Hyper Police

25 Episodes  23min ea ( This anime is for all 50% furry lovers haha )

Sypnosis : in a different time  Year 22 Holy Century where the humanity is Protected as an species in extinction, and the poblation is variated of many races sames as half breeds, Anime focuses on characters lives most. Natsuki Sasahara ( Half Cat ) is a Bounty Hunter that co work with others BH specially with her idol and senior Batanen Fujioka ( Werewolf ) later a NineTailed fox girl comes to be Natsuki partner, Plot comes as Natsuki and others are working catching criminals to reclaim bounty as same protecting peace but some has their own reasons to work specially Sakura ( Ninetail Fox ),  all time pass just working and trying to fix problems of their lives like love. doubts . trauma .etc.  A lot of funny events and not really much fan service)

Personal : Ok this anime has its fun parts but since have so many characters and each of them has their own way to be is quite anoying sometimes.  specially when main plot since they are just bounty hunters it doesnt have one, each 1 or 2 episodes change completely the story as goes by  so there is not really a line , aside romance plots and some other fun parts. even though the anime is quite old seems they leaved for a second season yet it was probably cancelled, anyway each character story is good and some anoying the one i hate most is sakura one, natsuki is most like no story at all but her past change her way a bit, batannen one is not really a story since probably they planned to put it all in second season yet the only thing you know about him is that he is an ace BH is in love with natsuki and he was the one that let her work as a BH. tommy well is quite the funny character . specially since he claims to be a wolf he tends to go more like a doggy style being played at XD in the end this anime is not good for story but on comedy can be a bit well sometimes
my own rating for this one is a shame but 4/10 i would give more but also the voices of main girls are extremely anoying ( sakura specially ).

Characters :

Sasahara Natsuki : 17 old year Half human/Half Nekomata . she has all her instincts of a cat  like grooming herself and other, she has a very kind but cheerful attitude. her abilities are specially Melee type and her ranged abilites are the worst. she admire batanen and love him but she doesnt completely notice. since she is not in age to be living or working she has a tutor that is actually her Cat bob though the cat seems being more responsable than her. she also has the ability to use electricity with 2 hamsters she use on her hands called Parasites though both of their names are Fujin and Raijin. Her favorite drink is Catnip Milk that she always drink in the cafe next to company and wants to protect the innocent and the piece and make the place better to humans and beasts can live well. though she has a loong way to it.


Bokuseiinmonzeninari Sakura : She is a NineTailed fox Spirit with 191 years old. when she was little she claimed to be a ninetailed fox but had only 1 tail and was maked fun everytime. as time goes she gain the power and now have 8 and 1/5 tails. she wants to get Natsuki Magic power to get her complete ninetail and start to work as her partner to get the chance to be alone with her though all her tries fail thx to many things and specially for Fujin and Raijin Natsuki have. She has the ability to fly and her Skills are specially good with guns. her attitude is quite anoying and she is greedy even to their bones. though all that changes later in anime when she mets her future husband. and have kids with him.

Fujioka Batanen : 35 Years old Werewolf. she is also the ace and natsuki Senior in Company. his abilities are an extreme regeneration as well in full moon he is near inmortal. his fighting skills he likes to use guns at most but his special traits are his stategies and plans. he often protect natsuki like a big brother but he is deeply in love with her. though despite his cool attitude and womanizer he is very shy specially with natsuki, seems the reasons for not fully approach natsuki are unknown, and he sometimes hates to take the role of the bad guy against natsuki sometimes to make her view criminals in the end are criminials doesnt matter what good they do with their acts.

Fujioka Tommy : 18 Year old Werewolf. his blood of wolf is more pure than batanen and his skills are regular but his special trait is the Gather of information and tecnology. he is very pure and decent type character. he doesnt want to lie. he seems to tend act as a dog mostly of times specially when he is near the girl he loves Peau ( high rank officer and magician in public police ) he is completely M type ( yes M ). he cares a lot for his friends and partners . he became batanen partner when natsuki stay with sakura.

Opening ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

yes i hated it completely the op XD

Spoiler of EP 01 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Start- OPENING - Night and some Reports of a criminal ubications , batanen and natsuki hear and goes- criminal chasing 2 human girls - prepare to eat them- Natsuki Appearance Show ? o_o. she try to act cool prepare to attack before police make their appearance but is to late. criminal start attacking once police show  then destroy police ship and batanen jumps on natsuki to protect her from explosion. they woke up she hug him  saying happy that he is fine . batanen say the criminal escaped. Bh company scene- both of them are getting yelled at for fail but natsuki is not paying attention at all. Tommy appear in window office and start distracting natsuki and so again she is not hearing the boss. next scene on a cafe next to the office. batannen ask her quite direct to stay alone XD. and thats il say !!! if wanna know more see the anime =3,

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  1. This looks awesome. I actually think I'll go and check out an episode of this. Thanks for sharing buddy.

    D4 says:

    Welp. Yeah, not for me. Not this one xD

    Nathan says:

    Hmm... It is too bad I'm not a furry lover...

    Yeah... I've seen a lot of anime, but i'm not going to add furry anime to that list.

    Foxzero says:

    XD i also not into furry anime =3 is just that i saw it recently and wanted to talk from it. actually for this kind of material i would go for utawarerumono =3

    Damon says:

    nice post :P

    Anonymous says:

    Great anime

    Thanks for sharing!

    It looks great

    Just way too furry, for me man.

    Waaay too furry, haha.

    Looks weird, but I have a strange desire to watch this.

    Xenofonte says:

    looks like a fun anime thx for the post

    Have a SUPER weekend !

    Nyx970 says:

    Seems pretty cool! Ill check it out!

    Mr.D says:

    nice post!!

    Looks Good!

    Anonymous says:

    Definitely worth a watch of the first episode :3

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