Sypnosis : Story starts in Edo  but now called Tokio , Years ago Aliens also Called Amanto
Came to conquest Tokio, The Samurai Fought the amanto but were defeated since then
The Amanto make a law that Is A crime for ppl to have Swords ( katana ). The Story is
of a samurai named Sakata Gintoki that help A boy named Shinpachi Shimura by saving its sister
from a Amanto Brothel . Shinpachi decide to be like him and start working for him while being its
aprentice, Later both help an amanto girl called Kagura from a Mafia group that wanted to have
advantage of Kagura Strength to kill persons , When she was about to sent back to her planet
she decide to stay with then and work and thats how the main Characters of Yorozuya Gin-chan
are Reunited . and start to make any work that comes and on them they always get trouble
and many comedy with all side characters specially when they need to pay rent.

  Personal : This anime just doesnt have any sense of shame, it has an extremely
copy of other anime`s you will see the main characters many times copy the stories of animes like one piece -bleach - naruto - dragon ball and many more from shounen jump XD .
the anime is 90% comedy but certain times reach when a heavy story comes specially with Gintoki Past And Kagura Family it has a lot of episodes so i wont list them , the plot of the anime is quite funny and very good to loose time and calm when irritated . happen to many funny things
that i just cannot decide wish one is my favorite , maybe the comedy from the Shinsengumi
or the comedy of dragon ball or even Prince of tennis one .with this one i laugth to much XD.
this anime has a lot of things mostly comedy of course . but has romance . Mistery . Ecchi ?.Yuri?
Action , Shounen . Mecha and Adult Stuff but only Language  or shops that are Clearly censored and
are there just for the meaning of fun, in the end this serie is full of parodies so if Bored See it is extremely fun.

A Samurai Sakata Gintoki Started a place called Yorozuya  its job is do anything for money. also he has an extremely interest in Shounen jump manga and Sweets, he has a very carefree attitude like nothing care yet as a samurai he acts really different.
He is a Samurai with a Natural Perm Silver Hair though he many times say his hair is the cause of many of his problems .as a Samurai he was called Shiroyasha ( White demon ) Becuz of his Silver Hair and White Cape he had in battle and his extraodinary Sword Skills.

Shimura Shinpachi : Is a Boy that is the son of a samurai. its father had a school yet with the new rule those schools are no needed so he had to take any job to mantain the school his father left to him and his older sister. but as a samurai son he doesnt want to loose its pride .
This character is the tipic Tsukkomi.

Kagura : she is an amanto that has an insane strength . she came to earth thiking her life will change since she is poor and has very cheap dreams XD , she is a nice kid and very innocent or thats what she want to make you think . since she doesnt care of many stuff, all her talk is always coming with Shinpachi tsukkomi and gintoki trying to explain about life .
She has the innocent attitude but change sometimes to a very agresive one ( Lunch of DBZ ) of course doesnt mean she change its body or with a sneeze haha . she is the Short Temp character.

Sadaharu - A very big white dog that is actually an inugami he is like a beast and want to bite anything . he became the pet of kagura but is mostly he want to  eat her while she thinks is playing with her.

Opening 01 :

Spoiler : Episode 01 and 02 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Start : a group of ppl with swords try to have a Clean Duel with a silver haired guy then he
takes its wooden sword and say is no fun and Escape running! XD while he is being chased
a small explanation about time of in these times the sword duels dont happen lately haha
Sakata Presentation then while he jump to other side of wall he say sorry i have a tv show need
to see , once jump other side there comes Shinpachi being chased by a lot of ppl as well asking
him help, Shinpachi Presentation . then they both start to Run hahaha when they ppl finally
got them Kagura and Sadaharu apear by smash everyone. Kagura Presentation . Sadaharu
Bite the head of one person - Sadaharu Presentation . gin and shinpachi tell kagura to see clear
and run - all the ppl stand up very mad ! and kagura say oh if i am not fast il loose the ladies Show
( Such a reason XD ) and Escape , later they get them in a way without exit . the Mafia guys start
to ask them wish group they are and they said gin and other came to steal their secrets and ask
them who they are. then they start The Work Presentation. when they say for money do anything
the mafia thinks they were paid to steal them for money and find their secrets . then a Black cat
Appear - Main Characters say Ahh There is ! there is not mistake thats the cat of yamatoya
Kuromi Chan! . try to trap it an run xD and mafia saw they were searching a cat hahahahaaha
Then Gintoki Get hit by a truck XD . Intro hahah

---- Thats all il say cuz is a very funny anime and dont want to spoil much of episode 1 hahah

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    I found this blog just in time. I was looking for a new anime to watch.

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    I watched few episodes, but I didn't liked it:]

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    aww well this anime mostly only gets more fun over ep 15+

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    -gintama is one hilarious manga, never watched the anime, but the Manga is EPIC

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    indeed XD i wanted to do comments about manga as well but that might ruin anime since some manga goes away from anime =3

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    i didn't get a lot of the jokes because they required a lot of knowledge of japanese pop culture, but it's a really great show especially when its serious.

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