Ladies VS Butlers

Sypnosis: Hino Akiharu lost his parents when he was young and was adopted into his uncle's family. He decides to enter a Boarding School, Hakureiryo, because he no longer wants to burden his relatives. He decides to take the Test for that school and succeeds in entering the House Management Department, where the school trains servants for high society. He wants to become a butler, but his delinquent appearance frightens the girls, who make up the majority of the students. Being unable to get along with his classmates, Akiharu meets his childhood girlfriend Saikyo Tomomi, a girl with a two-faced character who traumatized him many times when they were kids. Another girl named Selnia Iori Flameheart chases after him because of his looks and calls him suspicious. Still, Akiharu starts finding his feet at the school and his relationships with the girls also get better.

Personal: Yes this is yet another harem but the speciality of this one is mostly that main character doesnt have anything bad towards girls, the only thing is that he has a trauma because of tomomi. because he state in classroom when child that he wants to become a bride. haha really funny but was tomomi who make him understand something else haha. anyway is very funny and nice to pass time. characters are interesting and others can be quite adorable and boring. and il say it once. this anime is extremely ecchi. enough ti be censored and have an uncensored version as well. same as every harem the main character is completely like a virgin and dont know how to relate to girls. and the diference from every anime is that in here the main character doesnt have any intention to have relation with any hahaha. i really suggest it. because if any see it at least it will have a time with good laugh for sure. though if no one likes harem stuff then dont even try it!.


Hino Akiharu: Despite his looks he is very kind and dependable. always trying his best, though he is a bit hated by every girl in school because of his looks. Thats leaving him in a hard situation for a butler job. Though his charm increase by each encounter. and even change and helps girls around him. thx to his kindess. Though the results get to someplace he wasnt thinking off.

 Saikyo Tomomi: Childhood Friend of Akiharu. and she has 2 faces. one the gentle and cute Noble girl. and the other a very insane sadist who always trying to make fun of others. She traumatized Hino in their childhood by giving him a wrong explanation of what a Bride is. despite sadist. she doesnt notice it sooner but she is in love with hino since childhood.

Selnia Iori FlameHeart: A Very Ladylike girl who just as her status she acts like a top class noble. she is the first to meet Hino at school and mistaken him from a pervert. She is very innocent but since the very beggining she start to have interest in Hino. though she is a completely Tsundere type. She starts to act a but kind towards him once she heard the reason and determination of Hino by entering in the school.though she doesnt accept it. she love him.

Kaoru Daichi: The most charming and cute butler. Though is easy to see he is a girl. her reasons to be at school studing for butler. is only a test if he manage to hide his identity. though he has the bad and good luck that Hino became her roomate. she since the very begining has a bit interest in him but dont show them thx to her situation. and is often mad at him for not being polite and act like 2 mans in room with freedom. ( though Hino thinks he is a guy ) even when he see her outside Shower he still think ! hahaha

Osawa Mimina: Despite her child look she has 19 years old. and is a genius in Drawing Paints. She is the first girl Hino Helps and her feelings are that she wants to be free and draw only what she wants. though her feelings get jailed because of admiration of people. though Hino Saves her. and easy to see she start to like him enough to give enough hits to be with him all her life. her charm is just as seeing the very child look and attitude. like a completely grade schooler.

Pina Sformklan Estoh: She is a princess and a complete Otaku. She first mets Hino in night when heading to his room. and saw her Cosplaying and acting like a SuperHeroine. when noticing him she rans and forgot her hammer. and next day she is called to Headmaster office to just see hino and give her back. she starts to like Hino for helping her. but her likes i dont see anything else like friendship. though she likes mimina a lot snce mimina has the complete and perfect body for a cosplay of her favorite anime character hah.

 Ayse Khadim: Very Quite and Cute girl. also a princess. Hino See her in Underwear by accident. while in her country no Male cannot see her skin. she has to marry him or kill him. Her servant try to kill Hino though she decides to marry him and pass all the time to try make him like her with the help of her servant. though despite they think if because of the family rule. she has actually completely fallen for him.

Hedyeh: Bodyguard of Ayse and Strong girl with a very impresive bad Mouth. She is always trying to kill akiharu. though once ayse wants to marry him. she starts to take actions of creating oporunities to Ayse be with him. but mostly fail or obliged. She is extremely funny character specially when she talks. and she is the only one that can hear Ayse voice. if she had or not feelings for akiharu thats a mistery but she indeed have for Ayse.

There are other characters in the anime that are pretty interesting and funny and would be bad to leave them outside. however these are the ones that hino have only history. the others help in the plot and are there in fun but are interesting. specially the twins ! those girls are the main fun and nightmare of Hino.




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  1. Magnum says:

    Did I mention here I always get bewildered by the sheer number of different anime themes I'd never think of? : ) If not: well, that's pretty much the moment. Only I sometimes get really confused : P

    I love the premise to this man. I'm actually going to seriously check this out, it sounds awesome!

    AguiLeon says:

    nice look interesting sexy anime

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