Sypnosis : Gosick is an anime that start in a place called Sauville ,The Protagonist Kazuya Kujo
that is the third son of a japanese Military imperial guard . due to certain cirmcumstances he decide
to Leave japan and go to an academy Callled St: Marguerite Academy,
That academy is known to have many Legends and stories that for ppl can be Like Ghost Tales
or Just Rumours . There He Meets Victorique  our main Heroine
Victorique is a very cute blond little girl That can easily be considered a Doll -
she has a very ill attitude she passes all her time in the library reading books and stories .
but she has the ability to resolve any mistery.
Plot : the story comes when Kazuya and Victorique Meets and he Decide to stay by her side to know more about her while she ask for him to do or bring stuff since she is bored most of the time.

Anime  Gosick it has Romance with Mistery try it

Personal : Gosick is a very good mistery anime, the story of both protagonist and cases they need to resolve are very good .
Kazuya is the generic protagonist that leave its house to prob himself that he can live without
problems since he grown up being the third son  he was always being trained by its father to
not bring shame to family yet he was not the type that can be like his father wanted
On the anime can easily being see how he changes and take responsability for all he does and
learn aboutwhat he can do and how to care the ppl he wants Specially Victorique
that was a love in first sight for both
Victorique is the Extremely Tsundere character becuz of her ill attitude  she always get mad at Kujo
Lack in Mind to notice her feeling  or also when she wants him to spoil her he doesnt notice as well
She is like a kid but not exactly since she is from a race of gray wolfs?
in the anime will learn a lot about them, Her Attitude and why she is being closed up in library
is actually for her past  of just born to be a tool.
her story can be a bit dark ( not dark like bloody or insanity like other animes like Higurashi ),
the reason of why she live . wanting to know of her mother .  while watching episodes will know more about kujo and victorique and the reasons of why is like that.

Anyway . If want to learn more Look The anime -  has its good Misterys and Romance

Intro of the Anime :

Spoilers Episode 01 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Start : There happens a ritual where are beasts (wolfs?) Haunting Rabbits and a old lady saying a
young person will die soon and that death will be the starting for everything the world will be turn to stone
and fall, she say Prepare a big box and make it float in water then send 11 Rabbits to run wild--- intro

Small scene with victorique and lights in window , then kazuya walking toward school while explaining
country he is now and the academy were abouts there the first thing people say of him is
The Black Reaper and ppl scared of him of have his eyes all dark and hair completely dark
on School room he start read a letter of his father then the teacher came in and saw him
First words :I think is good that you should read Ghost stories ( he startle ) then she start to tell
that in that academy , no in the whole country there are a lot of ghost stories and that even in Politics
Are an Occult Ministery and that show how all ppl love Ghost stories . he ask about how is he called
she say is actually The Spring Reaper  and the Dark was actually becuz of his looks then she do
the generic teacher stuff . -----Episode Name  ---
Start : Open the door of the tower Library and start to read a book of one Ship in a storm .
and other stories . then he finds a golden thread and from the top of the tower he see a golden shine
he start to run to the top on the stairs but they are like a labirinth.
once he finally reach it : The first thing he see is a little doll with golden Hair then he hear a voice
calling him the Spring Reaper Diciendole que el fue escogido para qutarle el aburrimiento
then he scares and start run away thiking a DOLL JUST TOLD MY FUTURE  ( hahahaha )
on night he sleeps thiking about her - next day teacher tell him she is a girl called Victorique
an student as well then she ask him to deliver some tests to her. then he goes back to Library
where she start to tell him what she wants ----------- thats how to story starts i wont spoil
more of ep 01 becuz will loose its fun since i am bad at explain xD

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  1. looks cool

    Wolle says:

    Haven't watched anime for years
    good luck with your blog though

    Japan really do have a thing for victorian age england

    Rifle says:

    Kawai! ^_^

    Alphabeta says:

    Looks nice.

    Geojour says:

    Always looking for a good time killer! Thanks for the heads up!

    Reilly says:

    sounds fun man ;)

    Milky says:

    Not really into anime but it looks okay I suppose o;

    Anonymous says:

    I have to watch it!!


    DWei says:

    Hm, I'll consider it maybe.

    i miss watching anime... ~_~

    cool blog btw ^_^

    my blog

    Rifle says:

    Interesting plot. I will probably watch it this evening:)

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