Azumanga Daioh!

Sypnosis: The everyday life in an unnamed Japanese High School of six girls and two of their teachers: Genius Chiyo and her struggle to fit in with girls five years older, reserved Sakaki and her obsession with the cute animals who seem to hate her, spacey Osaka with a skewed perspective on the world, Yomi aggravation at an annoying best friend, Tomo , whose energy is rivaled only by her lack of sense, sporty Kagura and her one-sided rivalry with Sakaki, and their homeroom teacher Yukari and her friend, Sports teacher Minamo, Secondary characters include Kimura, a creepy male teacher with an Obssesion with Teenage Girls. The story covers three years of tests, talking between classes, Culture Festivals, and athletic events at school, as well as time spent traveling to and from school, studying at Chiyo's house, and vacations spent at Chiyo's summer beach home and the fictional Theme Park Magical Land, concluding with the graduation of the main cast. It is generally realistic in tone, marked by occasional bursts of surrealism and absurdity, such as Osaka imagining Chiyo's ponytails being "unscrewed" from her head and an episode featuring the characters' New Year's dreams.

Personal:: This anime is so fun. enough to even make me rofl for whiles XD. the story of each characters can be pretty interesting and others just quite bored. but well my personal favorite is sakaki, the and my most hated is for indeed a lot tomo. yet if no one laugh with tomo that mean doesnt have humour sense. since the story goes for school life. and the friendship of all the girls, is easy to notice the good points and bad of each character. osaka is just insane XD and everyone will notice. but leaving aside main characters. the secondary ones can be pretty interesting as well like Kimura. that teacher is just so funny, specially later in the plot. the anime not only have comedy but also some serious themes and sometimes looking at how girls are planning their future for certain reasons is interesting.  in the end  mostly is school comedy life! so i hope at least see this anime one time in life for fun XD. i recomend it to laugh like hell.

Characters :

Mihama Chiyo : 10 Years old Genius girls who enter high school. she is often seen as cute. she is very hard working and very dependable. since she skip to many years. sometimes she likes to act as a child with her friends. as time passes she gets to have trauma specially for the teacher. likes to help her friends and she admire Sakaki. she have a dog twice her size o_o. despite being a genius she says she have troubles with many things like tongue twisters.

Takino Tomo : Tomo is a very hyper energetic and competitive girl, despite being nonathletic and a slacker. She is extremely impulsive and never considers—nor cares about—the consequences of anything she says or does. She and Yomi are seen as a Comedy Duo. she is extremely simple minded and do everything without thinking. and often bring trouble to their friends.  a very funny characters if ask me but i still hate her.

Mizuhara Koyomi : She is a grade-school friend and general antithesis of Tomo. She is the voice of reason, and the most mature and serious of her friends—and as such, the Comic foil to the others' silliness. She and Tomo are seen as A Comedy Duo. Yomi often is struck dumb by her friend's flippant behavior, and if pushed enough by Tomo, will even give her friend an uppercut that leaves Tomo unconscious on the floor. While Yomi likes to think that she's above her classmates' childish behavior, she can be just as bad as they are.

 Sakaki : Sakaki is uncomfortable with her height and her busty physique. Because she is shy, she seldom speaks, and this reticence is misinterpreted and admired as "tough", "mysterious", and "cool"  reputation compounded by her natural athletic ability. sakaki has no interest in sports and has a secret passion for all things cute. Despite her reserve, she has a very strong desire for friendship, leading her to attach herself to the group. If she is aware of Kaorin's infatuation, she shows no sign of it. She loves completely the cute things like animals. stuffed animals and even dream with them. specially love cats though she have so much troubles with them thx to certain one.

Kasuga Ayumu ( Osaka ) : transfer student from Osaka. tomo expecting her to act like the stereotypical Osakan-loud, exuberant and fond of bawdy jokes-chose for her the nickname "Osaka", although Ayumu's behavior could not be more different. Ayumu considers herself "slow" and "spacey" - but she lacks the energy or motivation to dispute it. The nickname sticks so well she is called 'Osaka' by teachers and even in the class roster, to the point that no one even remembers her real name. Insane character!!!! WARNING LOOK THE PICS LATER!.

Kagura : She comes later. and see sakaki as her rival. she is very good in sports and is very friendly and cheerful not as energetic as tomo though but same as dumb. she always takes all like a challenge and make a lot of mistakes but once she notice she does wrong unlike tomo she apologize. she starts first as a secondary character in other class yet sooner changes to yukari class. she is one of the 3 members of the bonklers the 3 most dumbs in classroom with Osaka and Tomo. and she is often tan because she is in the swimming club.

Tanizaki Yukari : She is the girls' English and homeroom teacher (class 3), but a teacher with very unconventional methods and a rather close relationship with the class. Her students are casual enough to call her by her given name. Depending on the day, time, and her mood, she can be either a horrible tyrant or one of the sweetest, most touching teachers ever. Her behavior ranges from mercilessly teasing Chiyo and hitting students with blunt objects to kind and gentle words and simple, encouraging notes on tests telling students she believes in them. She is often selfish, irresponsible, miserly, and generally dysfunctional.


Animated Gifs :

Just look at that just adorable!!! i want to kick her XD

Unlike her type? fun or not?
This one if fun by a lot XD
Small but my Personal Favorite!

Preview and Opening.

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  1. This sounds and looks so interesting to me buddy. I'm tempted to check this out although I have a big list of your previewed animes to watch so maybe not. Excellently in depth stuff as usual anyway buddy.

    Oh so cute anime! ^_^ Now I miss my school uniform...

    Etaron says:

    I love anime girls in school uniforms... oh gawd, what I would do to schoolgirls....

    This is so unfair, my anime list is already backlogged! Great review mate :)

    Magnum says:

    What's with this whole fascination with Japanese schoolgirls? Seriously? There are so many interesting topics to pick from to use in an Anime even people who don't consider themselves Anime fans (like myself) would enjoy watching. Take Hellsing and Cowboy Bebop as examples. I guess girls dream of living this kind of life in Japan and guys - well, they mostly fantasize : /

    Not exactly my type of anime, but I'll check it out. I'm always looking for new anime to watch!

    Anonymous says:

    sooo cute!
    I definately will check it out :)

    Tifa says:

    This looks good as well! I heard about it but after this review, I'd definitely give it a go. :)

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