Sypnosis: Eiji one day receive a letter from his Missing Sister Ayaka , On its search he finds that last place was seen was working with a Mysterious Billionaire named Sandman Klein. Eiji decide to infiltrate Sandman Castle in search for her sister wherebouts. while its security is low thx to a party sandman host for the Earth Federation Alliance. while searching the castle he fell for many traps and in the end he is tricked to pilot one of the four Vehicles, To Defeat Mecanical Enemies called Zeravire. The Vehicles Are called Gran Divas : are the machines that Sandman Build himself to defeat Zeravire but only certain people with an energy called G Factor can use them. And Eiji decide to help Sandman  by Promise help him search its Sister.

Personal : This anime is a bit old but good for mecha . but as always this kind of story is a bit generic but i liked it anyway since i am a mecha fan  also its draw designs make me remembers
other anime i liked. on each episode has quite interest on stories like main character and his very bad attitude and Touga`s smile for everything haha same as Runa love and every maid adoration for Sandman , this anime has not only mecha action but also a bit of comedy. still is a normal mecha hero team anime like mazinger etc.
i personally loved main character personal little maids =3 they are so funny, but there are other many characters like a full castle of maids. or the Team  characters like Touga, Runa, Mizuki, Eina And Leele or even the legendary and is never missed on mecha series a Maked guy named Raven, he is the tipic Strict character and because of that on anime sometimes he is the one that make laugh , anyway the story centers on a team of 5 with a giant robot to fight evil quite generic but still fun . i think ppl should see it if have time XD 1st season is 13 episodes only , il talk of second season other time =3

Shigure Eiji: is a 17 years old boy that when he received a letter from its missing sister he decides to search for her, he infiltrate Sandman castle to search for its sister wherebouts, but he just find troubles,while he escape he is being tricked to pilot a Vehicle ( G- Attacker ) to fight zeravire. when he hear all sandman said to him about his sister and the enemies he decides to help with the condition of find its sister. then he need to stay at the castle with all the team and more troubles.thats where he become friend of Touga that is the Pilot of the Main part and meet the other members.

 Tenkuuji Touga: he is also a 17 years olv boy who is very kind and charming and have a smile 90% of the anime time haha he grew up at the castle since he was children, never knew nothing about the outside he could only interact with other teamates and castle countless maids. since child he was trained to be the pilot of Gran Kaiser. The main part of Gravion thats why he is extremely phisical strong.
Because of its life of being closed he have a very twisted sense about how to care people but sandman thought that when he interact with Eiji it will woke his human side, and think more of the worth of life and friendship

Gusuku Runa:  is a 14 years old girl with a veryfriendly and energetic attitude. she is always messing with Eiji for not being like Touga. she cares for all her teamates and friend but has certain feelings for Touga yet he never noticed and she is very shy to tell directly. she is the pilot of the G-Driller, and is the first teamate that meet Touga on childhood by looking him so lonely thats how she started to care about him. though seems also her mess with eiji has also another side

Tachibana Mizuki:  she is the only Adult member of gravion 5 parts team, She is Ayaka best friend that came to castle same reason as Eiji since it was the last place ayaka was seen. she stay on team to help defeat Zeravire while Investigating what happened to ayaka and know more about Gravion
She has the most insane bust in the anime (-_- actually really insane if you ask me).she is the old type that always drink beer or just seeing how childs make mistakes though she cares much of its teamates as well.

Leele:  she is a very shy girl who lived hiding in the south tower of the castle, Sandman raise her secretly for a reason. she claims her family is death by an incident in a fire years ago and thats the only memories she had left and forgot anything else because of the trauma. She is the Pilot of G - Shadow, she was hiding in the south tower but because of its ferret Lolotte , Eiji and Touga Found her and heard from sandman why she was there hiding.She is very shy and took a while to be friends with team.

Eina: She is a friendly Maid  but she has the problem that dont trust in herself she is easily Frightened by all happens, she is the personal maid of Touga since he was brought in castle as child and she cares for him more than anyone. She is the Pilot of the second G-Driller, she is always helping on teamates problems and health as a maid but she have troubles trying to stop Runa and Eiji Discussions from time to time

Opening Season 01 : Well is more like the Preview op

Spoiler of Episode 01 : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

OK i hate repeat this and sorry

start: scene in a red light and sky then a space station is destroyed while showing images of party and scenes of a zeravire and a guy with mask and a very Gorgeous girl with orange eyes and Gravion main name. Scene in the party  and the guests and president talking . raven apear and he is being asked when sandman will show itself on his party , he say they should be patient , now the girl walk and being asked to take hands with a soldier of EFA  she ignore and hit him then comes Eina mistake as maid and girl runs while everyone distracted, then girl start to undress and Suprise!!!! is Eiji haha . he infiltrate while runa and mizuki sees him from cameras . by maid team he is being chased and he for mistake open the door to maids dress room . while running he jump to a hole and was lost from runa and mizuki cameras , then a emergency call from zeravire appear, Eiji gets to  room with Something he never saw before and from is center Touga Appear saying he is same as him . eiji start attacking touga but touga just play with him, touga ask why he is here and eiji say is for ayaka that he is searching for her . next scene on party Sandman Appearance , and he States that Earth is in its biggest danger and show the scenes of the zeravire destroying a satelite efa thinks is a joke then every leader receive emergency calls and believe that is true. he said his plan to stop the invasion and ask for everyone coperation and say the enemy are Zeravire. Touga and eiji Scene. eiji fell and see the complete form from where touga came out, N scene- City is getting atacked . and mizuki runa and eina on command center then raven say he is getting eiji and everyone else go. n scene - Eiji in a Room with a Aerial Bike ?? surprise it was the cabin of the G-Attacker and thats how he start Piloting it...

Thats all il say if want to know more see the anime =3 1st season is 13 episodes dont forget that XD

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  1. Pieter says:

    Seems like a nice little anime :), but I'm already watching cowboy bebop atm.

    Max Power says:

    looks good, i'll check it out

    Sounds like a good anime so some point in the future I'll need to get around to checking the thing out.

    Foxzero says:

    Pieter haha you dont need to see it now XD just try when you have nothing else to see if you want =3

    Looks like Robo-tech

    Jay says:

    looks good. :)

    Exactly what Natural said, it reminded me of Robo-tech

    D4 says:

    Oh no, spoilers. D=!!

    Foxzero says:

    hahaha read spoil only if you want XD haha
    and dont suffer still just a bit of ep 1 only =3

    Is that Voltron?! O_o

    Wolle says:

    big japan mechas inc :D

    Shaw says:

    The only thing that is appealing to me is the T n' A I see in the pics

    neatfit says:

    I love the opening song for some reason. It's distinctive, not as good as the gundam wings ones, but catchy nonetheless. I am not sure about the characters though, I might not watch this..

    Reilly says:

    sounds like gundam wing

    Foxzero says:

    well is a fun anime watch it or not is only if want to try still is true this anime characters comparing gundam wing ones is indeed low i wont negate that =3

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    I have to watch this!! :D

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    Never heard of this before o;

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    I will check it out! Thanks for the recommendation!

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    great post :P

    Looks like an old rendition of another anime. Looks interesting though. ;P)

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