Asura Cryin'

Sypnosis: The main character, Natsume Tomoharu takes the opportunity to live on his own when he enters high school. Although he appears to be a normal high school student at first glance, there is one thing about him which isn't normal. He's haunted by the ghost of a young girl, Minakami Misao.

Tomoharu moves to his new place of residence, Meioutei, and starts enjoying a carefree high school life. But this is all ruined when a beautiful girl named Kurosaki Shuri appears with a trunk which Tomoharu's brother told her to pass on to Tomoharu. The presence of the trunk causes the appearance of Takatsuki Kanade a girl dressed like a shrine maiden who is after the trunk that has something that will change tomoharu Life.

Personal : This anime is highly recomended. even though is sounds boring, is really interesting and enterteining, is not ecchi like others anime and have some serious stories for characters. i personally liked it a lot, enough to repeat it about 1 or 2 times a year XD haha some characters can be fun and others serious. kanade specially she is mostly used as a sex appeal haha yet she is a serious character same as shuri. and well misao is a ghost haunting tomoharu who know how she change clothes to sleep o_o haha in the end this anime has a very good rating of my part. though some friends of mine didnt really liked it since not a fan of mecha.

Natsume Tomoharu: Main Protagonist. calm and a rather serious character. on the first day he meets a girl that gave him a trunk that is supposed to be sent from his brother. and thanks to that he is being chased by a very cute shrine maiden, Yakuzas? and an organization to take the trunk from him. He is often calm but sometimes get serious like a complete moral heroe.

Misao Minakami : She is the first female protagonist. she appears to be a ghost who died? in an airplane accident she and tomoharu had. very cheerful girl who has always liked tomoharu. always friendly but in fact only certain people can see her, so she is mostly talking with tomoharu. Later is said that she is not dead and to save her life. she becase a burial doll.( Sacrifice for certain tecnology ).

Kanade Takatsuki : Second Female Protagonist. Very serious, Cute and Shy girl. she is a Demon who first appear with a shrine maiden outfit in front tomoharu to take trunk and stop him from open it. she Loves tomoharu on first sight and is the main reason to take away the trunk. she is friendly and calm and completely like a housewife. and tomoharu is often charmed by her chest =3. and Her Clan Control Fire.

Shuri Kurosaki : VicePresident of the third Student Council. and is the one that give tomoharu the trunk. a very charming senpai whose body have been modificated and is full of weapons. she mostly obligates tomoharu and kanade to join her side and get protected by Royal Dark Society wish current leader is Tomoharu Brother. she is often serious but sometimes like to have fun with tomoharu. and has her serious secrets. specially her personality.

Ania Fortuna : A young but Genius girl who later transfer to the school and get protection from tomoharu and help to discover the whereabouts of her sister. she is also a Demon like kanade but her clan is mostly a vampire but instead of blood she suck peoples Luck. and share to unlucky to maintain order. She often pick on Tomoharu taking its luck and have fun with it. she is cute and nice like a little girl. yet her mission stop her from acting like that. so Often Serious.

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  1. This sounds class to me man, I love the concept of this. I really want to check it out now!

    I... I don't get it. At all.

    Etaron says:

    Hmmm... not really something I would watch... where's the blood and gore? :D haha

    Anonymous says:

    Very interesting anime, this is one of the best ones

    Mecha doesn't bother me at all. I'll be watching!

    hello there anime lover :)

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