Usagi Drop

Usagi drop            Summer 2011

Sypnosis - Daikichi is a man of 30 years old  that he goes back to his grandfather home  for its
                 funeral  there he meets a little girl named Rin that he hear is   his grandfather ilegitimate
                 daughter No one wanted to take Rin  so daikichi decide to take care of her
                 while Rin starts to have questions of life about thinking she doesnt fit 

                 On the story as passes they meet more ppl to understand more about the situation
                 They are and how to keep going together as hardships that a normal child have

Personal - This Anime  has a very good story specially the theme of how life of a single man can change in a single day  - the hardships to rise a child and problems in life  - even for an anime there are in it a lot of info that people can use it on their daily life

Problems like what could a child think when you are late in time , like how she can think of you as parent ,
and doubts of how someone that doesnt have trust in herself can make mistakes - this anime has a lot of good
points making it a very interesting anime ( that only if you like slice of life anime of course )

This Anime Still on Going and i will update this as new info come

Episodes :

Episode 01 :  The BellFlower Girl                    Episode 02 :  Pinky Swear
Episode 03 :  Daikichi Decision                       Episode 04 :  Letter
Episode 05 :  Daikichi Should Stay Daikichi     Episode 06 :  My Tree
Episode 07 :  Secretly Leaving Home              Episode 08 :  Grandpa`s Precious Thing
Episode 09 :  A Typhoon Came                      Episode 10 :  Gassy Stomach
Episode 11 :   ???

 Voice :

           Daikichi Kawachi : Hiroshi Tsuchida

           Kaga Rin :  Ayu Matsuura

This is not exactly an Spoiler but  from here read only if you have doubt--------------------------------------

As i said before Anime story is about rising rin   But anime is only 11 episodes
manga goes a lot more  since rin grow up and have her trouble of a teen girl and adult

Manga is interesting as well but thats all i will say since ppl need to see it themselves or wont have fun

Rating -  8 / 10

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