Hayate No Gotoku!

Sypnosis: Ayasaki Hayate is a 16 yers old boy who works for live since his parents just use their dreams? Ignoring their Son. in the xmas Eve They stole the money Hayate won with his work and sold him to a very generous people for an extreme debt. Hayate escape before they took him and start to think the people that work with good they never will be fine. and decide to kidnap a girl he saw in the park. By Certain Events he saves the girl and gets Chosen as the new Butler of Sanzen`in Family. Despite new he is completely suited for the job! he is a complete genius in cleaning and care of people even  Cousine. though he is so innocent to notice the real reason he was chosen to be Nagi Butler !.

Personal : This anime is extremely fun and is full of parodies. well to be more clear the 90% if the humour in it is parodie or words from other series companies or even console games. specially in some episodes they use censorship when mentioning Sony XD. this anime is an harem but not the usual harem when all the girls drip comepletely for the main character. this one is mostly how the time develop in each one of the girls cuz aside hayate  school friend and nagi the others start to like him on long way. there are various characters enough of them to not be able to write of them all so il just do the ones you will see 80% time. i passed to much time laugting in this anime completely. one character the the Kansai talk XD.  one girl who always gets loose. and others completely fun hahaha others for just fanservice . is quite fun so i recomend it as well XD 9/10 for fun this one!

For the one that probably didnt believe me that is full of Parodies anyone recognize this image?

Characters that appear 80-% of the time XD

Hayate Ayasaki : 16 Years old boy. he is a hardworking and have a lot of dreams but thx to his bad luck and extremely good nature he always gets in trouble. even when becoming Butler his hardships didnt even calmed a bit. he is extremely innocent and want to help nagi  for paying his debt. though he now works to repay the debt to her. he had a completely harsh past and his life was full of problems specially that all his experience in jobs he had now is because since child he has to work by hiding his age XD.

Sanzen`in Nagi : She is the heiress of the fortune Sanzen`in . she have 13 years old and cute and smart. she has a strong character but also she never wants to loose. she loves the manga and secretly works in one?. she is a completely good for nothing and never go to school ( Hikikomori? )  She mets hayate while she went of from a party and she was kidnaped and hayate saved her. thx for hayate wanting to kidnap her also he told her to run away with him and stay with him. she completely misunderstood that and now is in love with hayate. and enough reason to have him as butler to be close and protect her.

 Maria : 17 Years old who acts completely mature. enough to people mistake her age as being more old. she doesnt like it though XD. she is very smart and have knowledge in mostly everything. thx for that. on her 13 years old she was already the president`s council in the famous Hakuou academy.  she is the first one tht notice the reason hayate wanted with nagi and how everything started. despite that she is now helping to clear the misunderstanding but also planing to leave things as they are because is fun. she always sleep with nagi and is in command of the complete SP security staff to protect nagi. she is a fun character because she also can be absent minded since nagi and maria dont even know anything of the comun people way to live. like trains and others stuff XD.

Hinagiku Katsura : Current President`s Council in Hakuou and she is an expert in study and sword. she is the perfect girl but also with a past i wont tell. she first mets hayate when he enter the school and she was in top of a tree. ( she have 100% fear to heights )  her character and hayate always have crush specially since mostly the love comedy is for these 2 since one take other as someone to much innocent and since hinagiku is quite stubborn hayate thinks she hate him. she is always helping the students in everything and demand hayate to call her by her name since there is other katsura quite crazy in the school XD. this one is my favorite character in this anime for sure!.

Saginomiya Isumi : she is a friend of nagi and also the daugther of a very prestigious family. very cute and calm with a golden heart. but completely clumsy capable to lose the way even on her room and ends in another house. despite that she has her secrets and sometimes she is very clever enough to completely be an opposite character. though she doesnt want to nagi discover that. she loves hayate but loves more to see him with nagi. though nagi stubborness never see that XD.

Aizawa Sakuya : Childhood friend of nagi and completely fanatic of Comedies. she talk in Kansai and acts like a big sister for nagi and others. she is very cheerful and sometimes she make plans to sacrifice somethings to make happy her friends. she first met hayate when checking nagi new butler to know if he is fun or not. many parodies in the episode XD. despite that she mostly appear for jokes and humour the anime. however later she mostly appear with isumi since she discover Isumi secret and help her on it. also she is very deeply fond on hayate but she is more like a close friend and in terms a sister for him as well.

Nishizawa Ayumu : 16 years old . school friend of hayate and is completely in love with him. she missed hayate  when he disapeared in the xmas eve but once he came back to check in the school she saw him. but when notice he will go again, confess her love. though hayate cannot accept her feeling because the situation he declines saying he is only in 2d girls XD with an image of susumiza band hahahah. though later she discover where he lives and see him more often. enough that hinagiku is helping her on her feelings. very funny character who appear mostly in the anime be fun or not XD.

Seishiro Kurausu : He is the chief in of butlers and in start he comletely deny hayate as the new butler and do a lot of things to make him out but fails. despite his character is quite fun he not appear much in the anime but when appear you will laugh xD AKUMA! haha you could say this character works a lot just to appear in scene XD.

Tama : For last the legendary White Tiger kittie pet of nagi. nagi saved it when was little and bring it with her and love him so much and treating him completely enough that he now speaks human language but he hides it from nagi and maria. this character is funny enough to leak XD

There are a lot of characters more but if i were to write of them i think it will take me 2 days hahaha XD

Opening : song

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  1. KuroiLink says:

    aver si me hace reir

    frankcom says:

    Wow! this looks really cute!

    This sounds excellent to me buddy, I'm sorely tempted to check this out, it seems really good to me mate, I love the sound of the plot and the characters seem intensely interesting and intriguing. I'd love it if I checked it out!

    DWei says:

    I remember this one. The references to other shows and games was hilarious.

    Did you just write "ppl" in your text?

    Foxzero says:

    hahaha yes XD thx just changed it haha

    Xenofonte says:

    looks like a cool anime =)

    Damon says:

    looks cool :P

    Gonna check this out! Thanks!

    Tifa says:

    I think I will check this out! Looks good. :) Nice review.

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