Onegai Teacher!

Sypnosis: Kei Kusanagi who suffers from a very rare Disease which causes a Coma state referred to as a "StandStill" whenever he is under severe emotional distress. he Lost 3 Years in his life while his body still same as 15 years old. He Goes to School and live in a peaceful village. Due to the strange nature of how he came to live there, Kei wanted to keep the situation a secret from his new friends for fear of being ostracized as being too old to associate with them. After Kei had established himself in his new surroundings and had entered into a close group of mutually supportive friends, a Galactic Federation StarShip had entered Earth's atmosphere stealthily With a Person that will change completely His Life.

Personal : First of all i want to say sorry for the slow posting lately since i have been busy but from now on will be more sooner haha.. anyway this anime can be boring in certain ways but is very interesting. how for a person  can change their times as they live. yet being said is bad i do not really think it is XD god specially for certain someone that will know later in anime. eventhough the story is mostly main Kei. actually is an anime starring 2 main characters since for certain things they will start to live together. as i said before can be boring a little but once you see more of it. no one will stop seeing it till it ends. is really short though somehow i wish it was more than 12 episodes and 1 ova XD. oh well my rating for this anime is 7/10 and well songs arent that bad either so try it when have time.

Characters :

Kusanagi Kei: Despite his Body of 15 Years old, he actually have 18. thx to his Disease that he calls StandStill. one day by accident he mets Mizuho while that was appearing from a light. later he discover who she really is and why is she in the planent. thanks to certain events to save her from trouble, both of them say they are married. and so their life changes. by keeping it secret from everyone. He is a completely Weakling and he StandStill happens a lot. though it has reasons for it. he is very calm and always help his friends.
(God This guy Married Mizuho !! i really want to kill him!)

Kazami Mizuho :  23 Years old Half Human and Alien. she came to earth to Observe And Study Humans. By a Mistake she did. she got discovered by Kei She Start to work as Teacher in the school Kei Goes and she tryed to make him forget. though all her tries goes bad. later they discuss about it and decide is not bad or dangerous and so kei told her his secret about ilness. Though hey got discovered by Principal and Mizuho Was about to be fired, certain someone say they are both married. and so Kei doesnt deny it.
She is very nice and calm. though very jelous and sometimes really acts like a child. she first feel weird about the marriage but sooner she start to understand how she felt and became aware that she is happy with it. though both of them have to live hiding their relations from their friends.

Herikawa Koichi :  She is one of Closest Friends of Kei and is completely Mad in love with him though she doesnt tell him but is quite Pushy. she is always thinking of their friends and everytime looking a way to Kei notice her Sex appeal and her feelings. though Kei Married already she is quite in trouble. the funniest is that is  a secret they he is married and Mizuho always get jelous when she Get close to Kei. Despite she likes to help her friends, sometimes she acts quite bossy .  a really typical Character if someone ask me XD,

Morino Ichigo : Another Closest Friend of Kei and she is also the best friend of Koichi. she is always helping her in her love and is always helping his friends. despite her calm and loli character. she is quite cold and has a very big secret. even though i cannot say much of her cuz il be spoiling the anime so i will say this only. this one is my favorite character and has quite an impact in it XD.

Magumo Hyosuke : Best Friend of Kei. she is very cheerful and even though he acts like someone doesnt care studies. he is quite a genius with his own dreams to fulfill. when he heard about a new teacher he was completely exited and always takes reactions to another level. as the story gets developing he gets troubled by certain events and even start to thing seriously about his life and future. and his feelings for Mizumi.

Mizumi Kaede. Also one of Kei's friends, Kaede tends to be a rather shy girl most of the time. Her physical characteristics include that she is one quarter Irish, tall and with red hair and freckles. Despite her Shyness She is completely love for hyosuke and she r@pes him on her dreams ( omg O_O) that conduscts to certain accidental events in the anime. but unlike Him. she have troubles in studies and probably thinking to help her family in the village.

Shidou Matagu : He likes astronomy and dreams to met aliens. he is the classic nerd and seems to be the most hopeless from all the cast. specially that later he tells kei that they will both be Virgins forever XD though we all know that doesnt happened already haha. even though is one of the main cast. he doesnt appear to much. the only interesting part of his accions is certain accident he had with mizuho later someone will see in the anime XD.

There are other characters like Mizuho Mother and Sister, and Kei Uncle and his wife, aka nurse. though even appear much doesnt mean it change anything. so i will not put them XD.


Preview :

Opening :

This one is one of my favorite AMV of the anime so i recommend to check it out xD

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  1. Sounds like a slightly strange yet thoroughly good anime, I'll need to check this out.

    seems nice to watch!

    Etaron says:

    Seems really strange... but you know, that Japanese-strange, mfw D; ... you know what I'm sayin... not really my type

    Ayjimoh says:

    i remember watching this anime, it's great!

    Anonymous says:

    nice :)

    Nathan says:

    I still need to watch this one of these days...

    Shaw says:

    Expressing how much I enjoyed this series is my priority one!

    This one seems very interesting.

    justjoe says:

    Sounds like a good watch. I'd check it out!

    Gialu says:

    The trailer didn't convince me too much... But I'll maybe check it out anyways :)

    It seems a little lacking in the normal "crazy anime shizzle".

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