Gundam Seed

Sypnosis:  In the Cosmic ERA  wish mankind  is divided between Normal Humans Known as ¨Naturals¨ and the geneically altered humans Known as ¨Coordinators¨ who lives in Space Colonies.
the story Begins in a space colony ¨Heliopolis¨  where is being developed advanced mobile suits for the Naturals  However Heliopolis is part of Orb ( Neutral Zone ). ZAFT ( Coordinators Military ) starts an attack against heliopolis to Steal the new mobile units. while attack getting worse people go to safety pots to run away from heliopolis however by accident a teenager Coordinator Kira Yamato when seeing his friends in danger start to try pilot one of the new units but thanks to that battle Heliopolis was Seriously Damaged  and Soon is Completely destroyed. To save themselves and for know the secrets of the mobile suit . kira and hi friends are on board of a War Ship of Earth Alliance ( Natural Millitia ) called ¨ Archangel¨   on the Escape kira brings a escape pod that was drifting with its turbines ruined . and he brings it back to archangel . there was one of kira friends and his most special person . soon after kira is told that he is the unique that can pilot the GAT-X105 Strike and he has the responsability to protect the ship until reach Alaska Main base and leave archangel and survivors . kira denies because he is neutral from orb yet is got Obligated for saving the people in the escape pod and if he doesnt fight everyone will just die. and thats how Story Begins.

 Personal : This anime is by Far My Favorite. not just the story for also the characters are very good, i like how main character develop itself while having to fight against his will while not only thiking about fighting a friend but also thinking that if he doesnt win all friends in ship will be killed. i hated that the main character is just to easy to deceive but thats as well a good thing in the anime. since its an anime with so many themes not only a bit of politics war and those . also shows the racism and how people think of other about naturas and coordinators . while in the anime shows how all people in archangel change the form to see coordinators thx to kira. as anime advanced kira save a girl in a escape pod who is MY MOST FAVORITE Female character in all animes till now That is Lacus Clyne . that girl just changes kira`s World completely and of course their relation is for sure the best however thats is for see in the anime . there are a lot of good characters Like Mu la Fraga the man that make Possible the Impossible  that guy is just insane and very charismatic. Marrue Ramius who is the Captain of Archanged and its the first kira meets in heliopolis . Athrun Zala . who is the son of the next governor of Plant ( Coordinators Colonies ) and also The best and chilhood friend of Kira and its main rival because is one that keeps atacking the archangel.  and many other characters that change the flow in history considerable as time goes on. there are to much changes in descisions of this anime and even though is not brutal it shows war most than other Gundam series . mostly other gundam series are more center in Politics and this one is considerably more in battle  and some Romance if you see enough. well as i said this one is not as bloody as other gundams though . since other an insane number of main plot characters die however on this one not so many  . i think i can count them with my hand XD anyway see it i FULLY RECOMEND IT!! my own rating for this one is by far 100/10 =3 my personal though

As i said this anime has to many characters of main plot so il divide the Importants ones  by 3 sections,

Protagonists :

Kira Yamato : A young Coordinator first generation ( his parents are naturals ) he lives in space colony Heliopolis with his friends as a student of a Programer however as soon Zaft attacks everyone runs to escape units and he tryes to save a person who seems going wrong way while chasing her he discover the mobile suits and take her by force to a escape unit that is actually full they let inside the girl and he goes back for another but the attack gets worse and he try to save a injured engineer who is Marrue Ramius while saving her A ZAFT soldier is about to kill them and see each other and is none other that Athrun Zala his childhood friend seconds since that Marrue takes kira inside Strike Cockpit and Starts.

Athrun Zala : Childhood friend of kira and one of his main chasers. he thinks kira is just being deceived by Naturals and thats why he fight his own kinds and try to save him number of times, however he doubts about killing him because as time keeps goes on the attacks against archangel his friends are getting killed and injured. later on he starts to hate kira for an incident that happen with his Fiance and a Teamate. though even he is smart he seems to be easily deceived as well specially by his actual captain Raw La Krueze

Lacus Clyne : She is the Daugther of the Present Governor of Plant . she is Plant model of Peace and also Athrun Fiancee. she meets kira once he save her from a escape pod where her ship was attacked by earth defence while she was going to visit the grave of a space colony that was obliterated. She is a Singer to make people think in peace. kira cares for her in her stay on archangel since he is a coordinator as well however she say to him that i not because of that . and is because is his own self. soon she hears from kira that he doesnt want to fight his friend Athrun, she tells him that is her Fiancee and kira decides to save her someway. since she will be in danger if she stay more time in archangel or go to a earth defence base  for torture or use her. however thanks to kira she is saved but that create special feelings that will change the flow in the anime later .

Cagalli Yula Athha : She is the girl that kira saved on the first attack. she has a secret of her identity  and was on heliopolis to find out if in reality orb was making mobile suits for earth defence. soon as she escapes heliopolis . joins a militia that fights against a coordinator and helps archangel as a favor to help them win the battle, however she starts to have feeling for kira as soon she notices the reasons why he pilots and how she got saved numbers of times. yet her story is very important on anime so i wont tell more =3 since might be a lot of spoil xD

Archangel Crew and kira`s  Friends

Murrue Ramius : She is the Captain of Archangel because all her upper ranks were killed in heliopolis attack. she is the girl kira try to save before she pushes him inside strike cockpit and try piloting it herself however kira takes control of it. she is the one that take prisoners Kira and his friends to keep the secrets of Strike. and she is the one told kira that all people in archangel will die if he dont fight. but only because of her role as a captain . she is a very kind person that dont want to make childs fight and try to find ways to not let them fight. useless efforts though.

Mu La Flaga :  He is a veteran Mobile Armor ace . and old rival of Rau Le Creuset. both of them seems to have a secret still see story for it, he is the other deffender of archangel and he supports kira to not get him killed. he has a very care free attitude and likes girls with very big personality like the present captain=3 if know what i mean haha. his favorite words are  that he is the man that make Possible the Immposible. he and rau seems to know each other when they are close. he is the one that teach kira about how to act as a soldier and the reasons that should be fighting not as a tool but as himself. and start to worry himself for kira when he starts to take things seriously and see him like a empty shell.

 Natarie Bargiruel : She is the Executive Officer of archangel. her job is to supervice crew`s actions. she is the Strict Solder and do things exactly as a soldier should do. she is the one that conviced Murrue to make kira fight against his will and keep him protecting the archangel. she mostly of times is not happy with murrue orders she the main mission is to reach Alaska and Murrue main is to reach as well but with no casualties. she doesnt care about crew. for her the Mission is the most important. however later she gets ordered to leave archangel and be captain of another ship. but thats on story later.

Miriallia Haw : she is one of the Main Friends of kira . She is a natural from heliopolis. once kira saved her and her friends they get on board of archangel and all escape on it. she and her friends defend kira from earthdefence because he is a coordinator. on archangel they felt how they are making kira take the burden to protect everyone and start to work as soldiers on Archangel to help kira and not leaving him alone. she is the one in charges of Communication and Health of Soldiers in Fight. she is on the archangel with his friends and her boyfriend. she has a very Friendly character and cares much for her friends specially her boyfriend and kira that is fighting.

Sai Argyle : Kira Natural Best Friend  - same as other friends start however he is placed to Enemy detection and Combat information Center. he is a very responsable character and cares for kira not only as a friend but as a rival. he is quite pesimistic type because everything that a coordinator does is just because it was altered. and deep inside him is jelous of kira because of how he does things and he cannot copy them. He is the son of a Prestigious Family and is the Fiance and lover of Flay Allster. though he likes her also he try not to make it notice much since he cares for Kira`s Feelings. He is the one that care most for kira as his friend and is the one that convince everyone that dont leave him alone in certain way.

Flay Allster : She is the Daughter of a Prestigious Family and is the Fiance of Sai. she is also Kira`s unrequited love. she cares sai to most and is the tipic Princess character she thinks high of herself and she thinks of coordinators as Monsters that should have never existed though she cares for kira but only because Sai tell her to do so. Later in anime she does extremely insane things that i wont tell however il just say it now  - DONT SIMPATIZE THIS CHARACTER this one is by far the most hated character in anime and not even in last it being cared to ppl - though her character make changes in kira a lot is just People ( persons not in anime ) hate her character XD - if by half of anime you dont hate her then dont see the anime =3 hahahaha i really hate her a lot and i am sure all will XD
Tolle Koenig : He is also one of Kira`s Friends and is the Boyfriend of Milliaria he is also a friendly and caring character and thinks of kira as a special friend because he knows that he suffers a lot not only as fighting but as a coordinator for why being born that way. he was the first to jump and defend kira from earth defence. he works as a co-pilot and operator of the archangel. later in anime he decide to help fight kira and pilot a unit and he makes Milliaria worry for her. he thinks he has the responsability to help kira in anyway possible because they got saved by him  many times - and decide to be with him till he can rest. his character has a lot of influence in story as it goes on.

There is another Friend of kira however is a lost of time write about him since he doesnt have anything in plot aside he  is scared of everything and doubth of kira all time but still a friend .

Rau Le Creuset Team ( ZAFT )

Rau Le Creuset : he is a Zaft Commander and a very skilled mobile suit pilot. hse is the comander of the team with the mission to steal mobile suits from heliopolis and get the information. later he gets the mission to chase archangel and destroy it yet he has his own plans and have his own secrets. he uses Athrun feelings to fight and intensify the chaos on the war. as everyone sees same as all gundam he is the masked guy  and a very important antagonist character. thanks to him a lot of problems that passin the war just get worse and his story gas a very important relation with kira and mu.

Yzak Youle : he is one of Athrun Teamates and he on its attack in heliopolis he steals the Mobile Suit GAT-X102 Duel. on the attack of heliopolis Kira Kills one of his teamates and he wants vengeance however on one of his attacks against archangel he got  a wound and now he wants vengeance by his own hands at all cost against kira. he hates athrun because he doubts on what to do. however he doesnt know that the reason of athrun is like that is because kira is his friend. later in anime he do something that makes kira start to hate him completely,

Dearka Elsman : another teamate of Athrun : he is the most care free soldier and seems best friend of yzak. he has a good way of responsability. on Heliopolis he steals the unit GAT-X103 Buster. he start to get serious when yzak gets wounded however later seems he start to know how naturals and coordinators are and start to think differently, he has quite appearance in the anime as a support character.

Nicol Amalfi : he is the last of Atrun teamates - he is the only one that think of athrun as a friend. he is a very good pianist. during the attack of heliopolis he steals the unis. GAT-207 Blitz. he is the calm and good nature character however. because of her personality he is being made fun a lot of times. he cares athrun a lot and care for him in everyway possible specially in dangers of fights. later in anime he gets specially serious and change the flow on story completely - same as Tolle this is a very IMPORTANT  character.

Opening 01-----------------------------------------------------

Opening 02 ---------------------------------------------------------

Opening 03 ---------------------------------------------------------

Opening 04 -------------------------------------------------------

Episode 01 Spoiler ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Start-  Space scene Zaft Soldiers goes down to a planet to attack . stiry about the war and a conflict that happened called Bloody Valentine. war scenes- and explain how war is going. Opening - Calm scenes of heliopolis- a bird flying and kira working on his laptor while seeing noticed. tolle and milly talk him and say their teacher is searching for him. kira say his work isnt finished yet. on notice an attack near heliopolis milly thiking if they will be ok . tolle saying orb is neutral is impossible to be at war. kira remembers a flash back with athrun and him as kids- then they go- scene of a space ship getting at heliopolis. Mu la flaga apearance .talking about how orb is working with them because of its from earth. scene- Zaft outside heliopolis preparing to assault. scene- kira and friends sees Flay with her friends talking about how she received a love letter of Sai . then they go. next scene  zaft start to infiltrate. scene- kira and friends reach lab and kira sees a girl who dont know ( Cagalli ) they ask for profesor and sai give kira something about a program he has to do - then scee starts Zaft starts the attack. defences try to stop them. people start to evacuate, cagalli runs other side and kira chase her. then he discover she is a girl , take another route to another shelter and see Mobile Suits. cagalli say  new armament for earth  father traitor!. Murrue shot them and kira cagalli runs .  yzak and deaka steal 2 mobil suits- nicol stealing his - kira ask to enter shelter and say is full and go other one. he ask to at least let inside her then kira runs back and save Murrue . she ask him to go to her and he jumps- Athrun attacks and shot Murrue kira runs to save her- while athrun take its knife to kill her- and both see each other. and call their names-  Murrue push kira onside Strike Cockpit and then activates . ENDING EP

hahaha i said a resume of the full episode!! oh well is my favorite in certain way so i dont care ^_^

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  1. I've heard of this before and it sounds pretty damn good. I'll need to check it out. Awesome, in depth, detailed post as usual from yourself buddy, keep up with the good work, your blogs are excellent.

    D4 says:

    I think my brother is watching this one. o-o..

    i love gundam... specially the original version ^_^

    Looks like Voltron

    Publius says:

    Gundam is awesome. Toonami!

    neatfit says:

    I've never actually watched it, but this sounds interesting. I might check it out thanks to you :).

    i normally hate gundam series but this one is pretty good, one of my personal favorites

    Reilly says:


    Anonymous says:

    Seems interesting. :)

    Max Power says:

    this is a great one

    Ryodo says:

    Loved gundam, been ages since i seen it.

    Tifa says:

    <3 Gundam!!

    Foxzero says:

    The best for me till now =3 check it !!! for sure haha everyone XD

    Damon says:

    cool :P

    AyJim says:

    I remember watching a certain kind of gundam, they had to wear this elastic black suit that would let them move the gundam and all that.

    neevr seen, but looks cool!

    This Guy says:

    At first I though Gundam Wing. . but then it looks like most of the other animes lately. But still looks cool

    Anonymous says:

    I love mecha animes *-*

    I'm a big fan of the old school gundam stuff, this looks pretty legit. I'll have to check this out!

    I used to watch Gundam III when I was a child, it was great! I love it <3 This post is so nostalgic.

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    oh my little brother is obsessed with this anime! :)

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    this anime seems to be cool
    i am going to watch it

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    Wow ... Interesting Anime :)

    i think i have seen this before...

    I think I watched Gundam once, but the original, not this one.

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    Yet another I'm gonna have to check out! Awesome stuff bro!

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