankcom says:

    this sounds really weird man, Last WWII anime I watched was Helitia xD that show is hilarious xD

    Adam says:

    I should check it out, I need a new good anime

    DWei says:

    The names are rather odd, for people and events.

    This looks REALLY good! I will have to check this out.

    Magnum says:

    I always enjoy series with the reality and history altered a little bit. Especially the WW2-similarity bit seems interesting. Thanks for the info : )

    ApocTV says:

    Sounds like a great show, going to have to check it out asap.

    TJay says:

    Wow! Will definetly watch this! Aleady heard about this but after i read that im gonna get it now!
    Nice post!

    Looks interesting. Checking it out, thanks for the heads up!

    crazyneo says:

    Looks interesting, I'll give it a go. Just finished Kaiji :D

    Anonymous says:

    I watched it already. The main plot is quite interesting but isnt it a bit to extreme? Footsoldier against tanks! what a dream!

    Etaron says:

    This one seems pretty cool, unlike the other girly animes :) gotta check this out

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